Charging your cellphone by yelling at it

New technology: Shouting at your cell phone to charge it! Hello! What? No I’m on a train! I’m on a train! Do you despise people who talk loudly on the phone in public? Now they may tell you that they’re doing it for an environmental cause. Researchers in Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea have developed a cell phone that is charged by energy in sound. The cell phone utilizes a thin zinc oxide wire fitted in the cell phone to absorb sound waves and turn them into electricity, so the phone is powered in an environmentally-friendly way. The louder the sound, the better it works. Hello? I’m charging! My body is charging! My cell phone is charging too! Life is so good! Apple Daily New�

22 Replies to “Charging your cellphone by yelling at it

  1. Oh no my battery is low!! better call mom she's gonna get me yelling and it will be charged at not time 😀

  2. Then I need to leave my cellphone at my neighbor's house because there's a lot of yelling going on at that house too every night.

  3. Might I suggest putting one of the sets of subtitles at the top of the screen? Laying one set on top of the other is very difficult to read

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