Finding Mold is Inevitable | Budget Mobile Home Remodel #8

hey everybody welcome back to the
channel we’re gonna continue working on the floor today in the dining room but
before we start tearing into the floor I have to move our workstation that’s in
our dining room out of the little cubby and put it over here on the new floor
we’ve already replaced this is a computer desk workstation kind of office
style hub for inside the home it’s not though desk and workstation
that I work at for my job that’s actually down in my workshop I built a
little room in my workshop and turned it into an office I’ve actually got a
playlist of that video series of how I converted it and I’ll put a link below
if you’re interested to see that alright let’s go ahead and get started welcome to the homestead guys we are
starting on another part of the floor today hopefully just pulling up the
sticky damp towels and the first layer of OSB yep we’re gonna try not to make
it too dirty today because it’s about 2:30 and afternoon right now
Angela’s mom’s watching the boys and we probably don’t have the three hours so
instead of like tearing up a destroying all the way down to this joist one
section we’re gonna make a broader where what she said this is also the kind of
the part of the floor that’s the walkthrough area so we can’t just pull
it up to the studs and leave it this is something that we’re gonna have to get
done at once yeah I think we’re trying to say us not making very much since
we’re gonna chair the floor up but not all the way there how’s that we have one for my eighth sheet of OSB
that we pulled up along with all the sticky that was on top of it we’re going
to go ahead and continue doing that throughout the kitchen because that’s
kind of the busy work of it it may not be the harder part that becomes that
would be the particle board trying to pull it up but we’re going to go ahead
and do as much of this as we can this is also the part of the job that we don’t
the kids walking on correct because then they’re stuck to the floor and this is
also since the floor is okay underneath it we don’t have to worry about anybody
falling through we originally put down this stick downs ha when we moved in and
not long after we put it down there was one right here at the door a
living room that developed a bump it is bugged us for years so we’re about to
find out what in the world we left forgot didn’t get or caused the month
let’s check it out I laid down all this sticky tile you’re
about to see it okay since I said that that what do you think it is is it a
spacer what you doubled you look at that after all these years it comes out that’s a step right there that could
ruin a marriage if you don’t have a firmer foundation than just a couple
layers of stinky toe regular we found some yellow mold
underneath the OSB that was growing it’s like a yellow powdery looking substance
we think it might be from where the windows we’ve had them open and it
rained and the moisture got underneath the sticky tile and the OSB and so it
was just a breeding ground for it to be able to multiply so when we pull up the
floor we’ll look underneath to see if there’s any other signs of leaks or
anything since it’s so localized right underneath the window it has to be from
that so we’re not really concerned otherwise all right we were officially
done with all of the OSB sticky tile layer in the dining room and it’s only
3:30 we’re gonna continue plug in and working at it and the next step is to
move on into the kitchen with the same sticky tile OSB layer but our
refrigerators got to come out now when we put this fridge in here we brought it
from our house right okay yes we had the fridge that thing only fit after we took
the doors off and we buttered the sides and put it in on the hot day so to try
and save ourselves from having to butter it and wait for a hot day we’re gonna go
ahead and cut this countertop off which is something we’ve had in our mind
anyway to kind of open up the one but space and to maybe a one in a quarter
but space it’s true it’s a pinch point of the kitchen
so we’re gonna go ahead and I’m gonna cut the countertop off about that much
just whatever overhangs and hopefully we get the fridge off that way no butter
involved take this time clean out the fridge
lighten the weight and some makes me look better be back in a few minutes so
we just finished cleaning out the fridge in the freezer which was liberating it
was very enlightening it was it really took a load off a calculator so we still
have about an hour left before we have to go get the boys so we’ve decided to
take this time to go ahead and clean up the kitchen in the house to make it feel
better we’ll start back in on the floor and a
day or two otherwise our house is still functional yep thanks for watching guys
we’ll see you on the next one see you guys I so I got so I have one sheet up is it
working are you working yeah it’s working I don’t know what did you want
me to say

61 Replies to “Finding Mold is Inevitable | Budget Mobile Home Remodel #8

  1. i enjoy seeing the progress! Lots of hard work but it will be So gratifying in the end when you get it just like you want it!… Good time management. Blessings to ya'll.

  2. get some bleach and dawn dish washing soap with hot water on the mold – kill it the best you can and maybe next payday or 3 or before next summer some awnings or canopy's for those windows

  3. Raspberries . And , is it working . Love to see the out takes , puts a smile on everyone s face . Keep going your doing just fine .

  4. You two are doing very well at this project. I'd suggest you save the cut off counter to use the corners for a template to re-cut the counter that is left. That is a nice cut out in the wall, I'm hoping to see that you'll be able to leave it open and unobstructed. I have one, we put in laminate shelving to use for plants. I'm looking forward to the finish on this. Good job! 🙂

  5. Good morning‼️ ….y’all are so cute and fun together and work so well together…. what a sweet marriage❣️🌸👍🏻😁Really got a kick out of this one this morning🤣😂

  6. This is the reality of DIY! We have to work in spurts on bits and pieces, too–doing smaller sections of a larger project as we have time and money. This past weekend was emptying, cleaning and painting the insides of some lower kitchen cabinets and adding pull out basket drawers. Someday the whole kitchen will be done! Thanks for the dose of reality DIY! Keep up the good work!

  7. was wondering why you changing the floor/ when we moved here we had to squeeze our refrigerator into a tiny space.

  8. Thank you all for watching and commenting, it's greatly appreciated! Full Reno Playlist: Storage Shed to Home Office Playlist:
    Building a Custom Desk for our Home:

  9. Love the love and laughter and the fact you work TOGETHER..loving all the things you are doing… xx
    Oh and really lice the comedy buts you pop in lol

  10. He definitely sticks to his work! The shoe part was " hilarious! Loved this video! You two are such hard worker's and a awesome couple and family, have a blessed day!

  11. The refrigerator is probably stuck to the floor. That happens a lot when you have vinyl flooring and then mop it. Some of the dirt gets pushed back to the front leveling feet and sticks them down. Lift up on the front first to loosen it and then it should slide out.

  12. Love your guys channel! I have no clue how you guys don’t have more subs, but that will come! I can feel your channel is about to take off! Hope all is going well!

  13. One job always leads to another, then there is the job you have to do before you do the job you want to do. It never ends.

  14. You two are such a happy fun couple! You must surely bring smiles to folks around you! Its so grand to see husband and wife work lovingly together! Well done! You are a great example of loving team work 🤩

  15. Can you turn that osb over, sticky side down and reuse it? Also, cutting that counter off was a good idea. When you remodel the rest of the kitchen, do you plan to put the base cabinets along the wall under the wall cabinets and do away with the island? That would probably feel less crowded, just a thought😉

  16. I laughed so hard when your shoe stuck to the floor!! 😂😂😂 … But that's the kind of things you expect when renovating … On another note tho I absolutely love love love the saying on your shirt!! Motherhood is not for sissies … It spoke volumes!! Great job n I can't wait to see more 😁😁😁

  17. Bahahaha bahahaha bahahaha the shoe coming off🤣🤣🤣 oh the memories that brings back…. the butt space 🤣🤣🤣🤣and love the puns☺️

  18. I have a question, how long have you all lived in your manufactured home? My husband and I are considering buying one that is Farm House style and I wondered how well they are insulated against heat/cold and their durability. Thanks for taking the time to read my question 🙂 Kasey

  19. A Sense of Humor

    Many Times its the difference

    Between moving forward ( OR ) stopping dead in ones tracks. Projects in life are not about the 1 and Done technique. Most want to do things yet get frustrated and stop before any real work is completed. You all there appear to be some of the FEW WHO want to Do what it takes. The Saying " When You Least Expect It – Expect It " Holds true for anything worth doing. Understanding that Plans change along the way . Basically writing it down ( YES ) on paper to illustrate the direction , the products , the Manpower , and the Costs ( Set a Side ) for the different stages . Many times this is known as the: " 1-2-3-A-B-C " Method to the Madness. Your clips here on the floor area in general will demonstrate how effective the Manner in Which you get it done was first a PLAN to do it that way. ( Two People ) – 2 – days , for $ 2.oo of sweat Equity = Another one down and many more left to go . With some skill and knowledge most folks will By-Pass any sort of written plan and Instead Charge Headlong into the Abyss of Doom expecting to Pull off a Miracle never before achieved by man or woman alike. Do yourself and all those around you a Big Favor. Never – EVER – Let anyone else Force you to do this . Understand, Research , and Devise the Proper techniques and methods to Assure your success. This is not rocket science butt it can be given enough Mis-Direction and in-correct information. Whether it be Finding Mold, Loose or missing Structural supports ,and or even Failed wiring along with plumbing and heating side steps that could have or would have failed just as soon as you turned your back. Stay Positive , Take a Few steps back when it seems overwhelming , and do only what you are capable of. Some of the Worst Problems occur when folks Over Estimate there own skill level and the Quick Fix turns into a Full Blown ( Get all the Help ) you can find from every professional service there is to Save your Butt from going out with a Bang ( YES ) it happens . Gas Leaks are no joke, Plumbing errors cause things to go in directions many never thought possible. Electrical codes are violated in the blink of an eye and HVAC although a positive aspect to have will Short circuit your entire progress and be the nail in the coffin many will never recover from . " In the End – It All Goes Back to the Beginning " A Quote you should read and understand clearly – regardless of what you may be planning in life. Ok then , We are just about ready to wrap this all up. " There is Always Time to Do It Over and Yet – NEVER – Enough Time to ( Do it ) Right " A quote that should be on everyone's mind ( ALL THE TIME ) Why ? For its that way of thinking that creates issues where there are none in the first place. Your Time , Your Money , Your effort , and Your Place . Do Not ( Cheap Out ) on yourself . Understand that different products exist for a reason , just like levels of service . Fair, Good, Better, Best – Intro, Homeowner, Residential, Commercial, Industrial Grade and on down the line. Take tools for example: Hammers, Tape Measures, Saws, Squares, prybars, and scrapers alike just to mane a few. One of everything is a Good Start, BUTT – One of everything in a Less then Needed quality for the project ( ONLY ) Fair at best . People tend to PRICE themselves out of the Quality of tools ( Feeling ) they can always buy another one later . Better Tools come with Warranties that ( Provide ) Free Replacement and Fewer Failures to boot . Well Known Name Brands are used for a Lifetime – While Cheap and Lessor Quality Off Brands ( Die a Sudden Death ) when you LEAST Expect It – Only to Pay more the Second or third or fourth and yes even Fifth time around for some. Quick Math Quiz : What is 1 x 1 ??? Think you know it ? ( 1×1=1 ) Correct . What is 1+1 ? Trying to stump you here so watch out ! 1+1=2 Correct . Buying Quality is the difference between buying it over time and time again . $ 1 + $ 1 = $ 2 Versus Buying One tool for Two Dollars and never having to buy it again . Before I go want you to know this . What you do is your own business. YET , the Second you post a clip of it here or anywhere else it becomes ( PUBLIC ) there fore , We all want to make sure you do NOT do what is in your own best interest. There are tons of people in this world willing to give you pointers , advice , and there Professional Knowledge . Take each with a Grain of sand and you to will PROFIT instead of lose what you did not have before it all went away . Congratulations you made it this far. Last and final reminder: " Think Before You Act and Act as if you Thought it thru to the End "

  20. Amazing how much room you get by getting rid of that small amount of counter, I never cared for those L shaped counters.. I would rather remove them and gain space.. but that's just me..

  21. I really like that tile! Sorry to see it go! I like your”together’ work ethic! She pitches in.💜
    I’ve lived in and seen many more mobiles and I love them. But, get Cy -Kick .We all have a them. I really can’t get by with termite poison residue on everything. Can you guys?

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