,6th floor room numbe.18, now i came out now i have to go outside 18 number room locker locked there one of my colleague are you told that someone will come after 15 min. No one came NO, i will check, someone already went ok sure so another day started and Came on the streets of paris The day started a little late because Last night I slept late and because of raining peace and love hostel behind me i have to go to eiffel tower but something issue in metro..because of Manifesto Metro is closed 9 to sorry its running till 9am and in evening 4pm to 9pm if you want go for boat ride, you can take from here bisso ji when you came here.

i came yesterday,fell alone i was walking, he meet me and said he is also going to eiffel tower, me also going there we decided to go together now i have to buy a sim card..nice to meet you i was looking for sim card he already bought sim card of going to buy simcard now i going inside the shop 9.90 euro….yes its cost 10 euro will get credit of 7.50 euro what i will get internet ..
if you want internet you have to buy an internet pack will take internet from i buy separately yes you can take together one minut come here,
should i come…now tell me in 7.49 euro … i want internet only, no calling it will work in Belgium and Netherlands as well… yes it will work across EUROPE is lyca best in this area? yes because if you will go for different company you need papers we will add some credits in it, 5 euro then you will get 4gb data 4gb data i will get in how much? in 15 EURO….
if i want more data then? more then 4gb we need to add…then how much if add 10euro more , you will get 12 gb data total how much i have to pay 20 euro how much you paid for this .. 17 euro form where you purchased … nearby..
please check you are shopkeeper he purchased in 17euro if possible in 17euro did you purchased sim card separately no he paid just 17 euro oh free sim mean he purchased first 0 credit simcard. both are different …….ok its comes in 0 credit he bought simcard in 2 euro you taken simcard in 2 euro its mean it was free simcard, means 0 credit 0 credits, but in your sim already credit yes added balance but in your sim card already balance you will get balance later as well in this simcard 10 euro already yes …yes..understood ..its value much its different simcard , but same company..only these difference total 12 euro in 20 euro ..mean 12gb’s sim card in 20 euro ….yes with simcard then you have to add…
and 4gb ? 4gb data in 15 euro its better take 20 euro simcard..because 4gb data exhaust earlier yes it will exhaust ..but 12 gb you can visit across europe eaisly in 12gb then give me 12gb because he was in loss he didn’t get 10 euro he saved 3 euro but with 0 credits do you understand logic i need it you are paying 3 euro getting credit you can call to someone understand ..well i don’t need calling balance i told you…
still..still if in case of emergency here different systems as my phone i was paying 53 euro 53 euro per month yesterday called ..i will close this sim card is it postpaid ? yes ..i called to company i will close the sim its too costly expansive then they give same pack in 12 euro system like this here oh signal comes it was activated ? no we active this card we have to activate..because its free sim card fine free sim cards company provides free ok..but they takes 2 euro thank you….thank you…


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