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All right, guys,
another amazing episode of “What The Fit”
is in the can. And as usual, at the end, we love to give you reasons
to pump it up on your own. But it’s not just me,
I’m always with my guy, my trainer,
Ronald “Boss” Everline. – He’s gonna give you–
– Ron “Boss” Everline. Well, that’s– I said it. No, no, I just
wanted to “reinerate.” – Got you. Got you.
– Yeah. Is that a word? Uh, it is, but not
the way you said it. – Reiterate or “reinerate?”
– All right. I’m from Houston,
he’s from Philly. – Obviously.
– Let’s just skip the word. Let’s just skip the word
and get to the workout today. Boss, tell the people
what we’re doing today. We’re gonna go through
some jump rope. Jump rope is good for
your cardiovascular health and it’ll helps you
fight that belly fat– that lower belly fat
that everybody’s struggling
with at home? Kev’s gonna
go through three moves. Very simple moves, Kev. I’m not gonna hit you
with it because I love you. So you can just high knee,
one minute at home. You can high knee.
You can speed it up. I ain’t quite got there.
Let’s see Kev do it. You can jump rope
for about 10 to 15 minutes, just as good
as going for a run
or a walk up a hill. – I shortened it for you
’cause you’re smaller.
– What kind of rope is this? – Speed rope.
– This is the one that
hit you and it hurt. Yeah, but, Kev, come on. – I done seen people bleed.
– High knees, please. High knees.
There you go. So we’re gonna do this at home
for about 15 minutes. And if you’re just a beginner,
take it down, – adjust the cord and–
– As you guys can see, I’m what you would
call “advanced.” ( music playing ) Kev, that’s not high knee. That looks
more like skipping. We weren’t skipping, buddy.
Okay? – I got into it.
– Give me the rope. – Sorry.
– All right, next move. We’re gonna do a single leg. Just gonna hop on one leg. Boxers do this. You warm up. This could be
your whole workout. You see how smooth I am?
You see how good I look? – You see the difference?
– Yeah. – Let’s see you do it.
– Yes, sir. Let’s see how good you look. Single leg, there you go. I feel it. – Switch.
– I feel it working, boss. You can do this at home. Again, you can do
30 seconds each leg. – You can do a minute.
– So if I was home, what room should I do it in?
My bathroom? You can do it
in your garage. – Or my bathroom.
– You can do it
in your living room. You could do this anywhere. Can I do this in the kitchen? That’s a good job, Kevin.
Good job. – What’s next, boss?
– Next move, we’re gonna through
some lateral hops. This is a little bit
more difficult. Kev doesn’t really
know how to dance. He doesn’t have really
good coordination. Oh, I can’t dance? Hey! ( upbeat music playing ) We’re not talking
about ratchet dance, Kev. So right here,
we’re just gonna… side hop right here. If you wanna
just change it up, just break it down. – Yeah.
– Make it fancy. – I look good, don’t I?
– Yeah! Ow! Okay, let’s see you do it. Okay, but before I do that,
how about I do a little dance? ( upbeat music playing ) Hey, hey. Just because you do that, doesn’t mean you can dance. Let’s go, man.
Stop playing with me. ( upbeat music playing ) – I’m about to get pissed off.
– I’m sorry. All right, Kev, finish up. Ready? Okay,
you don’t look bad. Ooh, ooh, ooh! Kev, stop moving
your head like that. Ooh, ooh! Stop moving
your head like that. Ooh, ooh! Ah, ah! Are you a man? God. So this move,
I challenge you guys at home. You know I don’t
like you, right? All right, cool. Let’s go.
Let’s move. I love you,
but I don’t like you. Go ahead, champ. Get ’em. So I’m gonna do
the advanced version first. – Ooh. Like it.
– Right there. What’s that working on? Working your chest
and your core. Okay. And if you’re not advanced,
you turn, you put your knees down,
and you just slide out. Working a little bit
of shoulder. I like it.
Let me try, boss. Come on, let’s see it. Let’s see it. Mmm. This is a challenge. Challenge! Right? – Challenge!
– You see I’m not here
for it today, so why don’t you
just get to work? Are you here for this?
And up. – That’s actually really good.
– Or this? Good job, Kevin.
So at home, guys, this challenge, you can do. You can do about
10 or 15 reps, and, you know,
keeping your numbers even just because
you got two arms, so you can go, you know, ten. 15 is not an even number. Well, if they doing
them simultaneously– – What?
– Huh? – What you say?
– So, 15, I said let’s keep it
at a even number. That’s a odd number. Oh, so you caught that?
You’re smart. Please do as we say
and listen to what it is, and actually get the results
that we want you to get. That’s simply
a better mindset.
That’s all guys. Thank you for watching
another episode
of “What The Fit.” We’ll see you guys next week.
Thank you. All right. Hey, you got to stop
mispronouncing words. You’re saying
“simultam-ness-nessly.” – I said simultaneously.
– You said “simultameously.” I said simultaneously. – You said “reitedate.”
– I said “reinerate.” – You never said that.
– I said “reinerate.” – No, you said–
– And then you said– – You said “rein-tedate.”
– No, I didn’t. – Yes, you did!
– Hey, man. Get your ( bleep ) ass
out of here. – Oh, shit. Oh, shit.
– You know what? I knew it was coming. Ha! Takedown, takedown. Ha! I could’ve
killed your ass. If you want watch
more of me, Kevin Hart, click the videos.
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