FAQ – Minitor VI (6) pager from Motorola

Frequently asked questions about the
Minitor 6 pager. One of the first question you should ask
yourself is where you want to buy the pager from. We are a
Motorola dealer we buy these pagers direct from Motorola we do not buy them through third-party.
You may find that many of your small local dealers actually are not Motorola
dealers. They go out and they find the Minitor 6 pager from somebody else, they buy it from
somebody else and then they sell to you. So you’re
actually the third person that would have the Minitor 6 it would go from Motorola to somebody else, to the person you bought it
from and then to you! So we at P&W buy our pages directory
Motorola. We order them for Motorola, Motorola send
them to us we send them straight to you. Another thing you want to take a look at when your going to buy these Minitor 6 pagers is the type to support you’re going to
get. Often times you’ll find that other dealers, they lack a lot of technical
knowledge about the pager. You try asking them a question about how the
pager works, or how the pager functions and you’re likely to
find a very vague answer or answer that is not very deep, or an answer
that you probably or even knew the answer to. Here at P&W we sell a lot of these pages we can answer just about any question that you can possibly think of about these pagers. So when you’re
looking to get these pagers the best thing to do is look for a
Motorola dealer and a dealer that knows the product. We do you have competitive prices, you may find another pager, someplace else at a really low price often times you’ll also get very poor service with a very low
price we have an 800 number that you can call any day Monday through Friday there’s always
going to be somebody there to answer your questions. You may have run across a problem before dealing
other dealers or other vendors were you call them you leave a message they don’t call you
back you call them again in a couple days They still call you back, and if you’re
lucky they give you a call back but then you’re on the phone and they leave your
message and you call them back, and you know the
deal with that. so we try to be here Monday through Friday at our 800 number for you to call and be able to talk to a
person The process to order the pager from us is usually fairly easy as well. We deal with many fire departments and
depending on your department and the way you wish to pay for it we have several
different options for you. The most common option is that you would send us a purchase order or
letter agreement that your going to purchase
number these Minitor 6 pagers, you would send
this that your letterhead for example or if
you have official purchase order system, you would send us your purchase order. We would then work off that purchase order or your letterhead. We send the pagers to the
address that you specified we would then send you a bill in the mail,
you would have 30 days to pay the bill. That’s the easiest way to do it, and that’s how
a lot of departments typically do it. We also do accept
credit cards so if you wish to pay with a credit card
for example we could take a credit card over the phone We can also take a credit card through our
website. So process to order it is usually fairly easy and simple we also offer discounts if you want to send in the payment ahead
of time, that’s called a prepayment so for example you could order five or ten
pagers we give would give you the total amount of your order. You then mail and it check to
us at our address once we receive your check then we would
send out the pagers to you and we do provide a had discount if you wish to pre-pay it. One of the changes for the Minitor 6 pager is now comes with either
one or a five channel model. The order pagers, the threes and fours and fives all either had a one or two channel Motorola has upped the number of channels to either one five channels. The channels
themselves are selectable with this knob on the top. In this picture you may be
able to see the letters they go from A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H There is basically 8 positions here and each of these positions
represent a channel or a setting. So for example if you had a one channel
pager each of these knobs be on the same
channel let’s say your frequency was 154.25 each of these channels would be on 154.25 but then you can specify how you want it
to operate for example on A you might have it vibrate,
in B you might have monitor and C you might
have it tone alert only and so you have various
options how you want to set up these knobs if
you get to five channel model you can do the same thing with all five
channels so in other words you could set channel one here to A with vibrate, you can set channel 1
here – on the B to monitor. You can set knob position C to channel 2 or you set it to channel 3 same with D-E-F you can set this the
channel 4 or 5 or whatever knob setting you wanted to use. One of the things that pager can do is it
can scan two channels but you can only scan the two channels on one knob position. So for
example on A you could stand channel one and
channel two even though you have a 5-channel pager
you cannot scan all five channels at the same time. You have to pick two channels you want
to scan. So you can scan channel one and channel two on A and then you can scan channel 1 and channel 4 on be for example or some combination
that you may like. Each channel can have 10 sets the
tones so if you did get a five channel model channel one can have 10 sets of tones channel two can can have 10 sets tones and so forth. If you think you may need channels in
the future it would be a good idea for you to buy
the pager with five channel option to begin with
because you can never had additional channels later. The pager
either comes with one or 5 and that’s it you can ever change it. So you might have one channel now but you might in the future need more and it wouldn’t be a bad idea
to buy five channel pager but just use it as a
one channel that way you can anticipate possibly
needing more channels future and you don’t need to replace all
your pagers, you just simply already have the pager that you’ve been using and you can just reprogram that to the additional channels. One of the nice
things about the Minitor VI is it does have an expanded band split. In the older pagers you might
had a band split for example 151-158MHz and all your channels had to be within that small
range say 151-158 the Minitor VI 6 has a much wider band split in both VHF and the UHF So you could have a channel that’s say 154 and other channel that’s a 163 a lot of your NOAA Weather Channel and the 163 range and
then you might have another odd channel up in the 170 range maybe a
neighboring county or a repeater of some sort. and all 3 of those channels could be put onto
one pager. So even though you only use one
Channel right now let’s say your main dispatched channel you might have a neighboring county you might want to set up a NOAA weather monitor on your pager and this pager can do it because it has the
expanded band split versus the older Minitor 5’s and 4’s which had a fairly narrow band split on each receiver board The Minitor VI now comes with a two year
warranty. The Minitor 5’s and the older 3’s and 4’s only came with a one-year. This
is the standard warranty from Motorola this is what’s included when
you purchase the pager. So it doesn’t cost you any additional money.
The two year warranty is direct from Motorola. What that
means is you would send a pager straight back to Motorola and Motorola would sent it straight back to
you if you needed a type a service. So even if you bought the pagers from us and say we’re in Florida and you’re in Wyoming you don’t want to send it to Florida and
then we send it to Motorola, then Motorola sends it to us and we send it back to you. You send it direct to Motorola and Motorola sends it back to you. This speeds up to warranty repair time and
also alleviates a lot of the problems that
you encounter with having third-party your repair work for you. The pagers themselves do come with an
optional warranty you can get a three-year or
five-year and it’s important that you realize this
is the total number years not 3 or 5 in addition to the to 2
that it comes with. So if you get a three year warranty you
have a total of three years other words you get here just to get one
additional year warranty past the standard two-year warranty. Most people get the five year warranty
and if you do some calculations you’ll find out that – if the pager were
to break one time within the warranty period the
warranty pays for itself. So if you want to take your chance and
say the pagers not gonna break within the five years you’ll be ahead of the game. If you think
the pager is gonna break at some point and time and you’re gonna need to send it in for
repair you’re going to find the five year
warranty is actually less expensive or about the same price as getting it
repaired. So it’s up to you and your budget but
lot of people do opt for the five year warranty that way you don’t need to
worry about repairs in the future. A budget from say two years from now or three years from now you don’t know what that’s going to be but it’s nice to know that you got your pagers covered under that warranty. That way if you are short one of your years in the future you don’t have to
worry about getting these pager repaired in paying for repair bills
for that. When you buy a pager from P&W we have a 30-day replacement warranty on the pager and what that
means if you get pager and you take it out a box and maybe use it for a few days and it just stopped working for some
reason it doesn’t receive or has an audio problem or it doesn’t
charge or whatever maybe the problem we have a replacement warranty for it and that means we’ll send you a brand new pager and you will return the old pager. The old pager will not get
repaired it simply goes back to Motorola and it’s
considered an box failure. In other words it probably didn’t work right in from the factory it probably didn’t work right when you took it out of the box. Those type of repair problems can be quite frustrating for customers in that you just got this new pager three days later it’s not working and
now what are your going to do? You have to send it off to get repaired you’re going to have to wait for it to
come back to you and even then you’re going to have then a repaired pager It would be much better just to get a brand
new pager instead of the broken one that you received. So here at P&W we do offer a 30 day
replacement so if you get your new pager, within
that thirty day period it breaks give us a call will get you a new pager, you’ll send
back the old pager and its it’s usually very quick to do that as
well. After the 30-day period – you would then
send the pagers to Motorola for a warranty repair. The thought being if the pagers worked for 30
days and then it breaks its it’s probably going to be maybe
damage from the user or just damage from normal wear and tear and it’s no longer an out-of-box failure
it’s a it’s a failure that has crept up during the normal use of the pager. So after
the 30 days you’re going to be sending it direct
Motorola to get repaired you would not get a replacement after the 30
period. Then after the two year warranty is up
we will be repairing the Minitor VI pagers So you’ll have a two year warranty from
Motorola and if you’re pager breaks say on the 3rd
year you didn’t buy that extended warranty, you
can send it to us and we will repair the pager. All the
repairs we do are in house, we do not send the pages of to a third party, we do not send the pagers off to Motorola you send the pagers to us, we fix the pager and we send it back to you and that’s a little bit different than a
lot of other dealers, if you’re going to your local Motorola dealer I can almost guarantee you he send your pager off to someplace else.
He sends it off to us or he sends it off to Motorola or he sends it off to another radio dealer to do the repair. Almost none of the local dealers will repair the pagers for you, but we do all the
repairs in-house so if you ever do you have a
problem with your Minitor VI we’ll be able to repair that for you. One or the other common questions we get
here at P&W is about the programming. How does the
programming work? How does the software work? How does the the interface work and it’s actually fairly
simple. If you’ve ever programmed a Minitor 5 before you’ll be very comfortable using the
Minitor 6 software its going to be very similar to the
Minitor 5 The Minitor 6 does have quite a few new
options or somewhat different options but it’s very similar the first time you use the software it may take
a little bit a time for you to get familiar with it and we’re all the settings and
options are but once you do that you’ll be able to
program pager in minute, two minutes or just just to make a minor change just takes 30 seconds so it’s really a very easy and simple
process to do once you get the hang of it. The software
itself is going to be free to download and Motorola has a software on their website
but if you’ve ever been to Motorola’s website you’ll know you’ve kind of got to navigate then click on this and navigate
through a bunch of menus. We make it easy if you go to our
website at pwservice.com we have linked directly to Motorola’s
website to download the software. We don’t keep the software on our
website because Motorola often times does updates to the software and rather than
forgetting to do the updated to our website and you
downloading old version software we give you did
point directly to Motorola so you can get download the software
straight from Motorola to get the latest version. The programming interface which is here this little picture, is actually a
very inexpensive piece of hardware, you may be
familiar with some of the older minitor 3’s and 4’s and 5’s. The interfaces were in a two hundred dollar range. Depending on what options you got $150 $200 or $300 somewhere in that range. This is actually a very inexpensive programmer Motorola basically wants you want’s everybody, wants all the departments
to take control and to be able to program your own
equipment, rather than rely on your dealer taking a pager back to the dealer and changing some options or changing a frequency or changing a tone then they giving it back to you and of course they gonna charge you for that!
Motorola has made this programmer are very inexpensive and the software is free. So there’s
really no reason for any department not program their own Minitor VI pager The interface itself has a USB cable the USB cable connects straight to your computer. Some of the older interfaces had serial port connectors and if you didn’t have a serial port
which a lot of the newer computer’s don’t its sorta getting phased out because that’s sort of an old technology most new computers are gonna have a USB
instead of a serial port. The older pager programmers needed an interface like a USB to serial adapter. The Minitor 6 has a built into the cradle the USB connected
directly. So you just take a cable which plugs
into the back and you plug it straight into your computer that’s all you do. Your computer then actually recognizes this cradle, it then installs the software that is used to drive this and then you simply load the software and to it make a very simple what you would do is if you were gonna
say program one of these pagers is first you would go to our website which would link you to Motorola’s website where you would download the software. On our website we also have default files and what that allows you
to do is download the default file all the settings and all the options will already be in this the default file, the only thing
you need to do is put in your frequency put in your page tones and program the
pager. All the default settings and options are going to be in there and that allows you to get set up
and working really quick then once your pagers working like you
like it you can go back into the software and
you can customize all the knobs and all the other settings but just to get started you download the
software, you download the default file you put in your frequency, you put in
your tones you connect it to your computer, you program it. The whole process takes about
five minutes now I’m just saying 5 minutes because I know how to do it. The first time you do it, it may take you a little bit longer but it’s a very simple process to do. One of the interesting things about the new Minitor 6 from Motorola is the cost the pager itself. This may come as for as surprised you, it actually comes as a
surprise to many people is the Minitor 6 is less expensive than
a Minitor 5 and so let me say that again, you get a new
Minitor 6 it’s actually less than the minitor 5 was. So you’re getting a brand new pager
that’s been redesigned it’s actually a much better pager than the Minitor 5 it comes with a two year warranty rather than a one year warranty and it costs less money! It’s hard to beat that – so pretty much everybody to looks at these Minitor 6’s are
buying them. They’re very easy to sell the are very well received by customers if you’re thinking about getting the
pager but are going I don’t know? I don’t know if I want to get the sixes
because I have the fives, I may have had some trouble or maybe we have threes and fours and we are phasing them
out, that we’ve had some issues with them I wouldn’t be concerned with it, I would go straight to the Minitor VI buy some I almost guarantee you, you will like them. They have been very well received by most
of our customers and if you’ve used the Minitor 5 before you’ll be very familiar with the Minitor 6
because it’s going to be almost the same size and shape and
function. The pager itself will come with a one channel and that’s the
standard pager with Stored Voice. Keep in mind all the
minitor 6’s now includes Stored Voice whether you want it or not. The minitor 5
had that as an option but the Minitor 6 now include Stored Voice every pager. All the pagers have a
vibrate function they have a standard USB charger and a
lithium-ion battery pack. The USB charger – what that is, on the
back the charger there is a plug that you can plug a
USB cable into and then you can plug directly into your
computer. The USB cable does not come with the
pager or the charger. The USB cable would have to
be purchased separately it’s a common cable that you probably have
laying around maybe on a smartphone or something else that you purchased might
have a USB cable and it’s a standard USB cable that can be used with this charger. If
you don’t want to plug it into a computer to charge that’s not a problem you can plug it
straight into the wall. The charger comes with a power supply
that plugs directly into the wall. The battery itself is a lithium-ion lithium-ion technology is a modern new technology its used in just about
all your cell phone now a days, it’s actually a very
lightweight battery it holds its charge better than the
older batteries and this is an upgrade on your Minitor VI versus the Minitor 5. The pager itself has a two year warranty included. So your total price would be $369 that’s for a one channel pager with the charger battery and the whole
bit. We do offer quantity discounts which go down as low as $345 so if you’re looking to get 21 or more
pagers the price would be $345 This is just a a quick look at the
Minitor 6 verses the Minitor 5 pager. The Minitor 5 is here on the left. This is your Minitor 6 if you look at the with width of the pager it’s going to be very similar. You may notice the 6 looks a little bit thinner It’s just a very small amount thinner but it’s mainly due to this bulge here where this speaker’s at. If you hold them side by side they’re
nearly identical in size and then if you look at the height of it from the bottom to the top you’ll also notice that these are essentially
identical. The clip is going to be nearly same the knobs are going to be nearly the same,
the reset button is here verses the reset button here on your Minitor 5 Overall if you used a Minitor 5 and then
you started using a minitor 6 they are going to be so close to each other you’re not really going to notice that
you’re using a different pager but all the plastic on the Minitor 6 has been changed it does is a
different clip, different knobs, different housing, different
reset button. But overall it’s very similar in size. Here is another view this is the Minitor 5
and this is the Minitor 6 this is a view from the bottom. The big thing to look at here is these little holes for your Minitor 5 these would often times clog up with dirt and make it hard charge. Your minitor 6 has a large open space here where the charging
contacts are and they’re also very large, so you can
get a Q-tip or something in hear very easily
and clean these contacts out versus your Minitor 5 you often times had to maybe plunge it up and down into your charger to get a charge try to stick some little piece and here
to clean that out. The Minitor 6 has much larger charging
contacts. The other thing that you’ll notice here
is the battery, this one has a battery lock on the
bottom and the Minitor 5 had some problems
with the battery causing intermittent connection where the pager might turn on/off kind of cycle on and off on its own sometimes and to fix that
problem Motorola relocated the battery contacts and also relocated the battery lock to
the bottom of the pager. So you can see this has a battery pack
it kind of slides off just like the Minitor 5 but it is not interchangeable. Its approximately the same size but they do use different chargers
different batteries different programmers. Essentially everything about the minitor 6 is going to be different than your Minitor 5 it’ll be very close and functionality.

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