Chuango G5 PLUS GSM/SMS/RFID Alarm system

Hello there! This is the Chuango G5 Plus GSM/SMS/RFID alarm system This system doesn’t need a contract and doesn’t have any monthly fees. It is very easy to use with the free app and can be setup within several minutes. 50 sensors, 10 remote controls and 50 RFID-tags from Chuango can be connected. Some of the G5 plus features include: setting up a single zone entrance delay time. Alarm schedule functions for arm, disarm and home mode. Arm and disarm with the RFID-tag and a jamming detection which triggers an alarm when the frequentie is being blocked. The G5 plus kit contains the G5 plus panel, desk stand, wall mount, AC adapter, 2 door/window contacts with double sided tape, 2 RFID-tags, a PIR motion detector with the PIR motion bracket, 2 remote controls, a screw set, warning decals and its documentation. Before starting the installation make sure to disable the pincode of the sim card. Put the sim card in the panel when the panel is turned OFF. Turn the panel ON and wait until the network indicator flashes slowley. Download and open the app and add an account. Scan the QR code on the back of the panel. Start by setting the language. This is important to use all the functions in the app. Even if your language is already selected, select it again by pressing on it and press the ‘done’ button at the right top. Set up the phone numbers which are authorised to use and setup the G5 plus. Fill in the phone numbers in the app and choose if you would like to receive a message, a phone call or both. Press ‘done’ to send out an SMS to setup. There are two messages being sent. One for the call phone number list and one for the SMS list. Give the system some time to set this up per SMS. The G5 Plus can be armed and disarmed using the RFID-tag. When you swip the RFID-tag in front of the circle of the panel, the panel will disarm after a couple of seconds. When you swipe twice within 3 seconds, the panel will be armed. An additional feature is setting up a phone number to receive the name corresponding to the RFID-tag when arming and disarming. This way you receive a mesage when someone arms or disarms the system. Before mounting the panel and its accessories, it’s best to figure out how you want to use and setup the system. Where do you want to place the sensors and is a delay time needed. Is there any difference in zone setting needed? It’s possible to set the delay time for arming the system. This will be the time counting down until arming when going away from home. When coming back into your house the alarm will directly sound upon triggering a sensor. Usually there is also a door/window contact on your front door. If you want to set a delay time on this single sensor, you need to setup the single zone alarm delay time but also put this sensor into this zone physically. To change the zone setting, open the large part of the door/window contact and put the switches on pin D1 and D3. It’s now setup correctly and ready to be placed with the included tape or screws. For more information visit or find us at Facebook and Twitter for latest updates. Thank you for watching and see you next time!

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