Android Enterprise: Management Overview

SPEAKER: Whether you’re
an employee, an IT admin, or a company owner, Android
provides the most flexibility, security, and ease in managing
your company’s devices. If your company
has a BYOD policy, Android lets you set up
a work profile that’s completely independent
of outside apps so employees get to use
their favorite apps, while your company apps and
data stay safe and secure. And if a phone gets lost
or an employee leaves, it’s easy to lock down
or wipe company apps without interfering with
their personal ones. What’s personal stays
personal, what’s work-related stays work-related,
and you have a lot less to worry about when
it comes to liability. If you use
company-owned devices, Android lets you manage
every aspect, from data usage to Wi-Fi and tons more. And in Android Oreo, IT can
separate work and personal data using a work profile, even
on a corporate-owned device. If you need single-purpose
devices, say for a kiosk, you can perfectly tailor
any kind of Android to suit your needs, from
preventing sleep mode to locking an app on screen,
with no other buttons to get in your user’s way. You’ll have the
flexibility to choose from the world of
Android devices combined with the ease
of controlling them all with a single
management solution or EMM. Whatever your setup,
whatever your needs, you control the apps
employees choose from through a managed version
of the Google Play Store. And you can even silently
push a curated set of apps to any device to
make setup a breeze. Android– the widest
range of business devices to suit your needs and budget,
and one comprehensive way to manage it all.

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  1. I’ve had so many android phones ilove android but this year i switched to iOS and its was Okay but But I might switch back to android

  2. ahahah. The Chinese are stealing your data through the backdoor they put in these phone chips.
    Wake up people. Google is bending over to get into china, they're letting the Chinese basically do what ever they want.

  3. Hmm … Using each phone system There may be a problem using the correct user account. Is that we give priority to safety, higher efficiency.


  5. Es increíble que aún con 20 GB de almacenamiento. Su maldita tienda móvil siga diciendo liberar espacio ésto no sirve

  6. I bought a Xiaomi Mi A1 beginning of last year. I was very happy. It was the loudest phone I've ever had. Now after your stupid update to 9.0 people barely hear me on the other side of the calls, the non-removable and non-movable google strip is making me wanna smash my phone, along with the weather "widget" that is also non-movable and non-removable. The Settings menu is awful and I have to search like an idiot, because you moved around some things. I hard reset 4 times the phone, hoping it will downgrade to Android 8, but, surprise – you removed the rollback!!! Bottom line, from being happy with my Mi A1, now I constantly want to smash it. Way to go! Thank God for Nova Launcher, otherwise the phone would have been to pieces…but still – PEOPLE CAN NOT HEAR ME ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CALL!!! PUT BACK THE ROLLBACK!!!

    Advice to users: DO NOT UPDATE TO ANDROID PIE 9.0!!!!

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