45 kills record!Amazing Chinese player!‖PUBG mobile‖AGBaozi

I think i have to open this first Land here, there are two teams Let me help you, don’t be shy I helped you to knock out one guy Just how many of them? Bro, i don’t wanna play with you 4 teams are here If i get out of here safely 40 kills No need to fight first, we kill the closer enemy Kill the closer one So many Why aren’t these two teams fighting each other? That means they’re peeking behind cover One guy inside the warehouse Someone is coming Guys, i’m not gonna talk now Horror time It’s intense I hope i wouldn’t get camped Get some ammo Level 3 helmet Isn’t he using M416? I’m mistaken I’m poor 11 rounds plus 9 rounds Better take UMP9 Nice There are still enemies in the houses Kill them first I was planning to do underthrow Never mind 4 teams here There should be one team left On my left Lean shot Heal first When i saw him, i didn’t shoot him right away Because it would be 50/50, with a cover, it became 100% Get it? [Saying enemy’s name] Look at his ID Cannot He’s running away so fast Get some loots first [Talking about stream things] [Talking about stream things] [Talking about stream things] [Talking about stream things] [Talking about stream things] I’m running out of 5.56 Why are you still alive? What happened? Peek me? Why were you peeking me? If you save him, you die So scary I’m afraid of shotgun 16 kills in Georgopol If i get out of here safely And i kill another 24 players I would Break my record…Crown rank 24 kills So many players are here, so nice 4 teams are here And i think i killed them all [Expressing gratitude for gift] [Expressing gratitude for gift] [Expressing gratitude for gift] Let me try if i can get 40 kills It’s possible It’s possible because i killed a lot in Novorepnoye This is… Nice, bring me some more As long as they don’t kill fast As long as they don’t kill fast I’ve got to accelerate, kill anyone i see Please don’t bridge camp It would be too aggressive I’m begging you, don’t kill too fast We go to Mylta, if nobody’s there, we go to Pochinki and then we look for airdrop It’s possible Oh, my boost Almost Run? Why are you running? I want to get 40 kills, don’t run You can’t I’ve got to heal Ban this guy You’re being toxic 20 more to go I don’t need to go to Mylta now because it’s in the blue zone Toxic chat is annoying Don’t take him level 3 helmet, it’s broken Get to the safe zone 38 players, kill another 21 players 37 players, kill another 21 players I’ve got to be hurry up I’m begging you, slow down please Slow down please Give me a chance It would be great if they give me this chance If there were four guys in that car, that would be nice I’m going to Pochinki 19 kills I’ve got to go to Pochinki School later This is early game Late game is gonna be intense I hope there is a team in Pochinki It’s looted There are footsteps One team, there should be three guys I won’t let him be saved Bro, hurry up Don’t kill too fast, please He got revived? Don’t be hasty I wanna challenge 40 kills It’s possible 18 more to go As long as they don’t kill too fast Here Run? Where is the airdrop? I’m gonna break my record Come to me, i want more Because I’ve killed 4 teams in Novorepnoye and got out safely Now it depends on luck 16 more to go There is a guy in there Save him What are you thinking? Calm down 14 more to go Where is my car? New car 14 more to go Let’s do this Two guys died, now left only the hill It’s possible One guy is dead again 21 players and i have to kill 14 players So much pressure My highest kill is 39 Try to break my record He ran away I can’t reload 13 more to go and there are 20 players left Calm down, i’m so nervous right now I’m still standing Calm down Follow my own tempo 9 more to go Really I’m even more nervous, my hand is trembling I almost died just now He’s running away Chase him Kill anyone i see In this circle Kill 9 players when there are still 16 players It’s possible A car is here Bro, stop running, i’m begging you 7 more to go No looting, i’m so nervous WOW, THIS IS FANTASTIC!!! I’m still alive 3 more to go World record This is so great New world record is gonna be real My new world record 3 more to go My hand is trembling, you know? There are enemies in that warehouse 1 more to go 1 more to go My CCTV This is not even CCTV One more to go I’m not gonna fight in the wild On the hill Beside me I can’t One guy is on the hill and another one is beside me, hard to deal with Wait for the next circle, we use car as cover A proner 40 kills I broke my record 40 kills There is more A bike There must be one guy here This guy is good at hiding From 36 kills to 39 kills Now i have 40 kills I’m still standing New record New record 41 kills 3 of them are on the same team So intense BGM starts Ready yourself 43 kills, highest in the history 45 kills victory New world record

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  1. Chinese courts proved Baozi’s innocence!!Baozi never cheat!!

    Many viewers who follow us from the collaboration site may know that Baozi became famous because he PUBG mobile game 45 kills in a single game.


    45 kills helped him having more applause and love.

    But along with this also appeared some questions, Some people unbridled with biggest malicious to speculate on Baozi.

    The voices such as " Baozi cheated" and "Hacker" emerge in endlessly.

    So he filed an appeal.Fortunately, those who try hard never fail.

    The court and tencent officials have proved that Baozi didn't use a cheater.

    Here is the court announcement below.

    We have tried a lot. We posted video with self-certification, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lP2mosR_yP4

    we posted the evidence that Baozi’s account did not blocked by The game's official.

    But they don't want to put down their prejudices. They don't want to believe that people who have such strength.

    They don't want to know Baozi, so they deny him.

    They don't know Baozi’s CFM professional esports player background.

    Baozi has led his team to win the world championship for 7 times in the professional competition, and won the score of 50 kills in a single professional game.

    Even now under our channel, there are still people keeping calling Baozi a cheater.

    But now that everything is over, then in the future, we will also forge ahead.

    We will always accept all supervision and advice in good ways.

    Those who don't believe, just let them go. We tried to tell you the truth.

    Because,Prejudice in the heart is a mountain that you can't move

    no matter how hard you try.

    We would like to express our sincere thanks to our friends in India, Indonesia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and Vietnam for their support.Thank you.

    PubgMobile BaoZi official channels

    المحاكم الصينية تثبت براءة الللاعب باوزي! باوزي لا يغش أبداً!

    الكثير من المتابعين الذين يتابعوننا من موقع التحالف يعرفون أن باوزي أصبح مشهوراً بسبب الفيديو الذي حقق فيه 45 قتلة في ببجي موبايل في لعبة واحدة!!


    45 قتلة ساعدته في الحصول على المزيد من الحب والتشجيع من الناس.

    لكن مع هذا ظهر أيضاً المزيد من الأسئلة والشكوك. وبعض الناس أصبحوا يفكرون بأشياء خبيثة حول باوزي.

    التعليقات مثل "باوزي غشاش" و "باوزي هكر" ظهرت بشكل لا نهائي.

    لذلك قام باوزي برفع دعوى قضائية للتحقيق في الموضوع. ولحسن الحظ أن أولئك الذين يحاولون اسقاطه فشلوا فشلاً ذريعاً.

    أثبتت المحكمة و مجموعة تينسينت المسؤولة عن لعبة ببجي أن باوزي ليس غشاشاً ولم يستعمل أي برنامج أو هكر يدل على غشه.

    وهذا هو قرار المحكمة يمكنكم أن تجدوه في الأسفل.

    لقد حاولنا كثيراً. لقد نشرنا فيديو نشير فيه الى التعريف الذاتي لباوزي،


    لقد نشرنا فيديو يوضح أن باوزي لم يتم حظر حسابه من قبل مسؤولي اللعبة.

    لكنهم لا يريدون إخماد تحيزاتهم نحو الموضوع. لا يريدون تصديق الناس الذين لديهم هذه القوة. لا يريدون أن يعرفوا باوزي لذلك رفضوه.

    لا يعرفون باوزي خلفية عن اللاعب المحترف باوزي في esports

    باوزي قاد فريقه للفوز في بطولة العالم 7 مرات في المسابقات العالمية، وقام بتحطيم رقم ال50 قتلة في مباراة احترافية واحدة. وحتى الان لا يزال هناك أشخاص يقولون أن اللاعب باوزي غشاش.

    لكن الان انتهى كل شيء واتضحت الأمور، سننسى كل شيء في المستقبل.

    وسوف نرضى بالإشراف في أي وقت وبطريقة جيدة.

    أولئك الذين لا يصدقون، فقط اتركوهم يتحدثون. لقد حاولنا أن نقول لكم الحقيقة.

    لأن الكتمان في القلب مثل الجبال التي لا تستطيع تحريكها مهما حاولت.

    نحن نريد أن نعبر عن جزيل شكرنا وحبنا وامتناننا لأصدقائنا في كل من الهند، واندونيسيا، والعراق، والسعودية، وماليزيا، وفييتنام لدعمهم المستمر.

    شكرا لكم

    قناة اللاعب الصيني باوزي ببجي موبايل





















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