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Kids. And some days you just want to
close them in a box leave the box in the park and run away you know. Hey guys its shade here, in this video we will take a look at the Wondershare’s new app
which is FamiSafe and see if is the best parental control app for you to
track your kids activity. MUSIC We do everything we can to make our kids the
best people on the planet, even though I’m not a parent not even near to getting married. But I know how my parents feel like. There’s nothing anxious
not knowing where your child is and what he is doing in the real world. But we everyday put stone on the heart and send our kids to the real world. As a parent you want to save a child from all the harmful activities that is kidnapping,
cyber bullying, addiction to games, porn and social media. But how you gonna do
that? This is where the parental control app comes into action. Wondershare is making a lot of softwares form ages like Filmora, PDF Elements, Recoverit
and other softwares. And this is their new app which is FamiSafe and it’s a parental control app. But without wasting any time let’s get into the app. So famiSafe is a free to download app which you can download from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. First download it to your phone, in this case we are going
to install this on our iPhone. After successfully downloading the apps you can see some key features on the startup. You can see the real-time location of
the kids, set up the screen time regulations and report device activities. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you can login or sign up for
a new account. In this case we are going to make a new one. Now here you need to enter your email ID set the password. After creating an account you need to indicate that this is your device that is the parent’s device. Now you need to setup this on your kids device which you can do it by
heading over to your kid’s device. In this case we are going to use this on an
Android device. So head over to the Playstore and search for the FamiSafe and install that. Now after opening the app you need to log into your FamiSafe account that we have used earlier on our parent device. Select the kids from the option and set the name and the age of the kid. In this case we are assuming
that his name is Alex and he’s 12 years old. Hit next and you need to give some
permissions to the app, so that the app can adjust the setting according to you command. Tap enable now, select FamiSafe, toggle
switch to on and hit OK. Head back to the app and tap enable now
for the app supervision. Now select the FamiSafe and permit usage access. In the next step we are going to enable device administration. Now Tap enable now, select activate this device admin app. Now you grant location access for
the real-time location and done. Now the app you set it up hit done and you can head back to your device. So family safe comes with three day free trial with all premium features access which you can upgrade at any time but as of now we will close that. Now on the app startup there are quite a few things that we can see here. First it shows the real-time location of the Alex And not only the app is showing its location but also battery left on Alex device and last update. Now below that we can see some couple of features. We can set up geofencing from
here. Now geofencing can help us by giving notification when Alex enters or
leaves a specific location that we set up. Select add to add a new geofencing
parameters. First name what this location is, for example let’s say this is our
home location lets name this has home. Now you need to select location, you can search for your home location in this field. and you can input the range of this location
from 100 meters to 1000 meters. Now whenever Alex get in or out of this area we will get notified hit save and you’re done. Now you can also set up multiple
locations like school, swimming classes, etc. So whenever your kid reaches the
school you get notification straight to your device. Now you can also set the
smart control schedule. Smart schedule can also help you to block the device
when they shouldn’t be using it for example we don’t want Alex to use a
smart phone in school, so we add the location of a school and geofence that. Then we can add start and end time for the schedule and set this to repeat from Monday to Friday. We have successfully set it up as smart schedule. Now back to the home screen of the app. We can see that he is using this app the most, on detail we can also see other apps he’s using the most. So we can go ahead and
simply block the apps and as you can clearly see that on Alex device it says that you can use this app and even if Alex tried to be smart and try to remove this app from his phone. He can’t as in order to install this app he needs the FamiSafe account password. Now moving on being inside the screen time limit for the Alex which will set certain time limit for Alex to use his device and after that limited time the device will
be blocked. So those were some of the features that we can see on the app launch but for more control we can head
over to the next tab which gives us more details about it. You can see the real-time location, location history, geofencing, smart schedule, screen time activity, app usage and blocker and web filtering. We have set it up all of these features from the app home screen except for the web filtering. This is where you can control Alex from watching social website, games, porn,
violence, drugs, shopping and other websites. In the next tab we can see
all of the notifications that we have received that alex has clicked the blocked
website, he reached home etc. You can also set the notification settings according to your preference. Now in the last tab we can see our account info and setting but you can see all of your kid’s device and also the time of the trial left. Now when it comes surprising it is own subscription-based as most of the services are and it cost $9.99 per month $19.99 per quarter or you can pay yearly at $59.99 which saves over 50% over the monthly subscription. So I think that FamiSafe is the best parenting control solution that I came so far and it is made by renowned company Wondershare who are making some great products, even though the pricing might be a little higher for some but for the security and bright future of a son or daughter this can be looked as an
investment and if you get the yearly subscription it’s $5 a month paid annually. After all we don’t want our kids to be messed up millennials, right? So what you guys think about the FamiSafe? is it worth it or not? Let us know
in the comments down below. And that’s the today’s video thank you so much for watching. Hit the like button if you are an awesome parents and hit the subscribe
button if your best parents on planet and I’ll catch you guys in the next one MUSIC

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  1. Videos Are Very Professional , Firstly i thought its Some Foreign Youtuber ☝️ Camera is Awesome
    Just Sub 👍

  2. Looks really good. Can you control / filter adult websites while child is on social media sites such as FB, Instagram, YouTube etc?

  3. Does this allow for the Kid to need the password to install apps? or add a phone number? or block any phone number not in the contacts list? I don't see anything like this from their website… as does it disable the Kid from turning of Data on their phone? stopping their location from being seen?

  4. Does this app work the same on iPhones and androids? I have an android, but my kids have iPhones. Will I be able to pause or set time limits on their phones?

  5. Is it possible to turn on the front and back camera of the mobile phone of the child , so that we are able to see a live stream of our child on our mobile phones?

  6. Whoa! Slow down PJ! It’s difficult to keep up with your Indglish! I’ll move on and check this app with a different presenter….

  7. There are several pornographic websites that get through the apple parental controls. Is there anywhere to contact apple to let them know to block these sites?

  8. I finally contacted a cyber expert programmer called Andriano_cohen from United States on IG: He gave me a spy software Application, that usually keeps me informed of where my family members are and on what ever they are up too! at same time, I have access to my partners phone and full notices of my child internet activity, still i can also block any suspicious contacts if such occur…. you can also contact him on WhatsApp +1(978)706-3076 or Email— [[email protected]] for help;

  9. I finally contacted a cyber expert programmer called Andriano_cohen from United States on IG: He gave me a spy software Application, that usually keeps me informed of where my family members are and on what ever they are up too! at same time, I have access to my partners phone and full notices of my child internet activity, still i can also block any suspicious contacts if such occur…. you can also contact him on WhatsApp +1(978)706-3076 or Email— [[email protected]] for help;

  10. Wait let’s say your child kept downloading Instagram how would you stop them from searching or downloading it on the App Store like if you block the app they can’t see it or search it up

  11. Do I understand this right: I don't even have to open my teenagers handy? And….I can't read whattsapp and other chats? I would have never wanted to do this, but now it seems to be necessaire.

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  13. Besides informing me of what apps my child may be using, will this also inform me of any calls he/she may make or receive? To include the numbers dialed? Can I also receive any text messages he/she may send out or receive?

  14. My kid would hack it to watch me. Are delete the app in 3 mins. Unless your kid don't mind this being on the phone is the only way it would work .Drink coffee much.

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