A nationwide Comcast landline outage is affecting thousands of businesses

the nationwide Comcast landline outage
is affecting thousands of businesses affecting businesses and even 911 calls
Comcast’s Xfinity phone service is apparently suffering the massive outage
today knocking out phone service for thousands of companies across the
country that still largely rely on land line access to do business according to
down detector comm comcast phone service began experiencing issues around 8 a.m.
yet this morning and by the afternoon areas around the country have started
reporting disruptions the area’s most affected appear to be the Pacific
Northwest California the tri-state area and Florida the official support Twitter
account for Comcast at sign of these residential and business services has
acknowledged the issues tweeting at 1:00 p.m. yet today at some customers may
still be experiencing an issue with their voice service vocal cast has yet
to release an official statement regarding the issue the cursory search
on Twitter shows hundreds of users complaining about the business phone
outage and the effect it’s having and many companies seem to be attempting to
route calls through cell phones for alternative methods others like radio
host tom hartman pointed out how Comcast’s strength hold
on the landline market makes US companies especially susceptible to
situations like this where one provider can cripple large swathes of a country
in at least one case granted a very troubling one the outage affected
landline 911 calls to Washington Spokane County Police Department with the
greater Spokane emergency management department informing residents to use
their cell phone in an emergency to contact law enforcement the issue was
later resolved for Spokane counties but it’s clear comcast landline outage is a
serious matter that could affect police and ambulance response in a statement
issued around 3:30 p.m. at Comcast says service has been restored for most of
its customers we experienced the service
interruption today with our Comcast business voice and voice heed select
services and we apologize a company spokesperson said our engineers began
working to address the issue immediately and services have been restored for most
of our customers we recognize that some customers are still impacted and we
expect the issue to be fully resolved shortly we have every resource focused
on getting everyone back online and apologize again to the customers who
were affected update 6/6 3:30 p.m. at added statement from Comcast

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