Amplicomms PowerTel M9500 Amplified Smartphone review

This is the Amplicomms M9500 It’s a really nice phone You can see here, it has a boost button and a torch On the back It has a camera and an SOS button On this side you can see the power button and the volume up and down buttons Now on the front you have a back button a menu button and a change window button These buttons on the front can all be enabled and disabled, in the settings To select any of the options on the screen you push and hold, to prevent accidental pushing You can see here that you have the option to dial a number You enter the number with a long press A talking caller ID is optional To go back, you push the back button You can write a message Read old messages or write a new one You can use any of the preset messages or you can select the keyboard to enter your own message You can look at the pictures There are even more things that you can do You can use the internet, there are games and there’s the camera You can scroll through further and find selfie mode the flashlight and medication reminders and here you have settings the settings are really nicely protected to prevent you accidentally adjusting things You can see some of the common things that you might like to do To enter the advanced settings you have to complete this intelligence test by pushing the corners in a clockwise order After you’ve done that you can access the settings area where you can adjust all sorts of things although this is only recommended for advanced users these settings help you to set up things like the SOS button which is located here, on the back of the phone You can also change the display settings where you can customise various aspects of the menu for ease of use Pushing the home button, returns you back to the front screen You can see here clearly the time and battery level and by pushing the speaker icon you can choose whether the volume is on or off and that concludes the brief look at the Amplicomms M9500

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