APS Mobile Clock Zones™ – Mobile Clock In System

Most businesses have to face challenges
related to managing labor expense and those with mobile employees have it even
harder. Just the thought of trying to manage clock ins and clock outs, overtime, and where your employees are is enough to drive a person crazy! And
trying to do it using paper spreadsheets or outdated time and attendance systems?
Forget it! But life just got a lot simpler thanks to ClockZones™, an
integrated feature of the APS mobile platform. With ClockZones™, you have the
flexibility of mobile time and labor management with the security of the APS
cloud platform. Utilizing Google Maps, ClockZones™ allows you to easily
establish a radius for where you want your employees to clock in. They can then
clock in and out from any mobile device that uses GPS tracking. From the Punch
Activity Dashboard, you gain an instant view of all of your employees’ mobile
punches, when they’ve clocked in, how often they’ve clocked in, and even if clock and
punches were successful or not. The days of late information or no information
prior to payroll are gone. Contact us to find out how ClockZones™ can help you
better manage your mobile and remote employees.

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