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Phone rings I know, I know, crash. why don’t you try and lift it up? What happened? It moves?!? No, its not moving! try Oh Come on crash, I was just playing with you! Actually, I’ve hid a lot of things in this telephone body which I was able to control with my phone You want to see? Inside this, there is already a cellphone… which I’ve connected to a sensor… this sensor converts sound energy into electrical energy… using this microprocessor… which in turn is connected to two motors which are connected to the wheels I had set this phone on “auto answer” which means after two rings, it accepts the phone call every keypad key has a different tone which this sensor picks up and this converts each keytone into a different movement for this little robot I have already preprogrammed some of the key functions in this microprocessor unit like when I press “2” on my phone the robot moves ahead and when i press “3” or “5” the robot moves left or right Let me demonstrate Now i will press “2” to make it go straight now”3″ to make it turn “5” to make it turn again to control this robot i don’t need to be close to it I , can control it with the cellphone network I could be anywhere around the world and I could still control this So this was a cool gadget from the FAQ Lab A cellphone controlled robot

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  1. HI! Even though I like FAQ a lot . but there's a problem. It nowadays only comes in early morning [ around 1 am to 5 am ] which makes it unwatchable. Can the timings be shifted to afternoon. I know that the show has become a bit old but it's still knowledgable and creative and very nice for children of this decade . I hope it could be given a tv spot in afternoon or evening [ not early morning] by Pogo again. WISHING YOU'LL REPLY.

  2. Sir,Assalamu Alaikum.I am one of your biggest fans.You & your team made my childhood.But where are these shows now?Pogo?Old CN?Miss everything really.And Sir,take my regards.Assalamu Alaikum.

  3. hi prateek i remeber i used to watch u when i was a kid.I am still a kid but thanks for making my momories great

  4. Hello sir

    kya aap muje is sensor ka price ya circuit diagrams with values of parts de skte h ??
    pls sir g
    aapki bdi meherbani hogi …

  5. tumhara robot bolta kyu nahi hai agar tum itni inventions karatai ho to karo ye 1 saal se purani video hi dall rahai ho

  6. Hii pratik bhai I am great fan of you..i used to see your videos when I was in class 2 I liked your videos too much but why u stopped your videos in pogo..now I am in class 10..and I need you help in science project can u please help me Bro. .

  7. sorry but i am a fan of you but ab to tv par tumhari repeated videoes hi atti hai par ab youtube par aapki videos dekh li

  8. I still remember that I used to try to make almost everything you put out in old days with my friend's..I forgot his name but I remember crash such a dumb robot. 😂.
    Ah good times!

  9. Link to component list, code and circuit diagram: http://happybuilding.tv/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/sound-sensing-robot.zip

  10. I loved this show so so much along with so many other kids like me. Truely thank you for showing us kids the joy of making things 🙂

  11. Aap ke leyi to sayad m serf ek suscribar hun
    Bt mere leyi aap kya h ye m he janta hun bs
    Aabhi m 20yr ka hun10year ka tha tab se aapka pankha hun bhai…..
    4 saaj se he bs m phone use kr rha hun varna
    Aapko tv pr dekha krta tha on morning 1am
    I love you

  12. Bhai ' Jaisa ki aapne calling ke thrue eshe chlaya h
    Pr aap ne sercut daygram me phone ka use karna btaya nhi…..?

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