Топ 10 лучших беспроводных наушников от 20 до 50 $ II Лучший кто?

WHO THE FIRST? So, we need TVs headphones,
but not the cheapest. Yes, for $ 50 you can
in a nearby store with a guarantee buy. But how will they sound? And what about the delay, materials
and background noises. Warranty Guaranteed – But
I don’t want to run to change them. Tube 271
Hello. You are on the channel no good. And today, as always, briefly
fast and capacious subscribers, I will tell
you about 10 worthy to buy headphones models which
passed through my hands. For each of this model there is
review on my channel. And each has its drawbacks
and pluses. I won’t tell you everything now. But the main designation:
And now the top ten wireless tvs headphone cost
from 20 to 50 dollars, top 10 headphone up to $ 20
already published as a week on my channel channel:
In tenth place quite shocking, long-playing,
loud gags funcl ah. Of the memorable advantages
they have a great microphone. Which is located in each
earphone. Loud noise. Chic packaging. No delay, background
noise. Codec Aptix support. Bluetooth version 5.0. Two color options white
and black. But rather dubious
sensor, which charging unit will be scratched at first
day, and boxing with which they sell more like
string bag brand which disappeared to nowhere and not a fact
that will reappear. Quite a lot of posts
about marriage. And pretty miserable staff
ear pads. And despite the fact that these
headphones in 10th place in my overview- I use them
quite often, for the reason that they have a great microphone
as i said and pretty good net autonomy
at 5:00. Yes, and I almost forgot – they
I did not hiss at all and didn’t even fall off
in crowded places. And in the 10th place they are in the first
queue due to lack of guarantees and extremely strange
rim around the sensor. I am for the classics. In ninth place fourth
blitzwolves. And despite the fact that it is
the most that x subs 2, I will put them in
your top. From the fact that they were with me
first, as in principle, and On the market . Who is watching me
remember that these kids beat 57 meters from the source
sound. And besides this they gave out
more than sound bass and not bad autonomy
4.5 net hours. Mechanical button. Riltek chip and IP
X 4 in the ears themselves. I will never tire of this
model advise. Well, the fact that these are OEM ears and
put them on line 9. It is possible because X subs 2 was
buy. But that’s another story. In eighth place my first
normal control headphones sound through the buttons, no
call you voice assistant with the phrase “Siri make music
hush »Lenovo Bluetooth Earphone Air. And their shape was excellent. And the price is reasonable. An interesting solution for
boxing, albeit a little flimsy but at the same time not standard. Yes yes yes motorola then
was not on sale. And in these headphones still
so far my friend is running. No complaints. Two colors. Packaging top. Corkus made of metal. Weight with a case of 64 grams, which
quite a bit of. Micro usb for charging
block. The microphones in the headphones are bad. Not enough volume. Right at least 10 percent. I have enough with my head, but
you may be missed. Metal in them is not particularly listen
fun. Bluetooth 4.2 20 meters holds
calmly, without cliffs, background noise and autonomy 3 hours. By the way, who is not signed
– subscribe – on the channel among subscribers every
two weeks earphone draw mi band 3 and onor band 4 run
edition. And now in the draw
smart watch amazfit beep. Full terms in description
to the video. And recall – all reviews
on headphones in the top like purchase links – in description
to the video. We look if you decide to purchase. Seventh place honorably occupied
first earphones in my life which I reflashed. Or probably more correct
– updated the firmware. And let me tell you this
and simple but easy may cause seizure
this device. Meizu pop the first version. Wireless charging box. The perfect shape of the headphones
even sleep in them. Horrible sensor to which
you need to get used to more than one day. Special shape and appearance
view copied then not only hawites
and blitzwolves but also a lot other small firms. And yes this box is so beautiful
and so prone to scratches – that it is necessary
keep in a case that still need to manage to buy. Scratched no less than
boxing from an apple. Boxing click is no less attractive
than apple. Each ear is 6 grams. LEDs in the ears with indication
charge. I play ears a little more than 3
hours 30 minutes. Type-si cable for charge. And there is the possibility of wireless
charging boxing. After flashing – delays
no ears. Change the volume with your ears
can. Atpix no. With AAS codec on android
work terribly. When working with the Esbisi codec
work great. They are not afraid of rain, just like sweat. Price exactly 50 dollars
– when using a coupon First purchase on Ali. The volume is not unlimited. Nothing in the subway
is heard. Microphones are bad. Sixth place I have
Xiaomi Airdost headphones about. First batch was sold
in 3 minutes 35 seconds. The form is unique. The plastic is excellent. Low frequencies can brain
turn into porridge. But not very convenient boxing. Adequate at the moment
price. Matte surface – well
very nice tactile. Normal microphones, and
this is one of those times I wrote down an example of work
microphone in the roller. Good microphone. Autonomy 3 hours 10 minutes. Cable for boxing box si. For 70 minutes of sound is enough
put ears for only 10 minutes to boxing. There is a slight noticeable
delay. Do not sleep or lie in them
conveniently. Only 4 grams weigh. Boxing easily soiled. But I liked the ears. Blutus 4.2, hits 30 meters. Interruptions are very rare. There is a physical button
on the box, for pairing. I liked the sound of the dots
more. The sensor is convenient. In fifth place, headphones
HONOR flypods Lite. And I liked them so much
what even now I want retell completely
to you your review. But I will hold back. Three different colors. Top brand. Top materials. The need for firmware. And yes, it’s like
not huvei. And this model is copied very
often. They cost $ 70. Now 50 and here they are in mine
top. Like all previous ones – headphones
plugs. Volume to maximum – around
don’t hear anything. There are special ear pads
for Sport. To be heard around
world. But boxing nutrition is only
micro yusby. 15 minutes to charge your ears
in boxing an hour and a half game music is enough for you. Average autonomy around
3 hours. Barely out of sync
with the tube and there is a proximity sensor. Volume with a margin. Tired of dry facts? There will be lyrics soon. Bluetooth 5.0 The microphone is excellent. You can talk without problems. More details in the review. In fourth place, Xiaomi
airdost. Little white ones. Very beautiful. Packing is in-store. The first worthy xiaomishnye
tvs ears. The ear cushions are normal. Convenient box shape for
charging. Bad microphone. There is no proximity sensor. The sizes are minimal. 4 hours
at 50 percent volume are playing. Ears could be recharged
about 3 times completely. Bluetooth 5.0. The color alone is white. So you do not confuse – black
ears only redmi airdots and they are different. Volume enough for everyone. Headphone LEDs
not annoying. There are no delays. No background noise. 20 meters from the source
. 2.5 hours needed for fully charged docking station,
an hour and a half for full charging the headphones. They have a lot of marriage. But the view is very neat. In third place
Headphones Wavefun XPods 3. So gradually Chinese
know began to raise the name the head. The shape of the ears is like a meise pop. Lowest price among
all the top headphones. Support APTIKS, charging
type si. Soft touch plastic. No breaks, but sad
microphones. Bluetooth version 5.0. The minimum dimensions of the case. Headphone Water Resistance
IPX 7. Although it seems to me advertising
lying and maximum here ah pi x five. After drowning ears earned
only after half an hour. How and any plugs around
silence – just unscrew 80 percent volume. Sensors are not very high quality,
but not annoying. Meise pop the second version. Boxing is worse than the first
generations. No wireless function
charging. But the price is lower. Interrogate Necessities
not. Weight with boxing is only 36 grams. Bluetooth five zero. There are no breaks. And here is the moment from which this
contraption in second place -7.5 hours of battery life. Here is such a cosmic autonomy. Bottom charging position
block. There is a delay after clicking
to the sensor. Instant pairing. No delay. Bluetooth catches up to 35 meters
from source, bluetooth version five zero. Volume with ears to change
can. Like this. And here the fans are adequate
devices please delay breath. I don’t like intra-channel
headphones. And as you well know
headphones in-ear normal qualities are no less
100 us dollars. Yes, I know about si wai
But he himself has not tested it yet. And so I have on the first
current location best copy of airpods
second generation – namely i200 tws. And there are a lot of these ears on Ali
and the price range may be twice as much. I bought myself dear
ah 200. And I got lucky. And yes, I took them to Ali. Because Russian outbid
the price is at least 2 times higher. And they have everything there is
second apple ears. Look also. Defined by iPhone as well. The only sound ones
in-ear headphones up to 50 US dollars. I summarize today by
that I intentionally did not delay your review with descriptions of depth
and the width of the scene. And the nuances of sounding those
or other headphones. All ears presented
in this top stand their own of money. But if you have this first
buying wireless headphones – I advise you to look
my top headphone under $ 20 usa and choose something
there. They are no worse. The channel is made special
play list of my product tops. Look there – I’m sure
that will find something interesting for myself. Subscribe, do not forget
Like work. And write what else to do
reviews and what topics for you are interested in streams. Waiting for you in all social networks. And especially in the chat room in
cart. Thank you for watching. Device yes or no good
no will give an answer! Good luck to you dear

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    Отличные уши за свои деньги!

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    Так вот может есть какие-то наушники, которые вы посоветуете, с боксом и чтобы были заушины, чтобы не выпадали. Или может есть решение как-то сделать, чтобы наушники не выпадали.

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    А недавно я решил заказать себе TWS ушки с хорошим звуком, и в конце концов остановился на Havit i93 из за звука (а уши у меня и так большие) как они придут, напишу свои впечатления по обзорам на них!
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