Episode 11 – Oslo In Rs. 20,000 – Cheap Norway Hostel, Flights, Sim, Food, Parties, Nightlife, City

40 lakh rupees !!! 40 lakh Indian rupees for a maruti suzuki swift if you buy it in Oslo. and how much do you expect to pay in insurance ? I am traveling desi and today I am in
Norways’ capital Oslo and in this video I’ll be sharing with you, how to explore Oslo on a small budget . Like all other Scadinavian countries, Norway is a highly taxed economy but this is also a social welfare state. For example , mommies get a fully paid maternity leave of 46 weeks and daddies get a 15 week paternity leave . And if you’re unemployed, you get a decent allowance from the government if you’re sick , you get free treatment and basic things like schooling for kids from school to university, everything is free. And cleanliness is a very important aspect here and you can’t find any garbage even if you look for it . And the sky is shiny blue, as Norway is one the worlds’ most environment cautious countries. This is why petrol and diesel cars are heavily taxed over here, and expensive tolls. from which they manage their expenses on public transport. But otherwise, electric cars get a lot of rebate, and so I can see a lot of Teslas’ in the parking lot. There is one , there is two and a lot of them behind me as well. But for a traveler, like every other big city in Norways’ capital and their cultural hub i.e. Oslo other than nightlife, city tours and social activities the three most expensive things are, stay , food and exploring the city. and in this video, I will tell you how can you do all these in an efficient and budget friendly way. Public universities are free for everyone and I’m pretty sure they are free for everyone outside of Norway as well even like it doesn’t matter if you’re from Europe or Latin America or from Asia somewhere, I’m pretty sure its free for most people, or India, so come over . As I was alone, I chose to stay in a 30 bed dorm at Anker apartment hostel which I booked through hostelworld.com for four nights for around 2000 rupees a night. But if you prefer a private room, or you’re a couple you can get a double occupancy room at airbnb.com for around 4000 to 6000 rupees per night. or a hotel that can cost around 7000 to 10,000 rupees a night, which didn’t make any sense for me as I was alone In any international city, your travel is incomplete until you get to chat with the locals there. During my travels, I use the events feature of the couchsurf app through which you can meet locals and fellow travellers and socialise withe them in a friendly environment. Alright guys, so I am at my couchsurf event, and there are a lot of people here and most of them are form Oslo. And its a myth the a single person cannot enjoy nightlife The very next day my new friends invited me to play some board games in a multilevel entertainment and bar facility. This place is at the city centre and a beer can cost around 900 rupees. And after some board games, we are going to _______, which is just 150 meters from here. And that’s not it, we went to a lot of bars after that and had a lot of fun. Game is like this, only 4 points . And we did all this in Grunerlokka area, which is known for its trendy bars, nightclubs and restaurants . Once you are in the city, the best way to explore it is public transport. and the tram and bus network in Oslo is excellent. And this is a 24 hour day pass, which is used in public transport and when you enter a bus, a train or a tram you have to checkin the pass like this. And you’re 24 hours start from when you use it the first time. A full day unlimited ride pass can cost 80 Norwegian Kroners and a single journey ticket that is valid for 1 hour in trams and buses can cost 35 Kroners. Like me, you cam also make a public transport navigation in google maps. or you can also use the stop information in buses after every stop. Alright, so I have to take bus number 30 and I am over here, and I have to cross all these stops and go over here. Folkemuseet As public transport navigation isn’t available in offline mode and so you need data, and hence a sim card . And the cheapest option for a sim card in Norway is Mycall and if you buy a sim card from their own store, you can get the sim card for free and you can get 1 gb of data for around 80 Kroners or 800 Indian rupees. But if you buy this card from a convenience store, the sim card itself will cost 50 Kroners. So over here, the card is free, you just have to pay for data. To get familiar with any city’ navigation or public transport on you first day, you should visit all those places where there is no ticket. And so you should start from the city centre which in case of most European cities is either central station
or city hall. Free guided tours are offered over here in which the guides show us and explain those paintings that increase the value of that hall in which every year on 10th of December the Nobel Peace prize is given. And court marriages take place over here, in the city hall And this is the city councils’ office and this is the mayors’ chair, which is a lady today. And you can spot such guided tours throughout the city for which you don’t need to pay You can simply got to the website of free tour Oslo and signup for a free guided tour, after which you just have to pay a small tip to the guide, not a fees. Right in front of the city hall , is the Oslo fjord which is a geographical water inlet made due to glaciers. You can also take a ferry from here that will take you to the nearby islands where the locals go to chill. And the best part is, these ferries are also included in the transport pass. This place is very lowkey and there are very few people and you can just find a quite and private spot and definitely do a picnic here. or maybe you could just sit back and relax And this island is somewhat a playground, because a lot of locals come here for hiking or swimming or to enjoy the weather, specially in summers . Other than exploring these islands or relaxing you can enjoy some amazing views of the Oslo fjord from these ferries. And on the way back , you can see a beautiful castle which is now a park type setting where you can climb up a tower and enjoy some elevated views of Oslo. And on the other side of this castle is archbridge port area made in modern Scandinavian architectural design and is one of the most expensive places in this city. And there is the city’ financial centre as well. Just a few years back, this place was just an industrial warehouse and port which has now been converted into a lively and strikingly modern condo community. By the way , a one bedroom condo over here can cost around 4 to 5 crore rupees. The Norwegian culture is based on the christian culture
Okay! But Norway today is very secular in the culture
you know in general ! As winters are very hard in Nordic region the locals tend to enjoy their summers completely and so there are various free swimming facilities in the city. And the best way to end a busy, sweaty and tiring day is to take a dip in the canals or the fjord over here. And the people are enjoying their summers over here so I thought to stop here and take a dip as well. And this is also a good place to meet the locals and talk with them I just took a dip here, and I am completely fresh now not feeling the heat anymore as the water was very cold and nice. I finally went to my couchsurf event from here, which was my socialising night scene so basically I saw half of central Oslo with just a 24 hour transport pass. And to this much in a day, you require a lot of food. For my food, I chose the immigrant communitys’ grocery stores in front of the railway station where desi food like Haldirams ready to eat meals, lentils, rice and other than 4 chapatis for 100 rupees vegetables were available for the cheapest pieces in Scandinavia . And mostly burger meals for 600 rupees form mcdonalds or a sub of the day from subway for 350 rupees or quite expensive food trucks where a burger meal can cost around 1000 rupees avoiding all those, I used to take groceries to my hostel kitchen and used to cover an entire meal in 200 to 250 rupees. I’ve been living in a rental place I don’t own an apartment How much is the rent ? Umm well I’m right now eating like 11,000 Norwegian kroners for a studio a studio ? which not even a one bedroom apartment !!! So a studio is basically a furnished room that has a washroom, a bed and the kitchen as well. At the city centre right in front of central station is this city’ main pedestrian shopping street which is known as the karl johan street and you can easily spend upto hours over here. And a little ahead from this street comes the parliament building which was completed in 1866. And a little ahead comes the royal palace !! And this is Karl Johan and the shopping street was named after him and it goes straight to the central station from here. And nearby is the Oslo opera and the people can go up their roof directly. And a little ahead on this street comes the
National Theatre of Oslo. You know, we got taxes and everything specially alcohol
Yeah specially alcohol. We are coming to that !!! The alcohol in Norway is government regulated and is available only on this shop “winmonopole’ which means wine monopoly . Any type of hard liquor is available till 8 pm on weekdays and till 6 pm on saturdays and sundays are off for them as well. Alcoholic drinks over here are very expensive as they are highly taxed. And black label is for around 4500 rupees. Chivas for 4000 rupees as well Jack Daniel for 3000 rupees for 750 ml.
It is super expensive. So it is smart to buy hard liquor from the airport duty free . And even, two of my surgeries have been in England as well Wow
But the Norwegian governments reach is so far that even if you have surgery in England you are covered by the Norwegian government for medical expenses . The best way to explore Oslo’ history and their Norse culture is to spend some time in a few museums over here. And the best option for that is the Oslo pass in which around 60 tourist attractions are included from which you can choose your favourites from the oslo pass website. And this pass is also available in a 48 hour and 72 hour option but is a little expensive And I am out for my third day, and today is museum day as I bought the Oslo pass today but it is valid for only 24 hours, and this pass cost me around 3500 rupees and public transport is included So I can recover 800 rupees in 24 hours at least
And I am first going to the Viking Ship museum. And this is a viking boat which is around 1000 years old in which some fearsome viking warriors went to Paris from Norway by rowing the boat by hand and after crossing Iceland and Greenland they reached Canada . And this is Munch museum which is dedicated to a famous painter Edvard Munch. And does that work with education as well? Because you told me you studied in England. Yes ! Yeah so I get a loan/grant and 60% of the money that I took from the state I have to pay back but 40% is just given to me. Today is my 4th and last day in Oslo and I am out of my hostel and I am going to Folkemuseet which is around 8 to 10 bus stops far from here and I have to take a bus from front of my hostel. And it will take around half an hour for me to reach and I will use my Olso pass in which access to the museum is free. In this museum, 150 houses from different eras from Norway have been brought here. which comes to life with actors roaming around in middle age costumes. This is a very wealthy family who resided here in the 1761 this is the year the house was built and as you are observing this is a very nice kitchen
Absolutely ! and this in general is a very nice household. And here you can enjoy some Norwegian folk dance with some fellow travellers. And this is the Edvard Munch section in the National Art Gallery with most of his popular painting in display and if you can see the crowd behind me, there is
‘The Scream’ which is one of the most popular paintings he made. And in Norway if you lose a job you always have support from the government its called NAV ‘Norwegian _____ something ‘ You go to them and they process your application and they start paying you on a monthly basis till you get a job Alright so its basically unemployment allowances. I came to Oslo from Denmarks’ capital Copenhagen by a 2500 rupees bus that I booked through goeuro.com But if you want to explore Norway you can get a return flight ticket from Delhi for around 32,000 rupees and for 37,000 rupees from Mumbai
if you book 2 to 3 months in advance. I spent 8000 rupees for my accommodation in this beautiful city . And arranged my food for the day from this grocery store and now I am going back to my hostel,
I spent 2000 rupees in total in food. Bought 4 grilled chicken legs for 800 rupees. Got a single day Oslo pass for 3400 rupees. A sim card for 800 rupees 2200 rupees for public transport passes for 3 days and had an orange juice for 400 rupees. And this was a brief summary of my 4 day amazing trip to Oslo. And I hope you liked this single but detailed city guide so don’t forget to hit the like button and for more videos every week hit the subscribe button and the bell icon . I don’t want to be a part of those people who died over here trying to take a selfie and the valley is just behind me so I am gonna go back now, my legs are shivering .

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