COD Mobile Gun Review | AKS-74u Recoil & Fire-Rate Full Review | DcChilDisH Gameplay

hello guys so basically today I am going
with ak-74u this is an SMG rifles one of the preferred SMG rifle in the game so
basically I’m going with two loaded first one without vertical grip and
second one with vertical so you guys ready let’s go so guys here I’m ready
with my first Loadout this loadout is without vertical grip and this is with
extended mag so first of all I will go without aiming down and I will show you
the recoil that’s all two test for each now second test is without vertical Grip and
with aiming down let’s check with aiming down again one more time so guys I’m ready with my second Loadout
this is with fast mag and vertical grip so firstly test without aiming down okay
let’s get it done so this is with vertical and this is without aiming down
and not aiming down in this video okay the recoil control is awesome even
without aiming down so guys let’s check with Aiming down vertical grip with so guys recoil control itself is
really awesome with this gun seriously
so guys that was all about recoil control recoil
control with vertical grip without vertical grip with aiming down and
without aiming down so now let’s move on towards firerate so let’s get
started so guys it took 2.9 seconds without
extended back and 3.5 seconds with extended mag that’s it all for today I
am ending this with recoil test and a fire rate, damage test will be coming
soon so stay updated

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