About Sirocco Mobile

Sirocco is a result of the evolution of one business into another. When we were just starting, our main focus was put on mobile games. Then, with the growth of the largest streaming platform in Poland which we were developing, we saw that our work would not just be limited to mobile devices. At present, on top of creating iOS and Android dedicated apps and whole business systems in web technologies such as SFA and CRM, we also deal with providing resources in the form of qualified IT teams. At present, there are several dozen highly qualified specialists. We manage projects in accordance with agile methodologies. We are flexible, because we are constantly improving our qualifications – not just in the latest technologies but also in management and customer service. Out software is used by the major industry players in automotive and TV sectors. We are located in the immediate vicinity of University of Technology campus. Trainees learn practical knowledge from the very first year of study. Almost all of our employees have specialist university education. We recruit them from among the best practitioners in a given field. This creates agile, learning and proactive teams. When working with clients, we apply our utmost care to transparency – our software must meet the client’s needs. As a result, each party receives a valuable product, which is then developed. We are always open to new projects and learning new technologies. Without it, there would be no growth and we wouldn’t be an attractive place of work for the best developers or a trustworthy partner for our contractors. Our strength lies in the experience and expertise of our teams!

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