DIY Magic Cell phone cases with viral sequins. Color-Changing Phone Case!!

Hello everyone. Today we will make covers for mobile or cellular
using reversible sequins or magic sequins. I cook rather than sequins or purchase
I bought this fabric cushion covers on Amazon. I have cost 6 euros each including transportation. Fijaros good as these sequins are
flat and have the hole in the top. So when you sew, which
happens is that they can go to one side or the other. On one side they have a color and the other has another, Then, like magic when
We change the direction of sequins. The truth is that they are super cool. For fijaros, we’re going to do is turn it around
the cushion and let’s separate this sequined fabric. If you look closely you on the web what happens is
which sequins are sewn in rows. And those rows do as they are called
mermaid tail because they like scales. Well, I’ll separate the fabric down, not
all because I will leave a part attached to the rack. Because if this video has many like I’m gonna do
a second part with school material and this fabric. Well, what we do is to cut a piece, I
to work with the two colors that have the cushions. Let’s make a first
based on the will make a heart. To that fraying fabric is not what I do is
put hot glue over what I’m going to cut. In that case above the heart. Anchito enough if you see what I’m doing
silicone because then I cut in the middle. As you go putting the silicone
I squashing down so that no being too bulky because it would make it
Sequins curb and did not move well. Well while dry
Silicone we will prepare our case. You can line it with you please, with rubber eva
colors, with what you want. I in this case I’ll make is put glitter, for that I put white glue, you see. And on top of white tail I’ll put glitter. See, silver glitter but you can have caught the
you would. Well, we take purpurina, we press well. And the idea is to make this a
how many times, you have a few layers. We will make the top and sides, I say. And I would also say that the white tail
when better it is, the better the end result. Because if we can not crack, my tail
White I like is called mod podge and used for decoupage. Well, while dry white tail with
glitter, what I’ll do is cut the heart. As I told you what I do is cut it down the middle. Eye because as I cut I will go
also cutting the sequins, I’ll go there creating and I will put the whole table as very festive. Once you’ve cut the ideal is
take all the sequins on the other side. You’ll see that, because to do this I will do is finish the
remaining part at the ends do this for one side and for the other. And all the fabric that is above, which is
the end of sequins, what I do is cut it. As well as some sequin me is that overhangs the
sides, is that it is as uniform one side to the other. Thus it is as if we have created patches,
You can put the clothes in the backpack, where you want. In addition you can do it in one color or
another sense depends on the fabric cojáis I shall be silver or blue as this case. Now you can put it in the
cover, you can put 1, 2, as you wish. Well, but this case is not finished, make no mistake. If you leave
so fill all of glitter. Once I finished putting layers. I have to put a final layer of glue. We have already seen in other videos, like
when we were pens and stuff. Because if not the final purpurina would leave me all
parts. So in this way the purpurina fixed in my case. I do the same on all sides, and even if there is white
you know that’s about it dry so it is good. While dry, I will comment on one thing. Not if you remember the video
we did with home elastic mass, Smileys made this bracelet the
that was really great and the dough is fantastic. You pedíais me to do other
things with the dough, animals and stuff. Tell me in comments shown
want, well, we almost have dry our case. What we will do now is see as has been, it is
phenomenal, sides that is dry you can see how it looks perfect. And now what we will do is paste in the
our heart center, and already, we have already finished. Let’s see now how to make the
another case, which I taught in the intro. In this case we made the whole case,
using these magic or rereversibles sequins. Super easy, all you have to do
It is to take the case we want to decorate with fabric. And in the back of the fabric
mark, mark a little more size because you saw the edges must remove. Once we do this, we find that the sequins
they will move to the side you want, for example in this case They would move from right to left, not up
down. As I want from top to bottom I will cut otherwise, I was wrong, I have
done on purpose so you can see that it is also important the side that cut it, then see, whether it is moving
up and down as I want, I think more anti-stress. This fabric is great for that,
you can spend all the time playing it. If you have any shirt or something set him on
comments, see going up and down. And in many cases changes and
muñequitos go up and go to the other side. Well, let’s go little by pasting
silicone little, you know that silicone hem makes this fabric, makes no fraying. As well stick and pressed the
back, it is really well stuck. And so we gradually hitting the cover, and care
we must also make the hole for the camera, this is interesting. Because for fabric fraying is not what I’ll do is
put a little hot glue, as we did in the heart. Pongo hot silicone
around and I do have to cut it out. I cut it and it’s like
make thicker fabric and cut it out. Eye because it is not so easy, short and now I have
up and down the sequins to adjust well. Because as they go to one side or
for the other I will plug the hole. So what I do is I put it to the side to go
leave the cover usually in my case it will be pink. And I cut, if I have any
golden that it protrudes the cut out. Once you’ve cut the camera all that
I have to do is stick the rest of the fabric to the case. Eye, when you get to the part of the
camera, paste well above and below. Once done, I stretch
While the fabric so it is not bad. And I give the back and hit by
the other side, as we saw earlier. The truth is that as I said before is totally
anti-stress, you can spend hours up and down. Hairlines by putting half one color and half the other. But anyway, to finish what we have to
do is cut, we have to cut it on one side. And before trimming the top and in the
below that is where sequins are, what we do is that It is to put all the sequins
the opposite side we wanted cut. And once we do this, we cut.
Not because it will cut sequins and will cut the fabric and not only
it will rise and fall ill when sequins. By the way if this video reaches 10,000 Likes I promise to overcome one of these cases
magical cushions, so you can do with it whatever you want. Well you know him Like the video and write a comment,
of all the comments I sortearé the case if we reach 10,000. In the top we have left us a
little maladjusted because it has fallen just half a line, there is a separation between
row to row. Well, nothing happens. What we have to do is paste a few
sequins. The only problem there is glue sequins they do a little brake on
Ultimately, the ideal would put half sequins. You see how they look, so I Topping
top of the chamber and the last row. That’s it, so we have left. Now if you want you can side the
enamel paint, acrylic paint, whatever you want. Fijaros Well, that joy, if you liked this video Give me
like really big and let me in the comments if you want to do figurines or something with the elastic mass
We did, and do not forget to subscribe if you are not subscribed. As we see in the next tutorial.

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  2. OMG!!!!! I’m getting one today and my mum is buying it tomorrow ❤️ And a pillow aswell but I already got one so yeah P.S I’m going To Matalan to get the pillows 😊

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