Controlled by your cell phone?

This generation is controlled by the internet
and the media. People walk around with cell phones and they
have an app for everything. Christians are no different. They have Bible app. They have a Church app. They have an app for everything and all they
are interested in is their cell phone. They do not trust in Jesus. They do not believe in Jesus. They rather trust and believe what their App
tells them. That is why they are separated from Jesus. They do not have the Holy Spirit and they
do not trust the Holy Spirit. Those who are being led by the Spirit of God,
they are the children of God. If we want to follow Jesus we have to follow
the guidance of the Holy Spirit, not be dictated by a cell phone and an App and the media. We need to be led by the Spirit of God. We need to trust and follow Jesus Christ. If we do not trust Jesus Christ more than
anything and if we allow the media, the internet and our cell phone to come in between us and
Jesus then we will not enter the kingdom of heaven. We have to follow the guidance of the Holy
Spirit to be pleasing to Jesus. Jesus gives His Holy Spirit in those who believe
in Him and who obey Him, and they follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Are we following the guidance of the Holy
Spirit, or are we controlled by the media, the internet and out cell phones? May Jesus bless you. Jesus Christ is alive and hell is real. I am here to introduce you to Jesus Christ
so that you can know Him and follow Him and have eternal life. Subscribe to my channel to learn more about
Jesus. May Jesus bless you.

25 Replies to “Controlled by your cell phone?

  1. I am addicted to my phone, but I don’t have to be, thanks for the video, I don’t wanna go too hell, I struggle with my walk with God and struggle with sin.

  2. I’m addicted to my phone and I know that only Jesus can help me😕 honestly I’m tired of my phone I feel like I’m in a prison and I don’t want to be addicted anymore. Thanks for this video!!!!!!

  3. Theres nothing wrong with reading the bible thru an app unless your using your phone for other things that don't have to do with the holy spirit. but I agree a cell phone can steer you in the wrong direction if your not careful.

  4. Now there's nothing wrong with reading your Bible on an app or internet nor a paper, palm leaf, sheep skin ect. Book. It's the corrupt things on the phone and what you do with it. People us FB for evil or good and YouTube for evil or good. Obviously not everyone has a computer but most have phones so the people watching this video which is more then 50% are using a phone. I'm really starting to think you have your own agenda in shaming everything literally everything.

  5. I lost almost all desire to watch tv, I get mad at what is shown, and it’s so clear to me how it destroys people’s spiritual lives and social lives. I always had a basic flip phone without internet. I’ve learned a lot about God’s word, evangelism, differences between doctrines, religion, and so much more. I am not a very educated person, but I’ve learned more with my phone/internet than most years I wasted in public schools. Yes I since the unhealthy/unspiritual addiction that’s there, and know the danger. But without the access I would never heard words of God spoken through these videos and other true Christians. Though I hunger for real Christian fellowship, I can’t seem to tolerate what churches are about anymore. The videos I watch helps. Not the way It’s supposed to be but for now it helps.

  6. Readers: Quit social media. It’s a tough pill to swallow but it will heal you. Did you know the bright red notification is designed to grab your attention? Or the refresh feature stimulates a lever similar to a lottery machine? This stuff is designed to control you, your happiness depends on that persons next update or your likes or seeing your celebrity. After I quit ones with infinite scrolling Instagram/Facebook I was very peaceful and had so much time in my life to be in Christ. I can go to sleep and wake up not feeling tired from scrolling all day and night head down screen in my face. I can finally begin building my character of love joy peace patience instead of being another clone serving an endless cycle. God bless.

  7. And food don't forget about food , it also is an addiction which is making Jesus ppl sick and killing them if any one wants to discuss this call us at 2038581629 ask for Paul or Matthew


    "Контролируем своим мобильным телефоном?

    Этот род – контролируем интернетом и СМИ (средства массовой информации). Люди ходят вокруг с мобильными телефонами, и у них есть приложение для всего. Христиане ничем не отличаются. У них есть приложение Библии. У них есть приложение церкви. У них есть приложение для всего; и всё, в чём они заинтересованы, это их мобильный телефон.

    Они не доверяют Иисусу. Они не верят в Иисуса. Они, скорее, доверяют и верят тому, что их приложение сообщает им. Вот почему они отделены от Иисуса. У них нет Святого Духа, и они не доверяют Святому Духу.

    Те, кто водим Духом Божьим, они – дети Божьи. Если мы хотим следовать за Иисусом, мы должны следовать водительству Святого Духа, а не тем, что диктует мобильный телефон и приложение, и СМИ. Нам нужно быть водимыми Духом Божьим. Нам нужно доверять Иисусу Христу и следовать за Ним.

    Если мы не доверяем Иисусу Христу больше, чем чему-либо, и если мы позволяем СМИ, интернету и своему мобильному телефону войти между нами и Иисусом, тогда мы не войдём в Царство Небесное. Мы должны следовать водительству Святого Духа, чтобы быть угодными Иисусу.

    Иисус даёт Свой Святой Дух в тех, кто верит в Него, и кто повинуется Ему, и они следуют водительству Святого Духа.

    Следуем ли мы водительству Святого Духа, или мы контролируемы СМИ, интернетом и нашим мобильным телефоном?

    Да благословит тебя Иисус".

  9. So true. This madness is a new kind of religion. It's a drug. Parents stare at their cellphones instead of looking into their kids eyes. All over town ppl goes around like zombies with bent necks; they are trapped in an artificial world, and are slowly losing their humanity. Not only is the radiation from all these cell phone towers dangerous, but we now see addicted kids, 2-yearolds screaming and throwing tantrums if they are deprived of their smartphones. Many experts are alarmed as teenagers addictions to their smartphones is as difficult to treat as heroin addiction. Also there is an increasing wave of teenage dementia due to this madness. The cell phone industry is among the richest and most powerful in the world, and they are busy selling in their systems everywhere. They will be happy if they could obliterate all human contact that is not dependent on wireless systems. All they care for is money. Ther will be no books in school and no books at all in the near future if mankind doesn't react to this insanity.

  10. If not for YouTube videos I would have no fellowship with the other believers. I am thankful for the anointed pastors who teach and pray and encourage those who are alone.


    Esta generación está controlada por el Internet y los medios de comunicación.

    Personas van por todos los sitios con teléfonos móviles, y tienen una app para todo.

    Los Cristianos no son diferentes. Tienen una app de la Biblia. Tienen una aplicación de la iglesia. Tienen una app para todo, y todo lo que les interesa es su teléfono móvil.

    No confían en Jesús. No creen en Jesús, más bien confían y creen en lo que les dice su app. Es por eso que están separados de Jesús.

    No tienen el Espíritu Santo y no confían en el Espíritu Santo. Aquellos que son guiados por el Espíritu de Dios, son los hijos de Dios.

    Si queremos seguir a Jesús, tenemos que seguir la guía del Espíritu Santo, no estar dominado por un teléfono móvil y una app, así como por los medios de comunicación.

    Necesitamos ser guiados por el Espíritu de Dios. Tenemos que confiar y seguir a Jesucristo.

    Si no confiamos en Jesucristo más que a nada ni nadie, y si permitimos que los medios de comunicación, Internet y teléfono móvil se entrometan entre nosotros y Jesús, entonces no entrarás en el reino de los cielos.

    Tenemos que seguir la guía del Espíritu Santo para complacer a Jesús.

    Jesús da Su Espíritu Santo a aquellos que creen en Él y que le obedecen y siguen la dirección del Espíritu Santo.

    ¿Seguimos la dirección del Espíritu Santo, o estamos controlados por los medios de comunicación, Internet y los teléfonos móviles?

    Que Jesús te bendiga.
    Jesucristo está vivo y el infierno es real.
    Estoy aquí para darte a conocer a Jesucristo para que le conozcas, le sigas y tengas vida eterna.
    Subscríbete a mi canal para aprender más sobre Jesús.
    Que Jesús te bendiga.

  12. You can switch to Russian subtitles on the video bar at the bottom right corner.

  13. I mean I'll get rid of my phone if I have too, but what if I only use it for holy things, worship music and looking things about jesus ?

  14. How am I supposed to learn things from you and other preachers. The holy spirit? Okay, what about worship music

  15. HELP! I STRUGGLE WITH THIS SIN! And also every time I pray I feel like I'm getting shocked, somebody help me!

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