Black Desert Mobile Valkyrie Class Overview and Guide

Valkyrie is your paladin class
equivalent in the world of black desert A class composed of female warriors loyal
to the cause of Elion which is the god of light and fire, which is why a long ago
the Valkyrie Academy in Calpheon requires its members to all have red hair which
is a symbol of fire itself It specializes in heavy armor and close
quarter combat using sword and shield and a huge lance in awakening. Valkyrie
is a great class in 1vs1 PvP. Having a good gap closers and a realible grab
CC. It also has one of the best if not the best frontal guard in the game. The
good crowd control paired with great defense makes it a nightmare for other
classes even if the damage is not first class. The damage problem will later be
solved in awakening form but that does comes with its own disadvantages. In PvE
the class is low to mid tier at the moment, the AOE are not that big and
the main damaging skills will often be in cooldown. Its saving grace is its high
defense and having the best single cast heal in the game which makes it very
ideal for long afk grinding session with little potions needed. Sadly the heal
skills for some reason has been removed in the global version at the moment
severely limiting the Valkyrie’s capability in PvE comparing to other
classes. Once the heal skills is implemented then this will surely change,
but at the moment this is what it is. For a group activity such as boss fights
and group PvP then Valkyrie once again shines. It is tanky with utility skills
which adds defense to yourself and to other members of the party, while lowering
the defense of your enemies makes it very valuable in group gameplay. Build diversity is not really a strong point of Black Desert. The endgame comes in
stocking boss gears while deciding to get more attack points or defense points to
accessories but to start killing want to reach the limits of great damage crit
chance and attack speed in organ move speed is not really a priority for
Valkyrie as the – just mix up for it to start however not everyone can get those
boss gears so yellow gears are great temporary while praying to orangey to
get those hundreds of millions orange and red gears here the list of yellow
gears currently available in the market for weapon the best would be delivered
alongside with high attack and additional treat Chinese sub weapon
would either be old pushes or old finish whichever comes to your fancy for armors
grinnell set would be the best bet like in PC video with high defense and great
additional stats but it is also the most expensive in a market so let’s take a
look on other alternatives for helmet Guney is no doubt the best but you can
go with all colors as an alternative for armor then I would recommend Daubert
which is the cheapest on the market while giving the highest defense while
the – studs are not that important for gloves
Pokhara is a good choice especially if your attack speed solar they max out
through other means while Ricardo bot is good for huge if again attack speed is
already max out for accessories equip whichever has the highest sheet stop
otherwise work your way in order to increase your hit damage crit chance and
attack speed while for the gems be higher the rarity the battered but
again workaround to increase the set bonus stats in the same order of
priority again this is just your starting gear while you work your way up
to get the mosque ears for antique it’s a long way to go but this gear set is a
good story there are two main dimensional skill of Valkyrie up
reawakening first is the sword of judgment and the second one nation
other skills such as religion smite and divine wrath also leaves with damage
however the starting and ending animation gives a lot of openings making
these skills situational now in order to utilize these main damage dealing skills
efficiently skill combos now come and play aside from making the compass
skills train faster resulting to better DPS it also gives additional buff which
flows nicely to the next skill for example the flurry of kicks aside from
inflicting bound status to your enemy also gives additional attack which will
carry over to your main damage dealing skill children one of the best combo of
Valkyrie however is the shield chase + words of judgment this is due to the
particular mechanic of slj in which a third strike gives double the damage
using shield chase first followed by assault a good result that a lot are
still skipping the first to strike and directly using the third strike this is
very useful as slj by itself is a slow skill pairing it with shield chase will
give a huge boost on your DPS other skill slots can be mix-and-match
according to your fancy some skill worth noting however especially in PvP
a sure grab skill punishment and add a shield region charge which are great CC
skills so that’s it for now guys will you be
playing Valkyrie in black desert or will you be playing on your classes then stay
tuned in the next video as we discuss the other classes in vdm see you guys.

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  1. Wow…much detailed now i can focus how to gear her…
    I like her tankyness and auto front block😘
    That angelic costume ill wait for it😍

    Moar powa!!

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