8 Smartphone Gadgets put to the Test

What’s up everybody? Welcome back to my laboratory, where safety is the number one priority. Guess what guys? I think we haven’t done gadget tests in a while So for today’s video, I got cell phone gadgets and we are going to put them to the test. Let’s check this out! For the first gadget we got here: Fly-Grip: Actually, I was at Vidcon, and I met the owners of this company and I thought they were really really awesome guys And they actually hooked me up with one of these for free! So I think this is going to be a really really nice gadget, lets check this out. You know what I hate the most about taking selfies because you got to hold your cell phone like this; very awkwardly, and not having a thumb to actually grip it and when I do it upside down, look it just falls off so easily. It’s really annoying, so Fly-Grip is supposed to fix the problem. Alright, let’s check this out. Let’s open it up, and lets see what’s it all about. Alright, I just gotta peel it off and stick it down here. I hope it sticks to the case, because my case has this rubber pieces. I just peel it off, and it’s supposed to be super sticky Okay, I think I want it somewhere over here.
Yeah, that’s good. and then just stick it up falls down and
it holds together, then you unclip it, so what you are supposed to do is just stick two fingers in just like this, and look I can hold my cell phone, I don’t have to
worry about holding my cell phone, I can take shots from the top from the bottom no big deal so when I’m like live
streaming no problem– I have a free thumb so if I want to like type in
something, I can use my thumb This is awesome look at it and when I’m
done using it, it just closed off like this. Boom, and it only adds a few
millimeters [of] thickness. Look at this, my cell phone is not going
anywhere. Awesome. Also [the] stickiness [works] really well. You
see it’s not falling off. So it’s really well-made to stick. Definitely thumbs up from me check out links in [the] description
for this company. A lot of people have been asking me, “Why do you sweat?” Well in this
room, I do not have air conditioner, and the summertime it gets to like 85-90
degrees it just feels like a sun especially with
those lights, it gets so hot in here which is about to change. I’m about to have
completely different and new set up I cannot wait to show you. It’s under
construction. But while it’s so hot here I got you another cell phone gadget. Yes, this is [a] little USB fan for your
cell phone let’s test it out; see if it’s actually
going to help me to cool off. Let’s open up. Simple directions once again,
and I got one for Android because that’s what I like. I’m just going to put it together
like that. Boom. Wow! It spins easily! Now, just need to stick it into the cell
phone like this. Boom. Woo!! It turns on by itself! Flygrip, step away! Wow, look at that. Wooo!! This is awesome, oh
my gosh I’m so hot right now. You don’t even realize how much it cools me off
and if you like in the theme park in Florida, you know how humid it is, and
they sell those like little fans for like twenty five dollars with the misty water spray guess what this
thing is like under ten dollars. Take this one with you instead Wooo! this actually helps a lot. Oh my
god, this feels so good Definitely a thumbs-up from me look at
this and it doesn’t take up a lot of space at all. I don’t know how to turn it
off just pull it out like this? Boom. Stops.
Take it apart, put it in your pocket. Look, two things. Very very small things.
Awesome. Put it together easily just stick it together like that. Boom. Oh wow [it] feels so good. I’m just going to use it throughout the whole video. Man, I need air
conditioner in this room. You know what maybe I don’t anymore just going to use this little fan. For the next gadget how many of you drop your cell phone and break your screen? You know iPhone 7 just
came out and I bet a lot of you have dropped it already and broke the
screen. That’s just how cell phones are They don’t make them strong anymore. So
for this gadget I got this cell phone saver Let’s see what it’s all about. Ok let’s open
this up. Very very light packaging just so a little staple right here. Boom. Awesome. What is this? Again, this is the
little sticky tape I’m just gonna tape it right here because
I’m running out of space. Just gonna take off this strip and this is supposed to be
really sticky, and then we’re going to stick it down right here. I’m glad
my cellphone is black because it’s matches It needs to be sticked up really well
because you don’t want it to get unsticked and [fall] and break your cell phone.
And this is supposed to be just clipped on your pants or whatever let’s go put it to the test. Ok first of
all, I just gotta clip it on my pants Just like this. Boom. Hopefully [you] can see
that. So now I’m texting and I’m like Whoops! Oh man!! That string is too small!
It just totally hit the floor Oh my gosh, okay. I’m gonna take out the
cell phone. Drop test one more time it totally hit the floor, man. Look, when
I’m just standing, it’s almost touching the floor I don’t know guys, what do you think? I
think they made the string way too long it should be much much shorter, but at the
same time I understand why they have to make it longer because if I need to reach out like this much it needs to stretch out at least this long. So one more drop test. It totally hit the
floor! Oh my gosh I’m so disappointed you know what I’m going to try to fix this
gadget. What I’m going to do is just make a knot and make the wire shorter. I don’t
know who went on this mass production before testing it out the wire. You see,
that’s kinda long enough. Ok let’s try to drop it now Boom, and you see it’s not hitting the
floor anymore so if you’re gonna buy this kind of
gadget, make sure you’re gonna get the smaller wire so it does not hit the
floor when you drop it. Like now, you see? the next cell phone gadget, you know you
go to the pool you go to the beach and a lot of times somebody push you in the
pool and just throw your cell phone? Well with this case you’re not going to
destroy your cell phone anymore because this is a waterproof case. And guess what,
they advertise that you can still take pictures while the cell phone is in the
case. So let’s open it up and see what it’s all about. Easy to open, I like
that. Take it out. Boom. Look at it. A big strap I guess it’s goes over here easily. You
know what, you can actually use this for lots of different things not just
cellphone. Wow! It even has a compass that’s pretty awesome. Tight Opening …which
is good. You don’t want it to open by itself Boom, and twist it. Pull it out He you got some more commercials. Throw that away. let’s see if it can fit with all my gadgets there. I guess I can unclip this gadget. Awesome so for this situation
this little wire actually unclips now let’s close it back up, there’s a
little locking mechanism Boom. Let’s see if I can still use the
camera. Wow! I can still use the camera this is awesome you see I’m actually taking pictures?
This is awesome wow! I’m definitely using this. And then I can
just hold it over my neck Boom! This is amazing. Look at this, I can just [take] pictures of you guys. I’m done. just put it over, turn it off. This is
awesome. let’s drop it in the water and see if
it actually will stop it from getting wet. By the way, my cell phone is not
waterproof. I hope I do not destroy my cellphone. Now let’s
sink it in. Dang it! It doesn’t work not all the way. I’m not worried about
getting wet this part, I’m worried about this part leaking Aw man that doesn’t fit! You
know what, how about this. This is what I worry about: The top is going to [leak]. So let’s take it out. Guess what, it’s
still dry. I would say it’s not the best water test but it works. For this gadget
we got here travel lamp. Let’s see what it’s all about.
Pull this out. Garbage. ok here is a cell phone. This is my
flashlight over here, so I’m just going to put it over right where the
flashlight sits this is amazing. Look at this. This is so
funny. I guess it’s made from rubber so I can just stick it in a pocket and not
worry about how much space it takes up this is like the funniest gadget I’ve ever seen.
So that makes it into the lantern so you can see the 360 all around you Um, you know what, I’ll give it the thumbs
up. It looks funny it looks cool at the same time and it
does the job. I can see a lot don’t you think? For this cellphone gadget we got
here cellphone holder. Guess what, this is the cheapest cell phone gadgets that I
got today. It’s only like two dollars Look at this, it just wire pretty much.
So, what this is supposed to be This is like a cellphone stand I guess. I don’t even know how it works. So I think [a] couple legs have to go down since it’s a cell phone stand let’s see if it’s actually going to hold
the cell phone. You know what, it’s holding You know what, just because it’s two
dollars and that’s the cheapest gadget that I have today, I’ll give it a thumbs
up it’s fun to play with, that’s for sure.
For the next gadget we’ve got here cell phone holder. It’s useful for your car
and for your bed. You know sometimes when you’re texting or watching the movie over your head when you’re laying down I drop this cell phone right on my face so that
did not feel good. It doesn’t feel good at all so how do we fix it? we fix it with this gadget. Boom, There is a clip, there’s a wire Wow, look how durable this wire is. This
is really really heavyduty wire that’s for sure that’s insane, look how long this is too. Wow, look at that clip, look how big it opens so I can be holding the big big cell phone
look can probably hold up a bigger cellphone than this. Now look I have a
selfie stick at the same time. Maybe what you’re supposed to do is just clamp it on a
piece of wood and look at that so now you got your cell phone you can
hang it over your bed on the side of your back board of your bed and that way
you don’t have to hold your cell phone and drop it on your face but you can
still watch YouTube, pretty awesome

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