Christmas Songs with T-Mobile's CEO John Legere | T-Mobile

Happy holidays, everyone. I've got a little
Un-carrier surprise just to get you all in the holiday spirit. Here we go. All right, just like we rehearsed. [TAPPING] [SLEIGH BELLS RINGING] [MUSIC – "JINGLE BELLS" MELODY] (SINGING) Sprint like hell. Sprint like hell. They copy all the way. Their rates could not get low
enough for anyone to say– hey! Jingle bells, Verizon
smells, Go90 laid an egg. Oh, what fun it is to
run to Un-carrier today– hey! [MUSIC – "SANTA CLAUSE IS COMING TO
TOWN" MELODY] Oh, you'd better not gouge. You'd better not scam. Death Star and Big Red,
we're hip to your sham. Un-carrier is coming to town. Oh, you'd better watch out. You'd better change fast. Consumers won't let your duopoly last. Un-carrier is coming to town. [MUSIC – "LITTLE DRUMMER BOY" MELODY] Dumb, dumb, dumb. The greedy carriers are
dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. They treat their customers
like scum, scum, scum, scum. They charge you overages. They screw you a ton. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. Don't stay under their thumb. [MUSIC – "DECK THE HALLS" MELODY] Deck the halls with Un-carrier spirit. Fa la la la la la la la! The carriers cannot get near it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Stomp we now our competition. Fa la la la la la la la la! To our customers we listen. On and on and on and on and on! Fa la la la la!

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  1. WTF they think T-Mobile is like the best carrier in the whole entire world well your not stop bragging no one that's in another carrier would switch

  2. This was great, finally found a good carrier! I'll be making the switch soon, especially after the network ratings recently recived and this vid.

  3. I have excellent 4G LTE T-Mobile coverage in my area. The only complaint I have is w/all the money paid monthly, why can't I have control over my Utube picture clarity. I have a Galaxy Note 5 and I'm sorry but 480p isn't doing any justice for my quad HD display. Please fix T-Mobile!

  4. No worries @pingpong. Stay where you are. This carrier is so unreliable and just a few years back tried to merge with everyone it could to avoid bankruptcy. Funny how Terrible mobile continues to take stabs at every other carrier it tried to join. LOL. Only ones really replying to this are the tmobile workers themselves. Deutsche Telekom owns all of you. LOL

    Google Article:

    While T-Mobile and its UnCarrier strategy are great for customers like you and me, apparently it’s not the best for business.

    Tim Hoetthes, CEO of T-Mobile US’ parent company Deutsche Telekom, said in an interview with Recode the company’s current path is unsustainable and something needs to change.

    Currently $4 billion to $5 billion per year is being needed to keep T-Mobile afloat, due to the companies great, no-contract plans for customers. It’s exactly what the wireless industry needs, however it’s lead to five of the last six quarters the company has lost money.

    “The question is always the economics in the long term … and earning appropriate money,” Hoettges said. “You have to earn your money back at one point in time.”

    That’s why, Hoettges said, T-Mobile and Sprint would have been the perfect combination to be the ‘super-maverick’ in the US market. However, the US government didn’t think so and wouldn’t allow the third and fourth-largest carriers to merge.

    Deutsche Telekom is not bullish on the future of its T-Mobile division in the US unless it can merge with another company to have more of a financial backbone. Deutsche Telekom hasn’t always had the most support for the company, wanting to offload T-Mobile to focus on its German properties.

    “We have done what we had to do,”Hoettges explained to Recode. “We had built an infrastructure and this infrastructure had to get utilized and we did that with very aggressive promotions.”

    T-Mobile, with CEO John Legere leading the way, has been trying to reshape the wireless industry by ending two-year contracts, and adding plans to allow customers to upgrade phones when they’d like, unlimited data, messages, and voice, and free data roaming in worldwide.

    Its strategy has lead to great subscriber growth, just not the earnings numbers T-Mobile’s parent company wants to see.

  5. John Legere has made this a fun company. im all about price, so i have had t-mobile since sprint bought nextel and ruined it back in 2005. the service was always great in metro chicago, but sucked ass while traveling, with only spotty coverage along major interstate highways. then when John Legere took over he started building the crap out of the network and adding tons of perks to the service plans. now when traveling across country i have very acceptable coverage. i admit i looked into sprint because of their cheaper price claims, but its a sham! in the end sprint was about 40 buck a month more for my 4 lines.

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