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Many of you asked me about How to Export DNG
Presets in Lightroom Mobile. And I had no Answer regarding that! Now, with the recent Lightroom 5.0 update,
I’ve got the answer for that question. In this episode of lightroom series, we’ll
be discussing about how to export Dng presets without any external aid. Without any further we do, let’s get started!!! This is Pavan from PiXinCreate. If this is your first time here and you wanna
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the bell so that you don’t miss anything! And now, let’s move on with the video. In our previous videos, we had discussed about
creating and editing presets. If you haven’t watched it yet, then here’s
the link appearing at the top right corner. Go ahead and checkout that after the end of this video! Recently, with the lightroom 5.0 update, which
can be considered as one of the major update, provides you the option to export images in
the DNG format! If you havent checked it out yet, let’s see
it together! I dont want to waste much time, so I’ll apply
the preset directly which I created before recording this video. Goto presets… Experiments…(Because its still in development
state)… Done! Now, we’ve retouched our photo and its time
to save it. As I had said in the previous videos,
If you want, you can keep it on your phone, In the data folder i.e., in the XMP format. If you wanna save it in the raw format, then
here’s what you should do. Click on the share button. Then EXPORT, then select the ‘file type’ Then ‘DNG’ You can add your copyright info, location info and Captions, Metadata etc., With the ‘More Options’ button Then Click on ‘Okay’ the Image is now EXPORTING Done! Now let’s see whether it’s saved in the DNG format or not in the IMAGE GALLERY We’ve opened the photo, to confirm that the
image is in the dng format, what you should do is that, checkout the info of this image by clicking this ‘i’ button. As we can see here, the extension of this
image is in the .DNG format which is RAW. And that’s pretty much it! If you found this video useful, drop a like. and do Subscribe not just subscribe ring the
bell so that you’ll be notified whenever I post a new and awesome video. I’ll be signing off and see you, in the next

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