[eng subs] Motorola’s rap

Now I’d like to… Send exclusive regards To Dmitry Yarosh For his soldiers-salouronists [ed. mocking about Bandera followers’ slogan “Slava Ukrayini” — “Glory to Ukraine” as “Salo Uronili” — “Dropped the salo” Rightsexualists [ed. mocking about Right Sector, which is shortened as “Pravosek”, which resembles the way word “homosexualist” is shortened to “homosek”] and Bandar-logs [ed. obviously referring to Stepan Bandera] Check this out Bang!Bang!Bang! Gunfire heard Bangbang!Bang!Bang!Bang! But I’m glad about it Bang!Bang!Bang! Three thugs lying on the ground Bangbang!Bang!Bang!Bang! And I’m glad about it

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  1.  Thank you Kazzura for all the translations that you have done.  It is much appreciated in the west by those of us who "have a clue".. . . . .I'm afraid that  gooogle translations just gives garbled crap, but then maybe thats the plan – our "overlords" don't want the majority getting the real story/whole picture.   
    And while he's in a rapping mood here's my  attempt:

    Motorola, Motorola,  what can I say,
    only a little guy – Long may he SLAY
    With the balls of an elephant he leads his men
    "Bang,Bang,Bang" Lets do it again 

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