Best Wi-Fi Modem Reviews 2017 – How to Choose the Best Wi-Fi Modem

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calm for the best product reviews online top products presents our pick for the
top 5 Wi-Fi modems for this review we chose five brands known for quality
Wi-Fi modems showcasing a variety of options that are available at the number
five spot is the action tech Verizon DSL Wireless and modem and router chosen not
only for its features but also because of its budget-friendly price tag action
tech is your go-to brand when it comes to matters of high-speed Internet home
networking and wireless display and its devices enjoy the trust of the greatest
cable providers in the States if you’re on the hunt for versatility then the
action tech Verizon DSL Wireless and modem and router is just the thing for
you it works great with Verizon DSL as all
the firmware is pre-configured for it it also has a sleek design and relatively
easy setup even if you’re not a techie but on the downside it has no USB data
port and isn’t for heavy users of multiple high-end devices next on our
list at number four is the Xoom telephonic cable modem and router with
almost 40 years of experience under its collective belt zoom telephonic is one
of those brands who found the perfect formula years ago better yet it never
stopped innovating its cable modem router is just your basic modem router
combo with some great stream speeds and decent Wi-Fi coverage thanks to eight
downstream channels and three dual band antennas it’s great for fast and stable
connections and is easy to install for less technical
users there’s also great tech support and it’s cable labs certified but keep
in mind that there’s no USB port and advanced users might find the lack of
setup options annoying the next product on our list was chosen because it is a
great choice for people who are looking for a Wi-Fi modem with lots of bells and
whistles at number three we have the Netgear Nighthawk Wi-Fi cable modem and
router Netgear is a great choice for those looking for gateways modems
routers and switches as well as combos thereof you can count on Netgear to be
at the forefront of technology it’s Nighthawk Wi-Fi cable modem is a
powerhouse with impressive upload and download speeds in no small degree
thanks to 24 by 8 bonding channels and beamforming plus tax
this machine is monstrously fast featuring dual band Wi-Fi and a USB port
best of all it sets up easily in 15 minutes overall we love with this modem
offers but do keep in mind that the web interface is on the slow side when
choosing the right Wi-Fi modem for your needs top products knows that budget can
be an important consideration and our number two pick the era’s surfboard
cable modem takes the spot for best value eres specializes in providing
customers with unparalleled internet access hardware including cable modems
Wi-Fi cable modems and routers which we think is a mark of dedication its
surfboard cable modem router is definitely a great bang for your buck
especially if you’re looking to get the optimum balance between quality and
price it’s extremely easy and straightforward to install and offers
the benefit of being a modem router combo
but aside from its overall great features this device is somewhat slow on
restart and finally the tp-link wireless Wi-Fi cable modem made it to our top
choice position because it provides a good array of features with an
affordable price tp-link is currently the number one provider of WLAN and
broadband CPE devices which speaks volumes it even managed to find balance
between quality and price it’s wireless Wi-Fi cable modem router may not be on
the cutting edge of technology but it’s more than capable of handling your
traffic while offering class surpassing performance it offers effortless setup
great speed and many Ethernet ports along with two USB ports better yet it
runs cool but unfortunately this device has a somewhat slow restart time and its
customer support could use an overhaul these are our top five Wi-Fi modems we
hope you enjoyed watching our review until next time take care
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