be steady teammate: shit, XiaoJiuZi be steady teammate: bro, how many kill did u get? teammate: me too. i got 4 kills teammate: second floor teammate: one person get 4 kills teammate: i have medicine bro, who are u fight with? that people dead directly teammate: give u medicine u take it. be quick teammate: is a robot teammate: no certainly not teammate: shit. i thought is a robot 3 level helmet inside the box, pick it teammate: okay extended for UZI do u have extended for UZI? teammate: don’t have let me pick the equipment first bandage, okay okay any sniper around? teammate: i got 8 scope i got it teammate: there is no sniper have a drink then lets go in front teammate: bro, do u need 5.56 ammo? okay what’s inside this box? XJZ, there is UZI in this box teammate: bro, i have extended teammate: wow all right for these equipment, if i didn’t victory i will eat something in my live broadcast lets kill the people in the dark do i open the guess? not yet just simply have a search then lets go teammate: okay especially for desert map, must take more smoke teammate: maybe is a real people definitely this guy… teammate: fake? real people teammate: these people play well teammate: bro, don’t act. not interesting don’t shout. is hard for me to listen to the footsteps teammate: okay he was throwing the grenade get up teammate: i’m coming teammate: inside? teammate: shit i forgot to tell u there is a grenade teammate: if i didn’t jump, i will die this speed is annoying teammate: there is car coming teammate: there is a guy downstairs bro if u are angry. appear your head.. appear? he didn’t appear his head… afraid to probe if he is not my fans. i will cut my head down teammate: 2 footsteps bro, u will get bomb if u stand over there teammate: oh ya don’t care whether is my fans or not teammate: bro, 3 person is a robot come over here teammate: wait teammate: 2 of u, get up. i will kill u the guys downstairs, come on dare to come up? dare to dare not to? teammate: there is burning bottle bro, come on okay first-person is not suitable for me teammate: there is a guy behind the wall act like the robot teammate: so funny point for me. i don’t know which wall point the position bro, u have to pint the position bro, u are powerful something wrong with u lets go maybe is a i saw him shaking his head just now lets go XiaoJiuZi teammate: bro, i’m coming victory… ps: ( he thanks to the people who send him the gift ) teammate: have been picked come on victory in this match…. maybe can get many kills nearby i wanna to be astronomer when i grow up my grandparents feel happy slap me…. lets go get back someone in front i’m sorry. i’m dead. this guy was fat. he got MK14 do u want MK14? okay this direction… i wanna to pick an airdrop lets pick an airdrop what’s that? shit. what’s that? teammate: is your fan okay lets go lets go to pick the airdrop teammate: the airdrop has dropped this airdrop… don’t worry come on for dream the king in desert map someone far away how many people dead? i got minimum 3 or 4 kills right? teammate: 3 kills teammate: u block them teammate: so cruel… teammate: m249 teammate: just u can u bring 3 level vest for me? is there any 3 level vest? okay lets go wait the zone refresh lets go to… have a look to the houses up there teammate: the zone is small teammate: too small wanna to be my wife.. like a ghost i have doubt to the swallow teammate: bro, if u didn’t shout. it won’t drop ps: ( he thanks to the people who send him the gift ) thanks for the gift bro, if u like to watch outdoor live broadcast… subscribe this guy, HuaiNian he drive a sport car u guys can subscribe him rank 1 he is at the rank 1. have a look he is rich HuaiNian give away the red envelop in his live broadcast if u wanna to get the red envelop, subscribe him is there anyone? subscribe him Huai Nian begin his operation.. i think u can get a tattoo on your forehead otherwise look no spirit later i send u the information… u can get a tattoo, if u want to be more popular be a spirit guy tattoo a betel nut on your forehead okay? get into the society over here don’t worry come on be focus the town over here… there must be someone down there. we just have to wait over here feel bad in this match ps: ( he thanks to the people who send him the gift ) this direction…. teammate: u saw someone? yes looks cute teammate: is it a girl? don’t know one shot one player down teammate: can u kill him? teammate: come on stop lets go go to the high position teammate: understand look at my sniper shit. these two person… look properly this sniper… teammate: can u grab the kill? i’m sorry i have grab his kill teammate: shit one shot this person is active 165 direction, shot them teammate: shit. i can’t aiming the point well all right have a drink don’t worry teammate: mountain is inside the zone teammate: someone teammate: both of us one shot bro i get pregnant something wrong with my stomach painful maybe there is someone inside the smoke teammate: bro, who steel my smoke i saw him this guy dare not to appear his head if u appear your head u will die come on, give all to me teammate: be careful. there is one guy at the back teammate: let me kill him i have open a draw for u guys only 5 minutes lets join it a free draw teammate: there are 2 person here bro, don’t fight don’t fight don’t fight shit. this young people don’t fight kill him teammate: shit shot him…. teammate: victory…. nice

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