Ancient Temple Shows Cell Phone & Wrist Watch? Built with Psychic Powers?

Hey guys, today we are going to see an ancient
Hindu temple, which is truly unforgettable. Even if you try to forget it, it will be impossible
for you to erase the visuals I am going to show you. The temple you are about to see is very ancient,
it was built around 250 A.D which means the temple is 1750 years old, but the details
in this temple are mind-boggling and will make you question if the temple was built
by supernatural means. This temple is located in a small village
called Singrikudi and at first sight it looks like almost like a modern day temple with
beautiful and colorfully painted statues. What is so special about these carvings and
statues? Look at this statue, it has a shirt, with
a collar, And look there are even buttons and you can even see the pockets on both sides. He is posing as though he is holding up the
weight of the temple. Now, Hinduism is all about symmetry, so my
eyes are naturally going on the other side of the tower and look, again, the statue on
the other side is also shown with a dress shirt with collar, pockets and buttons. This is shocking, because all historians agree
that buttoned shirts came to India only in the last few centuries, but this temple is
at least 1750 years old. Yes, the painting on it is fresh, because
they do repaint the temple time and time again, and some even claim that these shirts were
done by a quirky painter in recent times. However, many locals claim that these shirts
were originally carved on these ancient statues, and the painters merely paint various colors
on them. Now, remember I spoke about symmetry. Let us go to the other side of the tower and
see what kind of statues exist there. This side is also beautifully carved with
so many stories from Hinduism, and again we see more figures with dress shirts with buttons,
collars and pockets. The faces are a little bit different from
the faces on the front side of the tower, but now we have a total of 4 statues wearing
dress shirts. Right? We are not done yet! Because temple towers actually have 4 sides,
so I decided to see what is on the sides as well. Most people do not see the sides of the towers
at all, and i was able to see more statues with shirts. If we go around the tower, flying like birds,
then we can see 4 more statues on the sides of the towers as well. This is remarkable, because we have a total
of 8 figures wearing dress shirts in this tower. We know as a matter of fact that buttoned
shirts with collars did not exist 1750 years ago. I don’t mean that just within India, the whole
world did not use shirts like this until the last 2 centuries. So, how could ancient builders carve such
accurate statues with dress shirts? But we are not done yet, there are more interesting
details . When I zoomed in with my camera and took close ups on the sides, there are
more details which are stunning. Look at this figure, he has a round pocket
watch which goes from his button to into his pocket. This is typically how we used watches before
the wrist watch became fashionable. But there is something even more shocking,
On his lower pocket, there is a large rectangular object peeping out. It looks remarkably similar to a modern day
Smartphone. Is that a cell phone we are looking at? How are such carvings possible in an ancient
Hindu temple? Locals give a totally different answer, with
a completely different angle. These statues and carvings were done in ancient
times, but they were done with the help of psychic powers. The builder who created them, was deeply spiritual
and he could visualize how the future generation would look, using his psychic abilities. Is it possible that ancient sculptors could
use their psychic powers to visualize how their future generations would look thousands
of years later? Locals say yes and point to yet another interesting
tower in the temple. This is a smaller tower which is built on
the sanctum of a female goddess. Immediately, you can notice something very
interesting. This tower is “Ladies only”, no male gods
are humans are shown, all the statues are females. This is a spectacular carving of a mom saving
a baby from falling off the tower. Hinduism is a very liberal religion, in fact
Hinduism has more female goddesses than male gods. But there is something much more fascinating
in this tower. Here, we can see 2 women wearing modern day
swimsuit! Look at these statues, this is extraordinary,
here are 2 women shown wearing typical western bathing suit from the last century. How do we explain these statues? I have shown you so many different carvings
and temples on my channel, even temples which claim time travel. But this temple was done by some kind of psychedelic
means. The carvings I find are just really bizarre. Look, here is a carving which shows conjoined
twins. They have 2 heads but share the same body. Look at their face, they both have protruding
teeth coming out of their lips. Count the number of hands, there are a total
of 7 hands. Where is the symmetry here? Conjoined twins often have these abnormal,
asymmetric features. And look at the number of legs, there are
a total of 3 legs. We would normally see something like this
in a medical museum, but we see this in this ancient temple. Why? It is said that the builder not only used
his psychic powers to foretell the future, but also could understand how the planet was,
many million years ago. Look at this beautiful carving of Lord Vishnu,
out of his navel, a lotus emerges which has the God of creation sitting inside. This is mesmerizing, but this is not my main
focus. Look at the statue right next to it. It has a human body which is standing on 2
legs, but has the face of a horse. This God, known as Haya Griva is portrayed
as half horse, half human and is sometimes shown with the rear parts of a bird. If you look behind Hayagriva, you will see
bird like, elongated tail. The really bizarre part is this: Recently
skeletal remains of an extinct dinosaur was discovered which has very similar features. It has a face which resembles a horse, has
short forelimbs, and longer hind limbs and even has the hip like a bird. The scientists were in total disbelief, but
guess what they named this species? They named it ‘Haya Griva’ because of its
remarkable similarity to this Hindu god. You can’t help but wonder, are these carvings
coming out of the sculptor’s imagination, or did he have psychic powers to carve these
animals which became extinct millions of years ago? There is a reason why locals believe that
the temple was constructed using psychic powers. This temple is mentioned in an ancient text
called Markandeya Purana which was written around 250 A.D. This is how we know it existed at least 1750
years ago. Markandeya the hero of this text, got access
to various psychic powers, by chanting mantras at a specific frequency. It is said that Markandeya himself built this
temple using his psychic visions. But the story does not end there, even today
a few monks come here and do chanting in order to get psychic powers. Sounds and frequencies are considered very
important in Hinduism. Many ancient Indian texts claim that you can
get psychic powers by chanting specific incantations or sounds. But it is not clear what sounds or frequency
will yield these psychic powers. Is it possible that the ancient builder of
this temple, who was a master of psychic powers gave us a clue about what frequency he would
have used? The temple has a strange energy to it, and
this remote temple has no visitors at certain times, and I have the entire temple to myself. After exploring various parts of the temple,
I was not able to find anything on the ground. But when I switched to aerial view, I found
something incredible. Look at the aerial view of this tower. We can see the circular pattern, the cymatic
pattern of this tower from the top. Today we are able to transform sounds into
visuals and we call them cymatic patterns. Is it possible that what we see here is a
code, a visual of the sound that can yield us psychic powers? If we decode this visual pattern into sound,
we can understand what sound can give us psychic powers. So, what do you think? Is this temple somehow related to psychic
energy? Are these statues really old? Or were they merely painted like this in recent
times? Is there something called psychic powers? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments
section, I am Praveen Mohan, thanks a lot for watching, don’t forget to subscribe and
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it with your friends and I will talk to you soon, bye!

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  2. Intriguing video. I'm not the sort to swagger and debunk things like this because there is nothing obvious to refute the considerations and assertions. It is possible in my mind that there could have been remnants of civilizations past which could very well have had a higher sophistication of clothing as well. Unless we ask questions, test hypotheses, dig deeper, and look for things, we cannot satisfactorily answer them. I am certain, though, that nothing will beat the scientific method for answering these questions because the act of testing and learning and monitoring results.

    One thing I do not subscribe to is anything "supernatural". If something exists, or behaves in a certain way, its functions and operations are part of the natural world and universe. If we don't understand them yet, then that's the answer, isn't it? Often times we hear someone say, "I don't know what it is, but it's a supernatural power!" People who utter that statement tell the truth initially, but fill in the blanks with something patently false afterward. I don't have issues with exploration and testing theories. I have passionately serious issues with lies and charlatanism. Nice video with good questions.

  3. The pyramids of Egypt are a great mystery, but so are the temples of India.

    Your beliefs and customs are so inspiring.

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  6. I think these modern statues were joined to the old ones in British era to potray them as gods to fool indian peoples.or we should scientifically meaure the age of these statues.and naming dinosaur on hindu history is remarkable

  7. The entire premise is predicated on the reliable determination of age. Because this structure has been physically altered many times over the decades, age can not established therefore age can not be used.

    This is beneath you.

  8. Thanks in sharing aerial view of the temple. If you go to Tanjore brihadeeswara twmple,( constructed >1000 years old) shows European man with hat and coat which shows they predicted European’s presence in India in future.

  9. Amazing research. I never knew India had so many ancient sites with mysterious history. Ive been hooked on your channel since i found it 2 weeks ago.

  10. Fuck off. Entire vedio is calm and peaceful with interesting info, but why you used beat music which was very odd, the first word I felt when I listen that.

  11. The persons with shirts either side of temple might have built after several years of temple inthe process of renovation and painting.

  12. Fascinating. See Genesis chapter 6 in the Bible. You would get an understanding of some of the ancient structures makers and demons. Well done again Praveen, very entertaining

  13. dude we know that our civilization was well developed but when you guys put this kind of video online, it become a subject of mockery at my work. I am sure same thing happens with other people at work. I live in US

  14. I think you hitbthe nail on the head with this one, Praveen!!! That is precisely what this is. Cymatics!!! And they have once again left us a blueprint of the architecture!!! The sounds represented here in different shapes would open your chakras to the knowledge held at this specific site!!! One would sumply recreate the soynds that are symbolized here and once those sounds were emitted into the air the whole building would reverberate a similar sound. And with enough practice you would then be able to access the information being held at this site. Spot on!!!! Thank you again for your wonderful videos and content!!!

  15. Keep it up mate, i love your channel, I proud to be an Indian and a proud hindu after watching your videos, Indians must feel proud of their culture no matter what religion they believe in.

  16. or great lizards lived recently. ie up to the mid 1800s in heavy population, correlates with lost history, tartars, mud floods, merrylin museum

  17. Could you do research about THIRUVAANAIKKAAVAL (Lord Shiva temple).
    It's near to Srirangam,Tamilnadu

    Visit Kailasanathar Temple,Tharamangalam,Salem District, Tamilnadu.

  18. I don't think just mearly physi power pravin Mohan sir.
    In India one word is called Maya, it mean it create and it make disappear and this neting is done by Maya in Hindus we have sat, trata, dwapar, and kaliyuga, wich almost goes to corore or years blend of 4yuga is 1manvantar, now this is 27th manvantra. According to Hindu philosophy almost 100corore years had passed less or more I had not calculate yes just assumptions but for sure.
    In this India is grate because of Kailash and mansarovar. And that is the reason and it will be a grate enquiry and research and open out ur wisdom. I love u work and pls try to get more answer from ancient text it will answer ur questions. India is amazing

  19. I used to watch your videos many years back… but with this video… I am sorry but this is beyond crap. One question with the temple folks would let you know that the gopuram other than the base was built in the mid-50s or 60s or even 70s. How do I know? Common freaking sense. I am very sure just by looking anyone would know. Ancient statues don't look like this plus its made with white cement…anceint folks didn't do this. You are just creating a bull crap story even thou you clearly know… just to get clicks. Pls brother help Indians to transgress and not be looked as fools with this kinda videos. There are many great kinds of stuff of ancient Tamils which you can cover.

  20. Isn't it possible that these were added after britishers came to india, when shirts and trousers became popular.

  21. This is an ancient temple nodoubt but there were rebuilt and renovated using cement and mortar in recent years

  22. What a BEAUTIFUL Temple! The Indians certainly know how to do things! I agree with the Psychic builders theory.

  23. U R Doing a GRT Work Mr Praveen Mohan
    Yes Psychic Powers ,,, its True ,,, But Let them Talk Seldom we talk cause even if I say I have experienced I Would Be Called to be a Fool… & Its also mentioned in The some Hindu legendary books By our some Rishis Lets not speak for the world not need to learn, time will make them learn… "ONE DAY THE WORLD WILL KNOW THE DEPTHS OF OUR HINDUISM, THE KNOWLEDGE & & DIVE IN TO THE DEEP OCEANS OF MY RELIGION",, THE RELIGION OF PEACE LOVE & NO HATERATE & THE FULL & ENDLESS KNOWLEDGE OF HUMAN BEINGS……MANKIND & THE UNIVERSE ITSELF… OM NAMAH SHIVAY…

  24. Praveen, please…

    Who invented buttons in India?
    Buttons were invented in India! Buttons
    made from seashell were used in the Indus Valley Civilization for
    ornamental purposes by 2000 BCE. Carved into geometric shapes they had
    holes pierced into them so that they could be attached to clothing using
    a thread.Nov 2, 2016

    A quick search on Google showed the above….it's on Wikipedia. Are you doing this disservice to India on purpose or you truly didn't know ?! Shame on you !

  25. There are many things we do not understand but our ancestors seemingly did.

    It wouldn't surprise me at all if such powers are real.

  26. Yes you are correct young man
    The lost city of Atlantis has many stories of the masters they could read your mind and many other magical

    The first thing you need is an imagination which is the definition of magic

    Imagination has the ability to see into the future and predict on coming events see all and know all:-)

    We use 1/10 of our brain for the most educated people if we used 100% of our brain there would be no stopping human beings with all science social logical psychological and even Ability to read your mind no words needed. 🙂


  28. I think u r right! The scientists working on the Bosnian pyramids used equipment to find this out! If u r able to find their names i bet they would consider using them in yr temples! Best of luck and thnk u for yr thought provoking clips ! 👍👍👍

  29. Merci pravan pour ton travail, nos ancêtres ont atteint le summum de la technologie et ont fini par se détruire, hélas l'humanité prend le même chemin ,un éternel recommencement, salutations à tous

  30. The temple tower was built recently… he is deliberately misrepresenting it as an old tower…. this guy sells pure unadulterated bull manure…. he is a first order fraudster… i m from India.. and i wonder how even Indians fall prey to his tricks…. silly bois.

  31. This guy. I think he takes first prize for wild speculation and down right bullshitting. C'mon. Either you think people are really stupid. Or you are really stupid. 1750 year old denim shirts. Sir, you are a silly one.

  32. Sir your video s super but please translet audio in all indian langvages in india who lived in city they no english if you translet all indian languages more people u can educat please

  33. It’s interesting that you touched on sounds…. my brother was out doing ceremony business in outback Australia with some old Aboriginal men and they use sounds like humming to connect with the Earth 🌏. They make these sounds all through the night. 30-50 men. It’s believed they are communicating with sky gods through these sounds

  34. I am great fan of your videos but these statues aren’t old. They must have got added during some restoration process. Again, your video showing bicycle needs some fact check. They too must have got added later. Please well research your subjects and check the facts before bringing them to the world. It really hurts when your fans get to see something incorrect on your posts, especially when they admire you so much. Thanks.

  35. The question is, what happened that all of it was gone? Technology, etc. No offence, but modern India does not strike as a very developed country, technologically or emotionally. They have lots of ancient knowledge, for sure, but were they the same Indians? The same civilization? Same society? I think claiming all of it as inherent to your culture might be premature. I think all of it remained, like in all other counties, from some other people and way of living.

  36. I don't know about your psychic powers bulshit but it sure is tacky looking looks more like something at a carnival or circus and the roof looks like the heads of cobras and a flower.

  37. Big fan of yrs.. But this video lacks authenticity or research… The newly added statues don't give a feel of craving done by ancient craftsmen..the pattern n crafting are different along with facial expressions . U yrself said that the only one visiting the temple.. Someone earlier might hv taken advantage of this lonesome in this temple n might hv crafted these to the temples.. Only one thing that I agree to.. Yes all chakras hv music too to it….

  38. Honestly if u stupid idiots don't have anything nice to say. Shut ur ass up. Whatever this guy is doing is great. He traveled so many places teaching us things of which we can goggle for ourselves. God bless u sir

  39. the history as we know it is bogus…the only true history you can count on is your own history and even that can be tricky

  40. Very wonderful !!!!""
    thanks a lot
    bro first I hear bout ds temple
    even not in history channel

    stay blessed

  41. How does this shite get so popular? If you're over 18 you're too old for this. This is kids fantasy tales. Learn critical analysis.

  42. While I have enjoyed many of your videos and intrigued by all the temples you have shown, I don’t agree with you on this one.
    The modern day looking statues probably have been added during the British times. The British were around for almost 200 years and I doubt there are villagers who know exactly what the temple looked like 270 years ago.

  43. Praveen, Do you see any evidence that these ancient builders were meat eaters, or vegetarians?please reply, thanks

  44. Man your theory is wrong their is no that gopuram on it it was built by cement you can watch the right statute leg was broken how you make us fool

  45. Final word on the assumption that the modern shirt was done by a rouge artist during a rehab session: IT IS ON FOUR SIDES, REPEATED EIGHT TIMES! IT IS ORIGINAL! -but as one comment relates, buttons were invented in India over 2 millennia ago (Wikipedia), so maybe that style of shirt was much older in origin than modern times.

  46. The statues of men (in shirt) and women (mother and the one in swimwear) appear to be later additions. May be they were added about 150 – 175 years ago. Their size is larger compared to the other statues surrounding them.

  47. I think they were time travelers they go back 1750 years ago by accident, they were like God to others people because they got modern day gadgets and stuffs so people in that time thought these people are God because of modern day shirt, pocket watch, swimsuit, smartphone they thought these people got supernatural powers, that's why the builder carved their sculpture on the towers

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