(ENG SUB) 모토로라폴더블 스마트폰Razr 출시가 연기 된 이유.

Today’s check-out is the latest on Motorola’s foldable. Motorola will receive preorders for its foldable smartphone, the Razr, on Dec. 26 for its Verizon monopoly. The scheduled delivery date for the product is January 9, 2020 I put off both preorders and launch dates The reason for the delay stated in Motorola It’s not a product defect, it’s a temporary measure to handle explosive demand. .He said he wouldn’t be much behind schedule, but he said it was uncertain. The reason is lack of display. Father than rack of orders It is said to be the problem of China’s BOE, which supplies Motorola’s foldable display. Production of foldable displays that require high-level technology by BOE

They say there’s been a supply disruption because they can’t implement it. The bigger problem is that there are only Samsung displays in Korea and BOE in China that can make foldable displays. But BOE had this problem last year. The display provider for Huawei’s foldable phone, Mate X, was BOE. At this point, the supply is not as good as the technology is.
Despite the release, the sales have not been successful. That’s why Huawei is reportedly looking to diversify its display supply chain. Against this backdrop, we don’t expect to see the launch of the Motorola foldable smartphone laser. Motorola Pollable Smartphone Laser came out in the early 2000s and brought back the shape of the popular Motorola Razor phone. Sophisticated design, compact size, and expectations for foldable smartphones

I and several other consumers were waiting for the launch. I hope it will be released soon by solving the problem of low display. It’s been a check-out. I’ll be back with some useful information.

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