Android: how to stream audio from PC to smartphone with Soundwire

Hello, today I show you how to stream the
audio from our PC to your Android smartphone, here fore we gonna first download the server
application for our PC. We open our browser and go to, link in the description.
Then we click here to download it and I already extracted it to my desktop. Then we open the
setup, we can agree everything and then the application launches. This error we can ignore
and then we see status at the moment disconnected and our IP adress, which we may need. Here
you can adjust the master volume, how it should be minimized and the input device. Down here
you could also record the audio to a file, but we wanna stream, so we switch to our android
device and download the app Soundwire. I put you the links for the free version and the
pro version in the description. I’ll explain the differences between the 2 versions later.
We open the app and then we have settings up here. Here you could type in a name, but
I didn’t do it and you don’t need it. Here you can djust the audio buffer size, it is
already explained here: a lower buffer size means less latency, so this is good for example
for movies, because the video and audio should be synced, but if you only listen to music
a higher buffer size is better, because then the connection is more stable. So if you click
on play on the PC it may cause 1 or 2 seconds latency, but then you have a smooth play.
Also here we have audio compression and here we can choose the compression rate. A higher
compression of course is a better connection, but less quality and the audio compression
is only available for a 10 minute trail in the free version. Then we here have a few
connection settings, connect on start, auto reconnect and notifications. Here we have
wakelock, it is recommended, but for me it works very well without the wakelock, because
if I watch e.g. a movie of 2 hours I don’t want my screen to be active the whole time
and down here we have the pro mode. This is also only available in the pro version and
not the free version. When we activate it, it goes back to this screen and here we can
look at the latency and in the settings we also have latency stearing amount. But you
don’t really need this, so I close it again. Another difference from the free version to
the pro version, in the free version every 45 minutes there is a voice ad and in general
there are displayed ads in the app, but you don’t really need the pro app. I buyed it,
but it also works very well in the free version. It already connected to my PC, but I’ll close
the connection again and now if we here on server type in nothing it means auto locate
and then we have to hold the button here and it automatically searches for our server and
then we see here on the PC application: status connected. If the auto connection doesn’t
work, you have to look at the server address here and then type it in here on your smartphone.
From now on all the sound from my PC is streamed to my android device. So that’s it, I would
appreciate your likes and comments and check out my channel and subscribe to me to miss
no future videos. I put three videos in the endcard, in which you might also be interested.
See you next time.

14 Replies to “Android: how to stream audio from PC to smartphone with Soundwire

  1. Is there any application to do the opposite? Not like wifi music player or something, i need the entire audio to be streamed to pc, youtube, mx player and all other audio.

  2. i can't depend on internet because it's very slow i need something that works through my smartphone cable, is there any app that do the same through a wire?

  3. With all my Android Wi-Fi-apps…Soundwire is the only one not working.


    * Connection-Error
    + upon connecting can't, `…unable to connect…`
    – even adding address manually can't connect as well


    # NOTE

    * using `sw_SoundWire_2.1.2` and is running while I connect, but still.. can't connect
    * i'm able to connect to my home net work with other apps like `Wifi Transfer Files – Pro`

  4. you can use sound wire through just usb tethering also, just enable usb tethering on the phone and then connect through the tethered ip address

  5. can you tell me which version of the appa are you using and the android version and phone model? I can make it work, it willl junt not connect to the server!

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