(2019) “Simple” Fix for Phones/Vape/Devices not charging. Common problem.

So, you might have a phone that has recently
stopped charging, or maybe the charge connector is getting loose or keeps falling out and
you need to push in on the connector to get it to charge? I need to ask you the following 2 questions
…. If you are having the problems I mentioned, does your phone or device have an uncovered
or exposed charge port? If your answer is yes, then my next question
is, has this phone or device spent time in your pockets?… For most people, the answer will be yes. The cause of all these problems is usually
pocket lint. Every time you plug in to charge, you are
compressing this stuff more until a thick build-up is formed at the bottom of the port. This build-up grows until one day your charge
connector becomes loose and eventually falls out. Beginning with the lightning style port. I’ve found an ordinary toothpick that is slightly
modified works well for this one. I carefully shave it on 2 sides so the part
of the pick that enters the port is no thicker than the stem of the charge plug that normally
plugs into the port. If you find a skinnier toothpick, you won’t
need to do this step. Here I gently lower the tip of that toothpick
straight in to the very bottom of the port and gently agitate the compacted debris to
get it to lift. I like using a toothpick because it’s non-conductive. Unless you have exceptional vision, you’ll
need to use something to assist you visually. Make sure the toothpick is going straight
in, and not off to the side so as not to cause damage to those small contacts. Compressed air may work for this port but
if you don’t have any, or the debris doesn’t let go with air, the toothpick should work
just fine. After loosening the debris, blow it out. You can blow gently using regulated air from
a compressor or compressed air from a can or, if your mouth is dry, your lips, or the
hollow tube of a pen. Now your charge cord connector should plug
in all the way. Next, we’ll look at the micro USB style port. This one can be tricky so please pay attention
to what I’m about to say! Over time I’ve cleaned a lot of these ports
for friends, coworkers, and family and nearly always found the same scenario to be true. The larger open area of the port is relatively
easy to clean using the modified toothpick method, or sometimes by using compressed air. Gently swipe loose the build-up while avoiding
the contacts located on the tab, and blow the loose debris away. That’s not the tricky part. Hidden right here, tucked way down at the
bottom of that tiny gap lies what so many people miss. Almost always in my experience exists a substantial
build-up of compacted lint. If this gap isn’t cleaned to the very bottom,
they’ll be left with a loose wobbly charge connector or a non-charging device. Don’t let it be you! I’ve had consistent success using old plastic
packaging to get to the very bottom to sweep this debris out. Just make a simple sweeping tool by getting
your hands on some old plastic packaging, and make a cut out with scissors shaped something
like this. You can make it the way you want, but this
works for me. It’s important to use plastic that is thinner,
but no thicker than this wall on the charge cord connector end! If the plastic used is at all thicker, the tab will get shoved over, bent, or broken, so be careful! After the swipe, blow it out the same way
I mentioned previously. Now your charge cord connector should go in
all the way. Lastly, the USB C port. This port I’ve found to be relatively easy
to clean. This provides easier access for cleaning debris
out which can be achieved by utilizing the same shaved toothpick method. There are no small gaps in this design to
trap lint, so just by gently sweeping to the bottom the length of the gap on either side
of the tab and lifting the debris, provides good results. Gently blow out the port to finish things
off. One other thing I need to mention about compressed
air, is sometimes compressed air will not work. If you live in a hot environment or a Physically
Active environment, that pocket-lint will be mixed with a bit of oil from your skin. Yes makes it very hard to get loose from the
port with just compressed air alone. Please keep that in mind…… I hope this helped you! It’s been a while since the last charge port
videos, but things have changed so much, and these problems and details needed to be addressed! …. If this video helped you, please share
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8 Replies to “(2019) “Simple” Fix for Phones/Vape/Devices not charging. Common problem.

  1. The only prevention to this is having a plug, which can easily be found on aliexpress. Or a magnetic charging cable plug.

  2. The only problem with your solution is that it left me feeling like an idiot for not thinking of it myself. Seems kind of obvious, but I guess it's not. Worked perfectly on my PIxel 3. Thanks!!!

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