Ahoj. This is Zdenka. Today’s video
will look different. Today’s video will even sound different
because I’m gonna be vlogging with whatever is in my pocket and that is my
smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10 plus. I’m gonna show you in a very great detail
how you can set up very inexpensive on a budget great vlogging kit with this
phone. Also paired it with a DJI Osmo mobile 3 gimbal or DJI Osmo mobile 2
gimbal and few other accessories and of course I’m gonna show you tips and
tricks in great detail when it comes to logging with that setup. We’ve got lots
to do. If you are new here, welcome. My name is
Zdenka Darula. I create photo and video tutorials, tech reviews and creative
camera challenges, so if that’s something you’re passionate about, you might
consider clicking that subscribe button. Now, smartphones these days are getting
better and better and better. They are turning into photo and video beasts
literally. I love to film and take photos with my mirrorless cameras and DSLRs
which I have here, but sometimes I actually prefer to reach for whatever I
have in my purse or in my pocket and that would be my smartphone. I had all
kinds of phones before. I had all kinds of Androids and I had iPhone before as
well, but this time I settled on Samsung galaxy S10 plus. What sold me was those
lenses. I absolutely love them. I paired it with quite affordable DJI Osmo Mobil
3. Now you could vlog on this setup as it is but I wanted to improve it. I love
the picture but I wanted a little bit better sound. I have Rode microphone which I use in all my videos. This microphone is great,
never had any issues with it. Since I film outside a lot, I got this fury thing.
They call it deadcat which really helps to reduce the wind sound and by the way
everything I’m talking about in today’s video is linked in a video description
below, so you don’t have to take notes. You can just check it out after this
video. To make the microphone work with your Android phone, you will need to get
3.5 millimeters trs to trrs microphone cable. With that you can
connect this microphone to your smart phone. To attach the microphone to your
DJI Osmo mobile 3, by the way you can attach it to Osmo mobile 2 as well
with the same thing. You will use ring clamp microphone adapter. You can also
use it to mount lights on it. So here you will attach the ring clamp, mount
microphone on it and connect the microphone to your phone. Done. This is
the vlogging setup. It just makes a huge difference. Just to compare, here is a
video sample how it would look like if you would be vlogging just with your
smartphone. No gimbal and no microphone. So this is
the video how it would look like when you would be vlogging just with your
smartphone. You would not be using any gimbal or microphone. And as you can tell, I am here in this beautiful early fall day. There are leaves everywhere, just the
seasons just mixed up a little bit. I think that we should be getting this
more in January instead. Here is a video sample how it would look like if you
were vlogging with your smartphones and gimbal but no microphone. And here is a
video sample how it would look like if you would be vlogging just on your
smartphone and gimbal but no microphone. The video is a little bit more smoother.
Obviously there is no shakiness because I’m using gimbal, however the sound might be still the smartphones’ on which is not bad at all. I didn’t adjust the brightness or anything like that on the screen. I
simply just hit the record button and here is a video how it would look like
if you were vlogging with the full setup. Smartphone, gimbal and microphone. And here is an option number three. This is what you get when you use this kit which is
smartphone and gimbal and external microphone. The picture should be very
nice and smooth because the gimbal makes it nice and smooth. Also the sound should be a little bit better with this external microphone. Well, let me show you how I would vlog with it and mainly show you tips and tricks to help you out.
When you are filming yourself doing stuff, talking or not talking, I open up
DJI MIMO app, select just default follow mode and use tracking object feature. I
use the front camera. The standard lens will be automatically used because DJI
Mimo app won’t let you use other lenses. Right now I’m filming myself but I do
not have selected any tracking feature so as you can tell, if I’m going left and right, I’m
kind of getting lost. Let me select the tracking feature and I’m always in the
shot. There we go. Object tracking is not just for filming
yourself or other person. When you film b-roll or cinematic sequences, you can
lock it up on any object and just circle around it. You can get some very
interesting shots that way. I’m gonna track it now. Locking up the brightness. When you are
panning around or moving around with your gimbal, it is important to lock the
brightness. If you don’t use it, your footage will look like someone just turn
on or turn off the light. As you move from light to dark or vice versa, the
phone automatically adjusts the brightness resulting in this kind of
results. To control the brightness, simply tap on the square with the Sun beside it to select desired brightness and hold. That will lock it. Now the video will
look much better. To unlock, simply tap again. If you want to film with your wide lens
or telephoto lens, you have to get out of the DJI Mimo and film in a camera app
which came with your phone. Here you can lock the brightness as well. If you just
tap on the screen and start filming, it will not lock it up. If you slide a bit
the light bulb and start filming the brightness will stay locked for you. When you’re filming yourself talking or
just yourself or other person, you can make the footage look very cinematic,
bokeh, creamy. Don’t forget to use the life focus video in the camera app which will
find the face, which will be sharp. The background will be blurry and if you
also lock the brightness, you’ve got some nice result. As you can see the
background is nice and creamy. I am not using external microphone, this is
strictly test for the photo. This is how it would look like if you would lock the
brightness as well and use this kind of a feature. When you are filming, you will
most likely use photo mode which makes the footage very smooth, especially if
you are filming yourself or someone else. If you are going to be on the move
moving forward or backwards, to maintain perfect composition during walking or
running, change the mode to tilt lock mode. When you change the mode and you shoot in different app such as smartphone camera app, it will stay for
you. Here’s a quick sample of a video when I’m walking and I have a tilt lock mode
locked and actually am using external microphone. Right now, I am using the
live focus feature. My brightness is locked. This is what you get.
Let me show you a few more goodies from my smartphone filming kit. Now, when are
filming, don’t be afraid to use different angles, shoot from eye level. Shoot from
base level, go low, go high, go very high and for that, if you don’t want to send
drone up very high or you don’t even have a drone or you cannot fly drone in
certain locations, just mount monopod to your DJI Osmo mobile 3. You can extend it to make it very very long and just lift it to the area. When you use very wide
lens on the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus, the shots are very very nice. In
fact I made a video about it in the past and I’m linking it here and also in video
description below, so you can watch it later. The whole video is showing me
using smartphone with DJI Osmo Mobile 3 gimbal and this monopod. I think you will like it. Last goodies I have here is this filter
set. Here’s everything from macro lens to variable ND filter, Cpl filter, orange
filter, grey filter and blue filter. I love this set because it’s very small, it is
very light. It fits anywhere and I like to play with it because it gives all
kinds of different effects. It improves your footage and also it is very helpful
in terms of photography and again all the items are listed in a video
description below, so feel free to check it out. Hit the thumbs up button if you
liked today’s video, subscribe to all future videos like these. If you have any
questions, comments or simply want to say hello, hi or ahoj, you can do so in a
comment section below. I read it all and I will see everyone in the next one. Cau….

59 Replies to “COMPLETE VLOGGING KIT How to VLOG with DJI OSMO MOBILE 3 and Android

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    I am just learning so post production for now is limited in my budget. So the adobe subscription doesn’t make sense to me at the moment. I find the Android app youcut a fairly easy to use editor but still yet color, contrast and so forth adjustments just make it weird.
    I thought of getting the filmic pro camera app, but I have heard it has issues with the Samsung’s multi lenses. 1 day I do plan to use the adobe, but for now, I would like to just learn my phones camera and the osmo3 then move an from there as I progress.
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