60 Days of 60 Days In: Inmates Hold Court for Snitches (Season 2 Flashback) | A&E

100 Replies to “60 Days of 60 Days In: Inmates Hold Court for Snitches (Season 2 Flashback) | A&E

  1. The concept of prison and jail is crazy, we don't follow the real rules out here so we can go and follow the fake rules in there

  2. They all stupid ..get out and get a job ..being In there dont make u tough..taking care of your family is being a men

  3. "Your honor this man is a criminal!" Well golly gee I think the bars, matching outfits, and correctional officers could've told you that 🤓

  4. This seems like a pretty nice jail
    -no big body built people
    -nobody has a real deep voice
    -nobody has an excessive amount of tattoo's
    -also no staredowns

  5. I think it's funny now looking back, at the way inmates think that jail/prison is real life. I did 4 years. Got out 2013 and will never return. It's NOT the real world

  6. He’s stupid for going up there. I’d have to snap. These down low fruit snacks had no real prom just speculation

  7. This is jail I been there that’s how things go . It’s another world in there and the inmates run everything the guards can’t protect you .

  8. Let me get this right….your in jail because u didn't follow rules in society…but u jump a man because he didn't follow your rules…HYPOCRITES!!!!

  9. Former marine: "This was assault. it was atrocious, it was vicious. III-It should't have happened"
    Continues to watch the guy stumble around while smiling more and more

  10. Why would you walk in their room? Wait outside and if they try to attack you outside, you knock them all out one by one. Period

  11. How did the guy get nice tennis shoes and how come nobody is watching the pod. Sounds like a firing of the prison staff.

  12. These officers work like a kindergarten school I’ve been in kindergarten school teachers pay more attention to their surroundings… how does all this happen no officers ever around

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