FluMoS mobile | Connecting an MFS/MFD Filtration Cart

Step 1:
To begin, make sure the latest version of the FluMoS mobile application is downloaded
from the Google Play Store on your Android mobile device. The version must be v01.10R06 or newer. Step 2:
Turn on the filter cart’s pump motor to begin processing fluid, being sure to follow
the directions prescribed in the user manual. Step 3:
Activate the fluid conditioning sensors, CSI-C-11 ConditionSensor Interface Module and HY-TRAX
pump-motor by turning the power switch on the HY-TRAX Control Panel to the ‘On’
position. Step 4:
Open your Android’s mobile device settings & connect to the wireless network HYDAC_AP
once it becomes available. Step 5:
Open the FluMoS mobile application, wait until the LED on the CSI-C-11 has changed from AMBER
to GREEN, and select the W-LAN icon to wirelessly connect to the CSI-C-11 ConditionSensor Interface
Module. At this point, the FluMoS mobile application
should immediately connect to the CSI-C-11 and data measurements will automatically begin
recording. Note:
If the devices fail to connect, refer to troubleshooting step 5.A. If the devices connect successfully
but the LED on the CSI-C-11 is illuminating RED, refer to trouble shooting step 5.B. If troubleshooting steps 5.A and 5.B do not
help solve your connection problems, please refer to the user manual or contact Schroeder
Industries Technical Support at [email protected] Step 6:
The CSI-C-11 will begin logging data measurements upon successful communication with the particle
counter and the water sensor. The individual measurement points are collected
into a LOG. Each LOG is given a name and date/time signature. To transfer a data log, select the desired
data log followed by the download icon. The data log will now be downloaded to your
device, where it will exist under the Mobile tab. Step 7:
To transfer the data to your personal computer, select a data log under the Mobile tab, followed
by the export icon. You may export the data log as either a .dat
file or a .csv file, or a .dat file and .csv file formats. The .dat file is compatible only with FluMoS
Light software, where the data can be automatically tabulated and graphed for Rate of Change (ROC)
trending purposes. The .csv files can be viewed in most spreadsheet
programs, but will only be transferred as RAW data. Users of this .csv file type will be able
to create their own tables and Rate of Change (ROC) metrics. Step 8:
Once the file type(s) have been chosen, you may select the export destination and transfer
the data log files. Step 5.A:
If the devices fail to connect, check the LED on the CSI-C-11 module. If the LED is illuminated RED, a processing
error has occurred. De-energize the cart, wait 30 seconds, and
then re-energize the cart. Step 5.B:
If the devices connect successfully but the LED on the CSI-C-11 module is illuminating
RED, select the SETTINGS icon, followed by the DEVICE SETTINGS icon. In DEVICE SETTINGS, you will be able to adjust
the SmartSensor Count, Device Address and Save Time. Be sure the SmartSensor Count is set to ‘1’
if only a particle counter is present. And to ‘2’
if both particle counter and water sensors are present. And the Device Address is set to ‘a’. Save time allows you to adjust the duration
between data measurement. Select the OK icon to save your settings and
the device will automatically restart. Proceed to Step 5.

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