Best Smartphone Lens Kit — AiKEGlobal Lens Review

Hey guys what’s up. JD from JD tech TV
here and I know what you’re thinking. “Oh my god is he doing another review on
phone lenses? This is the woooooooorst.” This is my third one and I promise I probably won’t do any more for a while. “I can’t lie!” Yeah that’s probably not true. I have
not one, but two products from a company called AiKEGlobal and I want to give a
special thank you to AiKE for sending me out these lenses for me to review. And
if at any point you want to check out these products for yourself or any of
the other products that AiKEGlobal I’ll go ahead and place the links
in the description down below. Now like I said I have reviewed lenses for
smartphones on this channel before but they’ve either been very small or very
big. And each one of them has their advantages and disadvantages.
The smaller lenses are the most portable but their viewing angles are smaller and
have the potential that have distortion or blurring at the edges of the image;
especially if you’re using an iPhone 7 Plus. The larger lenses don’t have this
problem but they are much heavier and bulkier and feel less natural to use in
social situations. These lenses from AiKEGlobal fit perfectly into that sweet
spot in the middle between the two. First is the AK019 120-degree wide angle
two-in-one lens. It has the portability and lightweight of the smaller lenses
and the wide-angle degrees so there’s no worries of distortion of the larger
lenses. It’s the perfect combination. It comes with a clip that is long enough to
wrap around and reach any camera on and phone. It has an absolutely beautiful
design to go along with its durability as the entire lens is encased in metal,
which you’d never guess considering how light it is. The lens also has a 15x
magnification macro lens built right into the design for when you want to get
those super close-up shots. The second product AiKEGlobal sent me was their
AK031 2-in-1 lens kit. Tow there’s a lot that comes in this kit. You get an
even crazy wider 165-degree wide angle lens, three times
magnification telephoto lens for the times you want a closer shot without
sacrificing image quality, a lens hood to go over the telephoto lens to help
reduce glare and flares when outdoors, and an all-aluminum bracket which can
fit right over your phone or attach to a tripod mount. Keep in mind that this
bracket is only for the iPhone 7 but AiKE let me know that they plan on
releasing brackets for different phones in the near future. All of these lenses
are housed in metal as well giving you a professional feel and durability. And
what’s great about all of AiKE’s products is that all of their lenses and
brackets are completely interchangeable. You never have to worry about bringing a
specific bracket for a specific lens. You just bring the bracket that you like the
most and all the lenses that you buy separately will attach to it no problem.
Let me go ahead and show you a few video comparison shots that I took while at
Universal Studios Orlando so you can see the difference that they make for
yourself. Overall AiKEGlobal offers fantastic
lenses that can fit any situation or style. While the smaller lenses and the
larger lenses that I have reviewed in the past have their purpose, and I do
still use them, I do find myself reaching for AiKEGlobal’s lenses far more
frequently as of late because it provides the perfect blend of
portability and performance that I’m looking for. Well that’s it guys thank
you so much for watching another review on JDTechTV and if you liked the video
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19 Replies to “Best Smartphone Lens Kit — AiKEGlobal Lens Review

  1. I like it brotha! I need a good wide angle lense. I have one that has the distortion issue and the black edges which makes it not worth using. Thanks for the review!

  2. Can't stop laughing for the intro, hahaha. This lens looks super awesome and I envy your location so near with the Universal Studio where you can go anytime 😋👍🏻

  3. Wides are still my favorite. I'm testing the G6 right now and the fact it comes with a wide angle camera makes me mad I have to carry these for mother phones.

  4. Haha, these lenses seem very legit my man! Can do a lot with these for sure!… By the way, I like those transitions between the different lens shots, niiiicceee.

  5. Question: they said that the clip one for this lens is also compatible for samsung s8, so is it ok to use the ako31 lens to the clip one and be able to use it for samsung s8?

  6. WWWWWWHHHHHHYYYY only 21k? this guy should have like 7M or something! great man! great style! Enjoyed it to the fullest!

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