Australia’s FIRST On Demand Mobile Car Detailer – Refresh – Perth, WA

Meet Jess, Jess loves her car, especially when it’s clean. Jess is also a mum who works a busy day job so she’s short on time… Leaving her home or office only to wait at the carwash isn’t convenient. And mobile car detailers charge a premium to come to her…So what does she do!? Jess chooses Refresh! Refresh saves her time, costs her less, AND! Her car comes out cleaner! Jess simply downloads the app, selects her location, and a Certified Refresh detailer will come to her… It couldn’t be easier! Jess loves Refresh because there are no hidden charges, they only use premium car care products, and she leaves with a smile every time! She only wishes she had found Refresh sooner! Don’t wait, download the app & discover Refresh today!

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