Dual SIM case switcher for iPhone (one iPhone with 2 SIM Cards) – Review

REVIEW by Baly23 That’s the switch, it supports 1 MicroSIM and 1 MiniSIM. Avaiable also in TRI-SIM version (1 Micro + 2 Mini). That’s the black back cover. Note the space for the adaptor. I added the velcro, not inlcuded in the package. Insert the smaller part of the circuit in the MicroSIM slot. Put the primary SIM on it. Insert carefully the slot in the iPhone. Turn your phone face-down and eventually use an adaptor MicroSIM->MiniSIM. Put the secondary SIM in it. Use the cover to protect your adaptor and your phone. WIND is my primary operator. Settings>Phone>SIM Applications>Switch Number>SIM2.3ITA is my secondary operator. Auto/SW is for AutoSwitch SIM. It change the number automatically when the signal is low. Very good design, like rubber at touch. Easy to put in silent mode, bit difficoult press the volume keys. Easy access for 3.5mm jack and power button. Connect to quite every dock and with any cable. Speaker and microphone free from cover. Camera and flash are perfectly usable.

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  1. If we call from other mobile to sim 2 and if sim 1 is selected then the iphone will show incoming call??

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