Call of Duty Mobile Garena Ep. 01 | Bila Bapa Budak Main COD. Noob gila. LAWAK

How does my friends got a head shot all the time? Ok got one My friends always got a head shot kill Me? Hard to get one Barely aim right Now look, I’m laying on ground. How to get up?? Hello hello! Assalammualaikum Good day, morning, eve, and night Wherever you are, now you are watching COD (call of duty mobile) gaming android This is the first time i’m playing this game countdown How to shoot!? shoot shoot aim aim woo! 1st kill, 2nd kill That’s it! come on! Shoot! just right in front! miss him! Low ammo shoot shoot shoot ouch! Quack! Died for 1st time How many times I’ll die after this So it’s you who shot me! I’ll find you! So this what happen for 1st time playing this game Usually play counter strike back in the days Then now playing COD Hard to control using gameapd O.. S**t s**t there he is! I’m shooting grass! Hiii!! How come he can’t see me Just shooting from behind Oops sorry sorry Thought it someone there Shoot shoot shoot~ Cover me reloading! hear that?? Head shot~ Thats my 1st head shot Feels good So this is where they spawned How to pick up the weapon. I’ve step on it. But nothing Camping~ Hide hide hide Too good to be true Am I fighting players or BOT? Seems they can’t see me. Right in front of him, did no’t see me. Sh**! Stop.. Youtube Friendly Channel Shooting leg huh alright alright. I’ve got this, i’ve got this Seems cocky, but not bad They striking the line Come on guys Who’s that Can’t read chinese Camping time~ time to strike back shoot shoot shoot Did i win? But i think in the first play They giving us I think they put up a BOTS/NPC’s So that we can easily win, for hooking up players See I told you. Just maybe. For 1st time, they gonna give us chances to be MVP So we’re hooked up to play more Ok ok 1 st round 2nd round? 3rd round? I’ll be dead meat. Hey this is my first time Level up Got frag grenade Bla bla bla See? a tutorial Of course they letting me win Just wait when I’m playing with real players Of course they gonna shot me in the head Bla bla bla Ok we are skipping this we’re skipping to the next round ok next round My friend Already achieve level 30 And she’s a girl Now where should I run Who knows there might be a snipers Following Maybe the guy at front knows this place Put them out! Ouch, low ammo, forget to reload Keep going Keep going Don’t fall back, do NOT fall back ouch.. Shooting wall Reload 1st, go out, hide Ouch, forget to reload Run!! Where’s my friends?? Help! *Crying* Shoot… Low ammo?? Dang! This is it! What’s this? What am i holding?? What did i do? The hell with it. I’m hiding. Using knife?? How am I going to kill with it while others using guns?? Can I jump? God.. Ah.. just look at the view Now lets try stab someone Oii.. give me gun! *crying* That’s a target. stabbb!!! Stupid Am i forgetting to set secondary weapon? Lets try again Shooting from distance Scaredy cat How does my friends got a head shot all the time? Ok got one Head shot head shot~ How to head shot. Like that? My friends always got a head shot kill Me hard to get one Barely aim right Now look, I’m laying on ground. How to get up?? So thats how it is. If you crawl or lay on ground. Enemy can’t aim at us right ok ok not again ahhh…. again, KNIFE God.. Oo.. bom So how to toss it? Did I hit? Not explode? God.. how to survive.. RUN!!! When it’s gonna end? I ran like a cockroach 30 – 22 Not finish? Target – 50? I see.. Target is 50 ok ok +20 What does it mean? Experience? Reload reload Oh god my friend. Poor you! Sorry can’t help you! Ruuuunnn! Shoot shoot shoo.. oooo There’s 3 of em Shoot shoot shoot god finally Yes ladies and gentleman Thats not a pure talent, thats pure luck We call it “puluk-puluk” Trow grenade Did it hit? I’m sure not good at this game If a puzzle game, I’m really good at it But for shooting game, I’m really bad at it I remember back in the days, I’m suck playing counter strike Until one day my friends expel me from a group cuz of that Its ok, redemption, redemption Stabbbb!! Ops, wrong direction. Stabbbb!! Weapon, where are you.. How to set it up Ladies & gentleman help me out Comment down below how to set it up Poor me Just a baby learn how to shoot God.. hard to aim reload reload Shoot shoot Where’s my friend. oh god they right in front Sorry can’t help.. Too many of em there Helpppp!!!! Victory!! AT last we win Who kills? v-i-l-l-a-n-u-e-v-a 1961 1961? older than me He got more skills than me If I got MVP Its a miracle Number 2? Not baaad Ok guys! That’s it for now See you on the next episode. THANKS!

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