An entire vlog in Uzbek

Over the past couple of months I’ve been
checking my analytics on YouTube and I’ve been getting a lot more Uzbek subscribers and they’ve also been messaging me. So that’s an
Uzbek person right there uzbek, uzbek, uzbek, uzbek. Basically saying
hey what’s up I’m Uzbek I like your videos and something like that so I
wanted to make a video appealing to my new oncoming Uzbek audience and so
I’m making this whole entire video in uzbek I will have closed captioning
available hopefully by the time you’re watching this so if you want to hear
Uzbek and also understand this video turn those on. I told somebody at
school and already they were like yo that sounds really interesting. Okay let’s not wait any longer and start the video already! This’ll be exciting. The camera that I’m bringing to school right now belongs to my friend Braiden. He left this at school because he was sick the day before break so I took it home for him. So now I’m going to take it back to school. This here is MY photography camera and And this is my third camera (for now) It’s super interesting speaking in Uzbek I’m finally out of the house and I’m going to hike over this snow Nooo, no no no no I’m ruining my brand new boots. Here my microphone completely stopped working :((( I was saying that the scenery was very beautiful but my hands were starting to freeze up. lol There’s a lot of parts in this vid where my mic stopped working ): We bought these new boots not long ago on Friday, but not a Black Friday sale though. I’m really really liking these woowiieeee (and apparently i hissed lol) What am I going to do about this camera? The sun finally decided to show up the day is now starting to warm up. Right now it’s 25 degrees Farenheit, in Celcius I’m estimating about -3 degrees ahh I can deal with it. I’m not very late. Actually I’m not late at all (that’s surprising) Wanna come over there again with me or nah? No I meant show them (the vlog) the photos. OHHHHH Now we’re just finishing up photo class, and here you can see our photos **Braiden being surprised by my Uzbek** Here it is, you can’t see! *crunchy crunch ASMR crunch* We’ve got nearly matching boots, different brands same boots No, they’re not the same boots, well they’re kinda, nahh…. Are your steel-toe? No. Mine aren’t either okay. Okay now we’re going to our second period. To my science class. Now we’re eating lunch, I prepared my sandwich And my friend Braiden is here watching Tik-Toks Tik-tok is just a bunch of small instant gratifications. A TV show is like a marathon. You gotta wait to see the good stuff. Teacher: Are you going on the field trip tomorrow? No. Wait what field trip? Oh no, wait that’s tomorrow? Teacher: yeah We had an option to, but we would miss a whole entire day Wowwww, how cool! *sarcastic Right now we’re in his Spanish class, I’ll go to my French class in a couple of minutes Two minutes left, two minutes Woahhh, you guys get to watch a TV show? These guys are watching Netflix in Spanish class Finally school is over Oh, I thought you actually said something that I could understand. But nope! I am speaking in Uzbek, hey wait for me– Great now I’m getting my languages mixed up haha Which photo was it?! Remember what to do buddy? I don’t either We have to be extremely careful when using this, even a small little —- I realize when I talk Uzbek in an English setting how fast I talk *complicated phtography stuff* *it’s not really that complicated* Wow aren’t you like the coolest person ever? Just about! You’re a very interesting person You don’t even know how to speak your own language I just don’t know the word because not everything translates literally buddy!

21 Replies to “An entire vlog in Uzbek

  1. Ok but highkey Uzbek is a very pretty language

    Kinda makes me wanna do a vlog in portuguese๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ

    Great video!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. "You can not cook the microphone llama hot dogs gonna eat each other" Well I guess auto translate has some work to do, an amazing video nonetheless. Really an amazing language.

  3. Uzbek is a very cool language. people at school me to talk in Arabic and low-key they don't know what I'm. i actually like learning a new language. you should come to the senior- parking lot because is a very old to smash it with a hammer and they are charging people to smash a car and its okay two dollar's

  4. Hi Abdulaziz! I really like this. Why aren't you responding on Telegram?

  5. But I need to say that your Uzbek isn't as good as it was before๐Ÿ˜…

  6. Great video – so cool to hear you speak Uzbek! Your language has a very similar melody to Turkish – you'd feel right at home in certain parts of Cologne

  7. Now you know the struggle of having to write subtitles, speaking of which, you should write 100 times "I need to learn to spell Celsius" ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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