Best Budget Smartphone ?

Hey There guys ED here. looking to get a new
phone without breaking the bank? try the energy x plus by blu
its around $120 and comes in 3 colors Gold, Silver and , grey
it comes unlocked which means it can be used with any carrier
it has a 5.5 inch 720x 1280 IPS display a 1.3ghz quad-core Processor
1 gb of ram 8gb of internal storage
a 4000mah battery and ships with android 5.1 lollipop in the box you get a silicone case
a pair of decent earbuds a usb wall charger
a plastic screen protector and a 3 foot long micro usb cable the phone is comparable in size to the iPhone
6s plus but with slightly smaller forehead and chin
and no physical home button The charging port and headphone jack are along
the top of the phone Most likely to keep you from bending the cable while charging along the right side of the phone is the sim
card tray volume rocker and power button there is a 8 MP rear facing camera with led
flash that produces decent but soft images and over processed images in my opinion the
same goes for the 5 mp sensor on the front surprisingly blu decided to put a dedicated
led flash on the front of the phone even thought most new phones use the screen for the best
selfie exposure, it also has different shooting modes so you can take the best picture in any
condition on to the micro sd card slot where you can
use up to a 64 gb card at 8 mm thin and 154g this phone is lightweight
and easy to hold in the hand due to the flat sides and plastic build the phones 720 by 1280 screen with 267 ppi
is bright and beautiful and all the colors pop without being too saturated this phone along with a lot of other blu
phones can use two sim cards so you can have two phone numbers in one phone if your some
type of international super spy on to performance the phone drops a few frames
here and there but overall the animations are clean and the apps don’t crash often just
don’t think you will be able to play some of the latest games on this device due to
the low specs i ran a geek bench test and the phone scores a 362 in single core and
898 in multicore which isn’t awesome but this phone gets the job done especially for light
everyday users Last but not least the speaker, blue put a
decently large and well built rear facing speaker that sounds good enough to listen
to your favorite tunes. in the end i would recommend this phone to
the everyday user who occasionally watches youtube or goes online and isn’t looking for
the fastest phone on the planet but for $120 this phone is a steal and you get your money
worth and more. thats all thank you for watching bye

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  1. hey just some constructive criticism, maybe use a song without lyrics, it kind of detracts from what your saying. just letting you know 🙂

  2. Great review! i don't know with if i buy this cell phone… the selfie camera has a great quality?

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