✓ How to Connect Two Routers on one Home Network Wireless 2018

hello friend welcome to my channel Local Guy. i am using WiFi at my home but in one of my room
WiFi network signal is not reaching there. my room is out of WiFi signal range. so friends in this video i ‘ll show you how
to extend or increase your WiFi range. Friends,Before starting the video SUBSCRIBE to the channel & Press the Bell Icon. here i have two tp link routers. my wan internet line is connected to black
one. black is my main root router.which is already
transmitting the signal white is my second router which
i want to use as WiFi extender / repeater. so here i am going to connect two WiFi router
wirelessly to increase WiFi range to cover to cover my room. so first we will setup the white router or
repeater router. we need to login in this router to setup the
WiFi. all the information regarding login is given below on the router itself. turn on the router and connect to WiFi network
SSID which is provided here it is TP-Link_80FA &
connect to the WiFi network using this pin/password. now tap on the connected WiFi network and
find the gateway IP address. here it is now on browser type this gateway ip address.you
will see the login page. to access the WiFi router we need to login
with username and password. which is given on the router itself. after login first disable the DHCP address. as
DHCP addresses will be given by the main root router.setting will not take effect until
you reboot the router.but don’t reboot yet. now head on to Wireless and in WiFi Settings enable the WDS called as
wireless distribution system. scroll down and you will be asked to enter
ssid and bssid of the router to be bridged. if you dont know then click on survey. page will show you all the nearby WiFi network ssid name. connect to WiFi network you want to bridge or extend. here my main root router WiFi name is Falcon_1.and
i want to extend this WiFi network.so click on connect.also note down the channel number. type the password of root WiFi network.and
select the same channel number of root WiFi. Here my main root routers WiFi password is time000 and channel number is 11 we can change the WiFi ssid name here i am changing it to Falcon_4. save the settings that we have configured. and then reboot the router. if you change the ssid then you will be disconnect from the network. now connect to new WiFi ssid
name here it is Falcon_4 with the same password which we have used while setup. you can see that our default gateway ip changed to earlier it was i.e we have successfully bridged the
two routers wirelessly. now we will place the repeater router at the
place from where we want to increase the wifi signal. now i can access the wifi from my room with
full range. if you like this video then share with your friend & SUBSCRIBE to my channel see you in the next video till than good bye !!!

20 Replies to “✓ How to Connect Two Routers on one Home Network Wireless 2018

  1. thanks my root router is tenda and the extender is tip-link and both are support wds but not work i have tried everything but not work

  2. I did exactly what you did but after the router is restart its not connecting and say no internet access and just don't connect. main router is connect in another room and second router is in another room and no ethernet cable is connected please help

  3. I have a Linksys ac100 I’m trying to bridge my two routers together but it has a lot of different stuff can someone help me

  4. Thank you! your really informative, I have a Question:

    I have a Netgear Nighthawk router that I want to connect to a Fios Router as a Access Point,

    and in the Nighthawk router settings it has AP mode (Access Point mode) ,

    Do I just turn it on enable the AP mode and that's it?? or do I need to do something else in the settings? Thank you.

  5. I followed all the steps which you told in the video, but still it says connected, No internet! You said any router can help.. but it's not working for me

  6. Thilak Nagarajan  after going to this LAN option, I have MAC address- uneditable field, IP address : default IP of router, Subnet mask Mask: Some default options ( along with manual option to enter details), IGMP proxy : Enable.

    As per your comment i tried changing Subnet mask address as but when system is not accepting saying " bad subnet mask for LAN IP ". Can you please tell me how to proceed further?

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