A Black Friday Carol I Teen Titans Go! I Cartoon Network

Today I am reminded I have
much to be thankful for. But most of all
for my friends. -Happy Thanksgiving, Titans.
-Hear, hear. (CHEWING LOUDLY) Friends, should we not
take our time and enjoy
the giving thanks feasts. (GOBBLING UP) Ah. No time.
We have to get ready for… (ROBIN YELLS) Lines are already forming. (CHEWING LOUDLY) Oh, the Black Friday. (CHEWING LOUDLY) C’mon, Star. Shove that can-shaped
cranberry log down
your gullet. We gotta get out there before
all the good stuff’s gone. (CONTINUES TO CHEW LOUDLY) (LAUGHING) Yeah, cranberry. -I cannot participate in
the Black Friday this year.
-(TITANS GASPS) But Black Friday is the most
important holiday of the year. (CHEWING LOUDLY) I do not care for it. The waiting in line,
the elbows, the buying
of the unnecessary items. Black Friday is the one
holiday everyone can agree on. Because everyone
loves a bargain. Standing in long lines, so you
can buy things for 70% off is
the ultimate act of love. Starfire, are you forgetting
that it is written. “Half off, 70-inch
A picture you’ll love, “at a price she’ll love.” That is just the advertisement
for an inexpensive television. So beautiful. I am sorry. But I must
Uncle Scrooge McDuck you all and say the “Bah! Junebug!” Yeah, cranberry. (SIGHS) I shall retire to the land
of dreams to escape
the nasty Black Friday. (GASPS) Who is making such a light? It is I, the ghost of
Black Friday past. That is a lovely dress. No, these are ghost robes. You look like
the belle of the ball. Oh-ho! Beautiful! These are old-timey
pajamas, not a gown! Now, I have
something to show you. Come with me. I feel so under the dressed. It’s just a robe! (GASPS) It is the me! It was the you.
That is your past self. I recall this day.
The Black Friday of last year. Yes. You wanted to buy
a surround sound system
for a low-low price. I wished for my friend
Titans to enjoy the sound
waves from all angles. But, look. (GASPS) -(CROWD SCREAMING)
polite and courteous.
-Ah. If you had thrown an elbow, you could have
purchased that item. The item was unimportant. Was it? Come and see. Ooh, are we going
to your princess’ castle? There is no castle!
And I am not a princess!
Because this is not a dress!

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