100 Replies to “7 iPhone Settings You Need To Turn Off Now

  1. Everyone: My BaTtEr LiFe Is So ShOrT

    Me: Mine is actually the same and higher because I DON'T MESS AROUND WITH MY PHONE.

  2. As i was watching this video and turning off settings, my phone has dropped 1% in 45 minutes. Thank you! it works!

  3. Awesome content!!! Interesting. I went through and did most everything you guys recommended. Thanks a bunch. Always learning something new.

  4. 1.) iPhone Analytics via Privacy
    2.) iCloud Analytics via Privacy
    3.) Significant Locations via Privacy all the way down
    4.) Unnecessary System Services like 3.).
    5.) Limit Ad Tracking (turn it on) via Advertising
    6.) Change Push to Fetch via Passwords
    7.) Background App Refresh via

    You’re welcome, i hope this helps

  5. The part with the iPhone analytics on mine has always been turned off( iPhone X). But I noticed it still tracking my data and recording it. So I went into privacy and location services and guess what??? iPhone analytics is there too😟 and it’s been on without me noticing Bc I never really scrolled and looked. I keep location services totally off when I’m home. That cures most of the other issues regarding gps stuff. I do have to use maps from time to time. So it’s just easier to turn the whole thing off when I don’t need it. My gps tracking history always says “none”

  6. I have an iPhone 6 Plus and updated. I hate the new update because it drive me crazy like it’s an Android with copy past stuff. How do I turn off push. Mine is different than what you’re showing

  7. what if you have a metro PCS phone? I can't find category of "privacy". I also don't have "significant locations' although, its not an apple.

  8. If you have an Android there are similar settings you can turn off to prevent Google from spying on you. However, if you loose your phone they won't be able to find it for you.

  9. okay im very scared now, you guys are def listing and collecting my data, not Apple. I live in Omaha Nebraska (No joke) and I like Shania Twain

  10. Hey guys thanks for this…..one problem i am having is limit ad tracking button will not let me turn it off! Why is that?

  11. Thank you very much for this video! I did all of your suggestions and it definitely has helped my battery. But I’ve noticed since I’ve done that I cannot get my Google Maps talk through my CarPlay. Could you please please tell me which thing I have to turn back so that Google maps will once again talk through my radio

  12. Is there a way to turn off your microfine when you are not using your iphone? Was talking with someone about china and all of a sudden i get an advertisement in chinese on youtube. Also we were talking about a specific place to go and first when we checked the maps there was nothing on the map and then the next time we checked the map, a restaurant by the same name had magically popped up!

  13. I did this and my phone screen suddenly went blank, humm could this be a way Apple scam people to bought a new phone cause getting it fix is expensive… think about…

  14. Question***

    do these turn back on when you reset your phone?

    like not wipe it, but if you reset it bc your internet is slow so you reset the router and your phone.

    does it turn these settings back on??

  15. I've got an iPhone 4, I paused the vid a lot while I searched..i thought my phone battery was dying. Am I the only one here with an iPhone 4? It had most of the settings discussed.

  16. EXCELLENT!!!!!! I have Iphone 10 which the battery dies within half a a day🤷🏾‍♀️😭this is GREAT!! THANK YOU!!

  17. I like this video very much. Are the settings on my MacBook Pro draining my battery similarly to the iPhone settings? Please help. My battery dies very quickly on my computer.

  18. Significant locations setting Is creepy it literally tells you the address where you’re at thank you guys for letting me know to turn that off.

  19. Safari I discovered takes in every cookie that enters your device through all your downloaded apps as I never used Safari but had an exhorbitant number of cookies despite this fact Ugh !

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