DIY Cell Phone Stand

guys today we’re going to be making some
spider-man cell phone oh there’s the deb The Zamp Camp. Zamp Camp Zamp Camp Zamp Camp Camp things are about to get nutty what you’ll need is a toilet paper roll
a writing utensil some scissors some tape or glue then – because if you have
the wrong thing he and for some time and whenever you want to decorate it with so
let’s get started and yeah it needs big enough and the cell phone okay so what
you want to do is you’re going to take your phone and you put a paper roll okay
and then you’re going to treat your phone this is why I do it to make it in
here and you’re not going to work you don’t want to squish it don’t listen to
him he’s being super silly well that’s how long that’s how it makes it easier
because it’s very long paper like I’m writing on paper then I’m not really
good at right now it should look like this
mine’s a little crooked but it’s alright then what I’m actually going to do is
I’m going to take the thumbtack and kind of poke a couple holes in my
stencil so I think it’s a scissors or to make it easier to cut I mean cutting in
this area yes not you here use a roll when you spray
on scissors this is a little smaller mind a little bit too big and there’s
gonna get my face in there muffled ah all right fine very much the jump of
heavy laughs okay whatever what do you guys making makin some
homemade cell phone holders don’t worry this one’s gonna be yours okay
when I’m done with it oh no brain you can cut out yours be careful my phone it
didn’t uh-huh guys I’m doing a life hack first step on
up what’s wrong with it Oh so when you’re done it should look
something like this wah wah wah so then one second take
whatever picture you want I know little I’m going to be ahead of Braden but it’s
okay so take your picture and kind of wrap it around if you want to play white
one that is good to do whatever it is on you like you can even do a sign there
design yep yeah oh no take my son why or consul whatever you prefer make the
middle lines so I know where to cut so now I’m a little Marc Brown okay okay so
then we’re going to cut or remove the marks try to cut a straight line if you
can I’m not that great at cutting straight line that’s why I got that rule
where I can be using yeah if you want to use a ruler go for it take your tape or
glue so you can oh wait ahead yeah you can use any glue and I say if you want
we just happen to stuck in school supplies so I have these lying around
you want to glue the back apply any right a little not lying around
guys you like my six freshmen homecoming roller yeah doing it
I’m hoping this glue works gonna take it and really quickly and slowly no I mean
like really quickly get your paper wrap it so a lot of cut a little bit and then
once your papers all wrapped up on it you’re going to want to cut it where you
feel that hold yeah so I got to trim this a little bit wait you’re full spy
ring I think oh yeah wow weren’t too big to tell you so guys I’m doing it a lot
different than mom needed and just fold in the corner you want am I taking my
words and stuff and just cutting out what I want even make one of whatever
style you want yeah everybody’s different everybody’s gonna be different
everyone’s different in the world or then when you’re done blowing it you’re
going to take your thumb tacks and carefully poke them to the bottom put
one on each side on the top you have enough to save yourself so I was just in
and one on the side on the bottom can pudding guys I’m
putting my spider here and then um right under it I’m gonna put mayor’s so we’re
just gonna put a bunch of bullets look like that then look
and I’ll stand up then you take your phone if it all works which way is it stick it and now you have a cell phone
holder it’s done already vacuuming so that’s it that’s all you need to do have
a homemade cell phone holder and guys what you could do um you can also take
off your paper and you can redesign if you or if you don’t like the way I came
out you can try a different design well but it makes it easy you can play games
you can do a bunch of things yeah here are kids obviously if you like seeing
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