10 Awesome Mobile Games! — App All Knight #23

Vsauce, I’m Jake and get ready to App All
Knight…What happened to the lights? What was that noise? Help. No use in trying to turn the lights on, it’s
Hopeless: The Dark Cave. Hopeless is a survival horror game where you are tasked with keeping
your little glowing blobs alive. They are each armed with guns and you tap at incoming
monsters to blow them back into the infernal darkness. As mobs of villains encroach on
you, you start to tap and fire faster but make sure you don’t shoot any of the incoming
blob reinforcements. You can upgrade your weapons, and add headlamps to illuminate more
of the area but try your best to keep the blobs alive because they act as your lives.
Once they are all taken, its the end. And you’ll be left again, in the Dark…Echo. In this atmospheric minimalist
puzzle game you navigate through each level using the sound of your footsteps. The visual
representation of echolocation reverberates through the corridors depending on the intensity
of your walk. However, the harder you walk, the more you’ll attract the red lined enemies
that can use your sound lines to travel towards you. Since each level is pitch black, you
have to use your footsteps to figure out where doors and exits are. Just be careful of water
pits which not only slow you down, but create more noise. Now get out of that scary darkness
and into a well illuminated mansion in Bitcoin Billionaire, an addictive endless
tapping game. You start out as a small time bitcoin miner and work your way up through
the ranks by upgrading your machine, software and investing in different projects. The more
you tap the more you make, but you can also upgrade your investments so they can get you
money even when the game is closed. The better you do, the more insane house and furniture
you can get and for reals, this game is super addictive and you’ll probably look pretty
weird to the outside world as you wildly slap all of your phalanges across the screen to
gain more points. I’d recommend investing in Future Space Travel so you can use your Flop Rocket. In Flop Rocket you will explode
numerous times. You’ll probably explode within 1 second of playing the game the first
time. But all that self destruction just motivates you to get back in your flop rocket and keep
pushing forward. Sure you might run into some space ducks, and just stalactites protruding
from the walls but that’s why you upgrade your ship so you can survive for longer and
achieve greatness…and probably still explode. But I will give you One Clue a puzzle game that gives you one
letter and one clue to use to solve the missing word. You get the letter, you get the clue,
and you figure it out. It’s a fun and quick game. I really don’t know what else to say
about it soooo let’s play with a sausage A Silly Sausage…in Meat Land. You play the
role of said Silly Sausage sliding through level after level of tasty mayHAM. Just like
in real life, your sausage body stretches behind you and doesn’t retract until your
little meat paws grip on to a surface. This makes it complicated as you try and avoid
knives, spinning blades, and floating, cutlery wielding hands. You need to collect gems if
you want to be able to save your progress at the Sausage Dog house. Also you can sniff
your own butt. What more do you want from a game? You want a made up word for a title?
DONE. Weseewe, an endless runner type game that
revolves around color. When it begins, you have one colored dot that represents the color
that is solid and won’t lead to your untimely demise. The longer you go the more colors
you can safely land on. If you got dem skillz you can make it to all 10 colors and win at
life…or just at the game. Probably just at the game but you will also have won my
heart. Seriously, if you beat the game tweet me a screenshot @vsaucethree and I will give
you my heart. Well, I’ll at least give you a Bit…less. Bitless is one of those games
where you keep failing and it is so frustrating but you just keep repeating over and over
again until you finally, hopefully, maybe beat the level. Little eye cubes watch your
progress or lack there of and they also act as instadeath barriers. Einstein might have
said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different
results but dangit, I will not be defeated by these colorful levels! I don’t know…maybe
I am going a bit Mad Bullets. The perfect game for letting
off some steam. Mad Bullets is an on rails shooter where you go through an old west town,
drawing on enemies before they can get off a shot. You rescue damsels in distress, shoot
beer out of town folks’ hands but just be careful not to hit any of them dead on or
you’ll lose a star. There are a variety of villains and locations, plus to gain extra
points there are power-ups and lots of destructible elements to increase your score so you can
upgrade your reload speed or holster amount. But instead of going in with guns blazing,
be a bit stealthier with my favorite app this episode Hitman GO. Hitman GO is a really clever and
surprisingly satisfying take on the Hitman series. You play as the Agent 47 that we know
and love but in an entirely different way – as a turn based board game. It quickly becomes
a really fun puzzle game as characters move from stationary chess pieces, to ones that
go on patrol. Figure out ways to sneak by them or distract them. Some missions task
you with dispatching all of them, some have you dispatching none. To gain more points
to access more levels you need to beat some in a certain amount of turns or collect a
briefcase before reaching the end. The later levels throw in guard dogs, snipers and 47’s
signature silencers. Many of the levels I had to replay to either figure out the best
strategy or to get a better score. It isn’t like any Hitman game I’ve ever played but
it is just as smart and fun.

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  1. I have a suggestion you should do AAK on types of mobile games… like mmorpgs, defence, base def(clash of clans style) and other styles. i love Vsauces so pour some more on youtube. THX

  2. hi guys! try out my first mobile game!(endless runner game)

  3. You should do this game called Butt Finger. BUTT FINGER. …Number 2 😛


  4. I was about to look in the comments for anther video but then when I scrolled down this videos thumbnail started to move ;-;

  5. That thumbnail moved as I scrolled down and up my screen.. I cant tell if its click bait or hes just that smart…

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  7. dark echo kinda sucks when you get to some of the harder levels, they have the weird game mechanic which I assume is some kind of slope and it almost always means you just end up sliding down to your death, and since there is no clear way to get past it you just have to hope.

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