Welcome to my friends video. In this video we will look at new events and costumes. The new costumes are very nice. Let’s look at the costumes first. then I’ll tell you how quickly you can collect points in the new event. patch note … let me read you patch notes you can transfer the features of your old pet to your new pet. in return for this fruit. He wants a lot of money for the transaction. as if the pet gives so much power: D The costumes are really beautiful. I was angry that there was no beautiful costume for the sorcerer. Look at the beauty of the witch and the wizard. great we will try to remove them from the chest. have new pets. He’s talking about the event. The arena has arrived. giving a lot of stones and diamonds. beautiful. we will do it. event shop. I’ll show them anyway. this is the place for those who have money. Gold is nice in this way of upgrading. 6 thousand is collected and taken. or 12 thousand is collected and taken. I think it gives 5m, + 3m more with this event. this used to be the C item. now they’re B-S +. They fix. patch notes were this. Where the hell are the costumes? There were videos that showed the shapes. heh found it. Let’s watch. This is an archer. This is the ninja. The ninja that the guy’s account is probably bad. This is Cengaver Zeus. This is either ares or hades. The witch is very beautiful. The sorcerer is pretty good. We will remove them friends. we will deal with them. but to our event. test field. This is an arena. I think you have 3 tickets a day. The more you play, the better. We’il do it here. single entry is probably and if you get to a good level gives the s ++ particle. it also turns out that you can hardly know. they gave the event award but it was garbage. they used to give good prizes. better in unity. here a + crate, polisher etc. I never liked this place. To make it here, just clear the adventure. Is that all ? How much does it come out of the ballot box? Three million. lowest. 100,000. I hope the chance rate is not bad. There are 2 of these chests. 3m out of 2 makes 6m. very bad. runes are good, runes are hard, s ++ runes. Good in jewelry, I’ll open it all into this account. I will strengthen this account. it’s good they didn’t set limits. we will buy this place completely. we can get the shine and refinement stone, even in this video. Let’s do it now. Let’s see how much cleaning ticket I have. does not give cleaning tickets. This is a big problem. was giving ahead. anyway we get it from our guild. I’m trying to make it 10 levels in the guild. Get them. These are important in pet raising. I don’t know how long I have my cleaning ticket, I get them all. this is important. I think the key is also important. Or we’re fucked. call it ” go to source ”. Let’s click on the gold enhancer. In this way, both efficiency and character level are made. I’m having trouble upgrading characters now. With diamonds, we open the costume chest. to get those costumes. Let’s see what level of costumes are. You’re kidding me. offfff. The most difficult set. it turns out very difficult. s ++ item. The set bonus gives a good sdr. We got the s + out of the box though. this will be difficult. When you clear the adventure you can also get activity benefit. Your daily dungeon and gold dungeon will come to score points. You will also get points at the gate of death. my cleaning ticket is almost over. I will do it for you to the end. and it finished. Let’s see how far we can get. 769 points. I’il try the chests. Do not buy . 🙁 how many points have gone. very bad. I thought it was fine though. arena and soaring cleaning tickets, etc. After you get the adventure you can clear and collect points. keep this in mind. I started doing it. Automatically leave. he is doing it to himself. The best 100% I’m likely to rise. the higher our character, the better our level increases. Anyway, friends, I showed you the event. I also showed costumes. If you think it is useful. subscribe and press the ring button. Turn on notifications. this will let you know when I upload a video. I like the only trial area. landmark says felan. as you earn here, the activity score is something. crates, polishers. The crates are very bad. I don’t like this place. Why did they make this place so bad? Anyway friends take good care of yourself. Remember to subscribe. 🙂 video over. after this disgusting event I leave you music for 30 sec. 😀


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