Don’t FALL For MULTI LEVEL MARKETING – The Network Marketing Scam

Hey Dan here and if you are young, if you are ambitious, if you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, then you must, must watch this video because I am going to share the biggest mistake. I have ever seen people make when they want to start working for themselves back in my hometown of Vancouver. This mistake kills friendships. It kills families and it will destroy your entrepreneur career before you, even get started. What are we talking about here? We’re talking about multi level marketing. If you hear someone talk Referring your friend, uh M. L. M. Multi level marketing. I want you to turn and run because it will destroy your network and your chances of any kind of longterm success. So one of the absolute absolute best things about living abroad. I’ve been out of my hometown Vancouver for about five years now is when I go to a coffee shop to work, not having to listen to someone pitching someone on some multi level marketing pyramids game well, I’m trying to get my work done because the pitch is always the same and it is always a load of bs. Now I wanna tell you three reasons why you should avoid multi level marketing at all cost now. Perhaps you have not been pitched by a multi level marketer. Yet and if so, you are very lucky what multi level marketing is, is essentially a pyramid scheme, but not what usually is behind it is some kind of product that needs to be sold and yes, you earn a Commission when you sell that product, so usually Things like juices magic potions vitamins, all that sort of stuff, mary kay is one of the more famous ones, so multi level marketing usually involve some kind of a product. You need to sell and more times than not okay always recruiting other people. This is where the pyramid scheme aspect comes in right sure, you could make enough money selling the vitamins, but it would probably take you about 300 hours each week to make minimum wage so the way you really make money is recruiting other people and when they join, they have to pay some kind of an initiation fee or now it’s called a starter pack where they basically have to buy every single vitamin in order to be able to sell them. Ok. That part aside, you probably already know how that works now. What here’s why you should not get involved and should not actually join so I have a particular fire for hating these people because I almost felt victim myself. My hometown vancouver is playing by multi level marketer and when you are young and ambitious and you wanna get into entrepreneurship, they use all the right words to essentially trick. You and make you think That it an entrepreneurial venture to get into multi level marketing. It is not. So when they talk about sales and experience and learning that use all these kind of terms. That might pull you in if you are a good person and ambitious person, someone who wants to work hard they’ll pull you in with this kind of stuff the reality is, is that you are basically becoming a unpaid sales agent to Commission only sales agent with very little support. Your training will come from someone who’s almost as inexperienced as you are and really Only involved to make a quick buck off the whole system so first things first, the training that is promised is bs the other thing is who are you getting training from you’re getting training from this system. That’s really based on hype and what you’ll find. If you pay close attention to any multi level marketing pitch, they usually talk about that. One in a thousand person who made 10000 dollars or whatever it is in the system. They will never reveal the averages, ask them what the average sales agent earns and that will shut them up pretty quickly so everyone And this kind of a system are people chasing like a pipe Dream. They’re chasing like this hypey, get rich quick sort of thing is that who you wanna be learning entrepreneurship from is that who you want to be shaping your future. If you’re, a fan of the channel, I sure hope I taught you better than that so any training that’s talked about is gonna be bs and it’s gonna leave you worse off than when you started the second reason to run from multi level marketing as fast as you can is that you’re teaching yourself to lie. If Look at multi level marketing. It all a misuse of language right. It is a pyramid scheme, but it’s not it’s multi level marketing right using legal loopholes to get around the laws you are essentially a conditional lease sales agent, but are you called that no, you are called an entrepreneur, a business owner, all this stuff. What you’re doing is you’re training yourself. If you go through with it, which you will not, after this video promise me, that so you’re, training, your brain to make language meaningless and that is not a pattern that you wanna get started with because it’s going to destroy your ability to be disciplined to reach your goals to follow through later The future and the third and not final cuz I do have a bonus one coming up reason not to get involved with multi level marketing is that it will burn all your bridges. I don’t care who you are the people. You know your network is one of your most important resources and whether you have a wide network around the world or you’re, just getting started out in business. Maybe you’re, like I was your 21 22. You know you wanna become an entrepreneur and you’re going to all these events, trying to meet people by the way that’s where they get you, they go in swoop in at this event, right your network People you know is gonna be so important to your longterm success and what does multi level marketing do same thing goes actually with some other industries. I won’t get into, but like insurance sales and and financial planning is they train. You to sell to your family and your friends because they say the most valuable thing you have is your network right. They don’t teach you real marketing and business strategies. They say go, sell your friend goes out of your family guest. How many times you can call your friends and say hey um, let’s go. Have dinner And then pull out some sales package before they tell you to p** off. I have multiple friends like well, no longer friend from back in vancouver that I met when I was younger and every time they called me. They would have some kind of new multi level marketing. Some stupid pitch and the crane is like one of the guys he was a little crazy. He, I remember once he messaged me because I spoke out against it right. I gave them s*** about it and said you know do not call me. Do not. You know this is stupid you’re throwing away your your life going down this road so there’s, one guy messages me e once and he’s like you know, I really sunk in. I wanna thank you for what you said, like a few years back it’s really sunk in and I I realized that I was just in this multi level marketing thing in my I was just obsessed and I might, I wasn’t thinking straight and all that so blah blah. I’m like oh, that’s great to hear you know what are you up to and he tells me what he’s up to it’s another multi level marketing scam just with a different way of describing it so it tricked him again the point is the most successful people you know the people who might actually have some money to invest in the future company of yours who might be able to open doors those people are To shut the door rip up your phone number, I guess if they still keep it on paper. I don’t know why they rip it up, go out your phone number delete. It get rid of you from their life. The minute you start pitching the multi level marketing stuff. So protect your network. Do not get involved with multi level marketing because those people you know now five 10 20 years from now could literally be worth millions of dollars. They could be your investors. They could be your business partners, but not if you start pitching them some stupid pyramid scheme. Now and if it this point, you needed More reasons not to get involved with multi level marketing I’ll give you one more. Yep. That guy was a big proponent of multi level marketing. Some of the companies he was involved in have been dealing with serious legal issue since so now you know why you should not get involved with multi level marketing, but what should you do to build a business well to find out more subscribe to the channel up here and I will do my very best to teach you all about building a healthy sustainable longterm business

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  1. You man are unreal.. Ask Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and take a note, and for your future, first read MLM book, how is his function and why it isnt piramid tipe of buissines… Piramid buissines are all thoose buissines that you work guys 9 to 5, and if you don't bealive ask your boos from company do you have possibility to be bos of his company. He will always had much more money that you if you will be working for him of course.

  2. 100000% right on the $$$, great video!!

    These pyramid schemes are expensive and force you to buy $60-$100 a month of product that you don't even need and or you can't use it up fast enough and you can get get same quality products at local big box retail stores for half the cost.

    Also trying to cancel your membership is a nightmare and you basically have to get a new bank account, because they just keep billing you monthly, even after you called them 8 times and faxed them the paperwork to get out of the MLM.

    Great video!!

  3. The truth is the owner of network marketing company is the one who benefits more, then if you join you will be earning from commissions, its not a scam its real, but the problem is you want instant money. if you want to be successful, i prefer you start your own then you will see how good it is, but if you are recruited you will always feel jealous of those on top. You can even do multiples ones. But don't put your all effort in one company, just create your own, we misunderstand it especially when we fail, but if one became successful he could show all proofs. this video is the result of your failure to it or i may say our failure.

  4. I envolved to networking marketing before and it help me to grow my personality and build my confidence to start my new business. Because it help me to be courageous and think positive all the time . I see many networkers doing wrong way but I also know others who start doing the right thing to build network ..I'm thankful to network marketing even I'm not one of them now. (Sorry for my grammar. Im not god in English🙂)

  5. "Don't fall for MLM marketing!" ……but I can show you how to put together a successful business, for a nominal fee of course LOL

  6. My wife is insisting in getting involved, now were arguing about her getting involved, luckily I'm like hell no

  7. The PROBLEM of most MLM's is that they don't pay their Distributers/Affiliates (whatever they call them) of their hard earned commission unless they buy products from the company every month which they hide in the word of "SALES QUOTA". Basically, whether their distributors meet their sales quota or not, they're obligue to buy products of worth a $100+ every month even though they haven't sold their existing stocks yet. This is where it gets ugly. In time, they will buy and buy and buy until they go into debt. There's no freedom in MLMs. A true business have the freedom to buy or sell wherever they want to. The distributor's of MLM's are like slaves hypnotize by their uplines for the downlines to sell and recruit for the uplines to be swimming in money. Don't get me started in the Recruiting Part. If this is a really a legit business, why are they hiding the fact that there are MONTHLY SALES QUOTAS of over 100 dollars that the distributors must take or the fact that THEY WON'T GET THEIR HARD EARNED COMMISSIONS UNLESS THEY MEET THEIR MONTHLY QUOTAS. I've never even heard this fact from this video. Overtime, the market will be saturated because many ignorant people sign up to becoming a distributors. Not all people can afford their products because they are very expensive. I agree that most MLM products has value but it's more like a luxury. People don't exactly need it. There are more affordable ones you can on the market that bring great value as well. For health MLMs, people don't need their products. There are many people who lived over 90+ years having a healthy body and mind without having to buy products from MLMs. With that said, if most people become distributors ALL over the world, there will be a lot competitions in both customers and recruitees. They will eventually give up and quit because the rockbottom downlines won't make any money. If downlines quit, the next upper level will have to find another slave they could manipulate for them to don't get out of their comfort zones and if they can't find any, they are forced to quit as well for the same reasons. This story will continue on to the next levels until the company eventually go into bankrupcy and all of the distributor's hardwork will be all in vain. So next time, you buy from MLMs or be recruited by one, think about this post. You are supporting these immoral companies that ruin thousands of lives. These companies are designed to fail after taking over the world. They exists because fools are supporting it. Food for thought

  8. So true! The backlash you're getting is of all those brainwash sheep that think they will become millionaire working for those pyramids companies.

    Exiting factors not made in one day
    It will done by HISTORICAL PERSONS

  10. The people attracted to these businesses won a quick buck I was there myself I was not willing to put in the time and the effort to grow some deep roots and get some valuable skills such as marketing and sales money management money leveraging and so on

  11. Hi, it's an interesting opinion that you have. I don't agree with you. I feel that you are making so many generalisations. MLM is another business model. You can't lump every MLM into one basket.

    I work for an incredible company who provides excellent training and I consider that my friends are my greatest resource – my business is in looking after my friends.

    This is from someone who avoided this business model for about 8 years after someone tried to push Amway onto me. If you had a product that had changed your life, wouldn't you share it? That's how I see it.

  12. so the 2 times in the last 20 years i made over 1 million in network marketing was because i scammed everyone? and the 5 traditional businesses i owned were scams to then because i sold many different products and services to others including insurance. mlm is a biz its just a different model and way of distribution and sales. and the guy in this video makes his money how? yes, by selling something. hes not just telling us how aweful mlm is is he so that we will buy his stuff and try his biz instead????

  13. that's probably why you still have 31k subscribers only …
    89k viewers … networkers aren't available to hear your bullshit 😀

  14. So there's really an agenda behind this video, that is, don't ever join an MLM but instead go to the owner this channel and he will teach you how to build a business, which surprisingly he will charge you for it.

  15. Yeah, Keep your 9 to 5 job, so you can make the MFer's who are making ALL The Money..
    At the top… Don't get involved with this Bait and Switch Sales Tactics, if you don't know what that means, Sheep/Slaves. It means the video presenter bashed a program or industry to sell you their BS they are affiliated in.. EVERY SUCCESS IN ANY BUSINESS STARTS AND DEPENDS ON, HOW THE SYSTEM IS SET UP… NOT ALL MLM'S ARE SET UP THE SAME OR CORRECTLY… That is WHY THEY FAIL… Assuming EVERY BUSINESS IS SET THE SAME IS IDIOTIC, Do your OWN RESEARCH, AND MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION, DON'T BE A SHEEP OR ROBOT!!

  16. The Direct Sales Industry is a $34.5 Billion Industry! Those who don't do well is because they listen to Dudes like this who obviously don't know the Truth. What would rather do Listen to this Dude whose Damning MLM to lure you into HIS TRAP or Create up to $3K to $10K Monthly using just $10 and $20 per month? Watch Giovanni Wade's "The Only Plan You Need in 2020" in YouTube BTW, I'll Train You!

  17. I’m pursuing fellowship in SOA. There may be membership dues in Society of actuaries but at least they have promising career options unlike ACN

  18. LOOK! Network Marketing is the 21st Century Business model that is on the rise. No body need ur advice?! who are you to tell? Network Marketing is recommended by people like Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet even Donald Trump. Everybody knows that they are the people who changed the world, who give solutions to the problems. WHO ARE YOU TO TELL? you are just a youtuber with bunch of subricbers. what solutions you gave to the world? huh?

    I feel pity for the people watch such videos. cuz u spend your money and time to take this regular persons opinion. May be this person just ruined the one chance that can be the turning point of your life. Think about that. You are taking advice from a regular youtuber who did nothing to the society but posting videos and do what he likes. Choice is urs anyway.

  19. I totally disagree with you, because I started (wanted to know why people register) with little amount of money ($619 precisely) yet I made more than $10,000 without buy any product or services from this company.

    Network Marketing works and don't mislead people based on your experience with one or two other companies

  20. I almost got into a MLM recently. It was Herbalife. It sounded good at first because the guy didn't talk about money as much as he talked about getting people healthy, but I was still skeptical. I talked to my brother and he immediately said "that's a pyramid scheme." I researched the company and am so glad I did. I don't think the guy I talked to was evil. He genuinely seemed like he wanted to get people healthy, but the company is not good. Not only is it a MLM, which is bad enough, but I heard from multiple sources that their products aren't actually healthy in the long run. I am so glad that I tend to research before making big decisions. It's also a fault sometimes because I overthink things. Anyways, thanks for the video.

  21. Bob Proctor “I would go in network marketing immediately. I think if it didn’t exist, we should invent it. It is that good”
    Jim Rohn “network marketing is the big wave of the future. It takes the place of franchising, which now requires too much capital for the average person.”
    Bill Gates “if i would be given a chance to start all over again, I would choose network marketing”
    Les Brown “network marketing has produced more millionaires than any other industry in the world”
    Donald Trump “If I we’re starting over today, I would make millions in the Network Marketing industry”
    The list could go on and on…
    Yet people are so quick to call everything a scam lol. Scam = Still Confused About Money

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