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This is the report on the devices so far studied
by BananaHackers in the world. To make all the guides able to work with a
different KaiOS device, you need to know how to enable developer tools. If your debug code (* # * # 33284 # * # *) works,
you can try ADB from your PC. Using the official jailbreak method you should
be able to perform a privileged factory reset to get the developer menu in your settings. But not all devices are the same. Let’s take a look at the devices supported
by our community so far and join the revolution if you have a device that is not on this list: 1) Nokia 8110 4G, a device that needs no introduction. The entire website, the forum, my videos and
all our projects, especially GerdaOS, revolve around this device; 2) Jio Phone and its successor, Jio Phone
2 with qwerty keyboard. They have made KaiOS the second most used
operating system in India. For them there are stock ROMs and tools to
flash these devices. It is therefore possible to perform the Jailbreak
on them simply by installing OmniSD within an image of the partition / data. With some profound changes it is possible
to enable ADB on them, but this would result in the loss of official updates. For them it would be ideal to use the Wallace
app, which includes ADBD, a binary file with which it is possible to access a root shell
from the PC using ADB. In fact the debug code on them doesn’t work. The method to perform the Jailbreak on these
devices could be extended to similar devices once in possession of flashing tools, such
as the Doro, which we will see later; 3) Alcatel OneTouch Cingular Flip 2, known
as Alcatel Go Flip, and with it also Alcatel MyFlip. For them the debugging code works. However it seems that some unlocked models
do not have this functionality. We do not know which tools are used, but in-depth
research using a clean model would be more suitable, in order to make it functional even
abroad. Once in possession of this device you can
apply the guides for the Jailbreak or simply the sideload of third-party apps through WebIDE. More informations on the dedicated page; 4) MTN Smart, a cutting-edge device with a
simple and compact design. Sold in some African countries, we have received
word that it is able to execute the debugging code successfully, and not only! The recovery mode can execute zip packages,
such as “”, with which it is possible to extract the images of the partitions. This feedback came to us a few days ago, thus
enriching the family of devices supported by our team, BananaHackers. Now let’s move on to the devices still under
observation: 1) CAT B35, the indestructible rugged sold
in European countries. There has been no further progress for this
device, apart from the discovery of a firehose that should be compatible for some models. On the KaiOS 2.5 version the presence of a
recovery mode capable of flashing the zip packages was detected, as in MTN Smart, but
a way to reach this mode has not yet been found. ADB does not work, although some say they
managed to get access for a few seconds without knowing how. Fastboot is present but does not seem to be
usable. We do not know if with the upgrade to KaiOS
2.5.1 also the recovery mode has been replaced with different keys that do not allow access
by third parties. We hope to get more informations on this device; 2) Doro 7060, in the Scandinavian version
is known as Doro 7070. Both devices have the same model, DFC-0190. The American variant, the Doro 7050 (model
DFC-0180), is sold without the official KaiOS store. The debug code is not enabled, but ADB works
in FFBM mode. Just turn off the phone and turn it back on
while holding down the “power” button and the “turn down the volume” button at the same
time. However, busybox is not present so it seems
impossible to root. Also other commands like toolbox and toybox
that are present instead do not seem to give results worthy of being appreciated. However, you can send files within / data
/ local / tmp. We hope you all have better luck in this research. Fastboot in the dedicated mode, press the
“power” button and the “*” button to access, or restart in fastboot mode from ADB to FFBM. It seems that the “wipe” commands do not actually
“wipe” the partition / data. I personally made an attempt on my Doro 7060
without success. For more details see the Doro page on the
BananaHackers website. But now we need to extend the word. There are other KaiOS devices to discover. New models exclusively for:
Polland (Maxcom MK241), Indonesia (WizPhone),
Brazil (Positive), Ukraine (Sigma sKai),
Russia (Nobby 231), several African countries (Orange),
Middle East (Energizer) and so on. We are waiting for your feedback. Please contact our forum, Twitter, Discord
and Facebook to keep us informed and to receive support. Alone we are nothing, but we are all together
so much! Thanks for watching, see you soon. JOIN THE REVOLUTION! Search BananaHackers on Google and YouTube!

7 Replies to “First report of our research, phone by phone – KaiOS – BananaHackers

  1. ivan bhae, jio ke modle bheju kya?send i all modle of jio,?also uses qcom soc.0bhawana tech or t24time walo ne kiya h kaam.

  2. The Alcatel from tracfone (sim Locked, myflip) isn't open to sideloading by WebIDE. I've opened a thread in the forum giving info about It weeks ago. It uses a different firmware and KaiOS version (2.5). I've tried to do It by make-kaios-install but was actually unable to make It work yet. I have no Idea If It can work. But i Will update It in the forum when i'm able to do more, as i'm having schedule and family troubles at this moment.

    Another point is that Positivo, the Brand which is releasing a phone in Latin America, is infamously known by designing bad quality computers and tablets, laptops and desktops (they even assemble laptops with tablet hardware, desktops without fans and exhaust holes, as well as exploding displays), as well as bad quality smartphones which are usually prone to crashes and weak batteries. KaiOS should stay away from companies like that and take care in chooseing partners

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