100 Replies to “Fossil’s Best Smartwatches Are Beautiful – But Google’s Software Isn’t

  1. I love that Micheal kor watch in gold but it's more money than my phone ill wait for a sale also I have a question how long do they get software updates if they get software updates

  2. These watches are ugly as sin with that big fat black tire bezel going all the way around the screen…
    And people said the flat tire on the moto360 was bad 🤣

  3. Hi, I"m Mr. Mobile. Ive been secretly test driving this planet for about 2 months now. My full review will break cover in January 20202……Beam me up Scotty!

  4. Imho Android Wear / Wear OS is one of the worst software solutions I´ve ever seen. It has only slightly improved since my LG G Watch R (which didn´t get any OS Update in months). Seeing that Wear OS still has hickups even on the news 3100 Chipset is a huge disappointment! No single smartwatch is worth their price! For 300 bucks I can get a way better Casio Protrek model or any mechanical analog watch from amazing microbrands.

  5. When Oneplus releases its smartwatch it just may shake up all the current makers. https://www.phonearena.com/news/OnePlus-watch-release-date_id120145

  6. The most frustrating thing is that all these wearOS issues have been around since at least the LG GWAR. That alone tells me buying a wearOS watch in the hopes Google will fix things is just plain dumb at this point. They won't.

  7. I'm still using and loving my Sony Smart Watch 3!
    Battery last 2 – 3 days depending on use and telling the watch to send text message while driving works a treat (keep your eyes on the road kids!)

  8. I think the smartwatch market is dead until they all have 1hz always on displays like the new Apple Watch. If I could connect one to my android, I would have one right now.

  9. Bought my fossil gen 5 for CAD130(after returning my gen4). So far the experience is great.
    Pros: 1. Great collection of watchfaces
    2. Looks great
    3. Lighter than and bit more comfortable than gen 4
    4. The performance is great.
    Cons: Wear OS

  10. I hardly doubt that Google will ever fix the problems of WearOS.
    In 1-2 years they probably stop developing for WearOS at all and don't care anymore… just like they already do.
    It's mostly the exact same as with tablets.

  11. I'm using my Huawei watch 2 which i think is just over 2 years old. I have had zero hardware problems. As for software I have had a few minor bugs here and there but over all for something this old I'm happy to hold on to it for another year.
    It lasts just about a day on maximum usage. Costs 100 bucks, had a speaker, no crown, great screen, 7/10 software speed and a minimal design and fully water proof. .
    Not all of those are pros depending on the user but all I'll say is I'd be hard pressed to move on from this watch to a fossil. But I guess i have to use it to fully decide if it worth the upgrade.

    I really do wonder if some of these bugs are down to the watch maker instead of wear OS. Only some I get that wear OS is a joke but I do wonder.

  12. Mr. Fisher please review the Xiaomi's latest Mi Watch, it runs on WearOS but they have customized it with their MIUI software. Not sure if this fixes the problems of WearOS, since MIUI on their phones is great with so many unique features and customizations. I need answers for that, I am planning to buy it, but not before you review it. As other Reviewers don't care about Real Smart Watches, it's only you. ❤️

  13. I think you have it backwards. The hw and ancient processor is what's holding it back. The new watches with at least 1g of ram makes wearos run very smoothy.

  14. Lov the video. My Diesel Axial is arriving this week. But with the standard metal strap, where did purchase the leather black strap?

  15. I fucking want my Moto 360 again!!! GIMME MY MOTO 360!!! I purchased a replacement battery for my Gen 2 but I just don't know if it's even worth paying for the labor to have access to it again. Sigh.

  16. Still going to take a lot before I give smartwatch es another try. With all the other issues Tizen randomly turning on the mic and recording me was the worst, I only became aware when it errored out.

  17. Figured out the notifications not vibrating issue: disable Do not disturb when off wrist in Settings > Apps and notifications.

  18. At least the charger is wireless. One of my main issues with wearOS is the use of pogo pins to charge. My Huawei Watch 1 had issues charging cuz of old pogo pins.

  19. I had a first gen Huawei Watch that I absolutely loved, but I lost it :(. I replaced it with a Samsung Gear S2 which I hated, and then a Gear S3 Classic. I've had that for a couple years now and honestly it's always been pretty meh. I don't understand all the hype for the Samsung watches. WearOS is the only platform that seems to have gotten interactive notifications down properly. I'm really thinking about getting one of these Fossil watches.

  20. I've been very happy using the Huawei Watch GT 2. All the main problems for me when I used to had Wear OS are covered. More than a week of battery life, great connectivity with phone and constantly monitoring sleep, HR, exercises, and even stress. The main con is the limited app selection. Greets

  21. Gahh I want to like/use WearOS so much. But in my experience its still a significantly worse experience than the Samsung Galaxy Watch. They've really dropped the ball with WearOS and we are yet to get a proper 2nd generation Qualcomm SOC for watches. The 3100 is basically a refresh with a coprocessor

  22. My wife had the worst experience with MK. Screen became unresponsive two months after purchase. She had to send it in for repair. It took 4 MONTHS for it to get there, repaired and sent back. Exposed it to water and the back of the watch came off and it got ruined. After lots of back and forth they offered a replacement. She managed to get her money back from BestBuy instead and got a Galaxy Watch.
    Also, WearOS is absolute thrash.

  23. I already bought one (fossil gen 5) when they were on sale for $205.

    I hope the charging rings don't fall off on this one like it did on the 3rd gen which recently came back from warranty.

  24. Surprisingly the original Moto 360 with Android Wear 1.5 runs a lot smoother than what Wear OS is today. It was better back then in my opinion.

    Shameless plug but, my Fossil sport will be arriving next week. And I'll be doing a comparison between it and my Moto 360 on my channel.

  25. That's why I bought a Galaxy fit. To try out wearables. And so far I'm liking it; The instant notification display and sleep tracking features are awesome. I think I might get a Galaxy Watch next year.

  26. I bought a Garmin Instinct on purpose over all the other wear OS watches out there due to reliability.
    I've seen pretty much all amazon reviews of the major smartwatches and it's all QC problems. It's literally a lottery buying a smart watch.

  27. Your videos on the fossil series helped to lead me to purchase a brand new, straight from the site Carlyle 5 during black friday. ✌️

  28. Mr. Fisher, i too am a smart watch user. I have an Asus Zenwatch 2 WI501Q model, it may be a 3 years old watch & uses Qualcomm MSM8926 Snapdragon 400 chip. Have been using this watch from early 2016 to current. Hasn't disappoint me at all. It has mic & speaker, Wi-Fi connectivity, tough Gorilla Glass 3; so many time my watch on my wrist hit walls, door handles, the glass survives having no scratch on it. It may not have a heart rate sensor (which i don't bother not having), it has an app; ZenWatch Manager, where the watch can be a camera view-finder. arrange my YT music/video playlist on my phone, cast it to my chromecast, used my watch to change the music/video playlist. The chipset maybe old & cannot compete with the current 3100, but as long as this watch still in working order I will still use it. I am in the market of purchasing new smartwatch, i would like to see a re-review from you on Asus smartwatches. I know those watches are no longer in the market, but i would like to see a YT influencer re-review it.

  29. One of the best tech youtubers but please telling us each time that companies did not review your videos before publishing

  30. I don't consider any round smartwatch beautiful. That is why I just bought the fitbit versa 2. Fossil is leaving a lot of money on the table.

  31. The Apple Watch is so good that you should get it, and an iPhone if you don’t have one already — to run it. And AirPods.
    Sorry Fossil.

  32. After seeing this + having a Moto 360 Gen2 prior…… I might as well return my Fossil Gen 5 I just ordered yesterday. I had hope that Wear OS gotten a teeny weeny better….

  33. I have to disagree with you vociferously. I have seen many Wear OS videos that you have done, and you have made very clear your distaste for it, but I have to respectfully take an opposite tack. I own a Fossil Gen 5, and Wear OS has been great. I do agree that the tutorial is annoying if you don't need it, but it doesn't take long to just get through it. Maybe you have just had bad luck. Wear OS has been great, and I never understand the negatives of it.

  34. I had bought an MK Access with SD2100 platform at a good discount but regret that decision till date. Apple watch Series 2 is still great as used by my sister. Wonder if Google really cares to compete with Apple. I have used Android and Apple but, seems like there is no way I can have a device with proper ecosystem. Apple is super expensive but good. Google is cheap but messy. Applicable to Phones, Tablets and Smartwatch.

  35. Google should allow smartphone makers to use their own UI on top of wearOS. That would make them compelling and competitive.

  36. I can’t believe he didn’t mention the Apple Watch at all. Usually he mentions that that is still the best smartwatch

  37. They should use the Samsung tizen or what ever it's called. I've got a gear S3 it's working still like it was new fast and snappy and it's battery life is good also.

  38. I bought the 3rd Gen Q Explorist because the looks were absolutely beautiful, but after a week, I was so annoyed because the middle crown was soooo sensitive. I end up finding a work around but it did not always work so I still end up triggering some on the watch, plus it was slow. So I sold it. I did not have the same experience with the moto 360 that was a wonderful device outside of the crack backcase issue.

  39. Spot on Michael… my sentiemts exactly. Love my gen 4 explorist hardware, but the software is horrible!! I cant recommend wearOS. I openly discourage friends, family and forum members from buying any wearOS watch… just too janky, buggy unreliable for the $$$.

  40. These look beautiful but I have a first gen ticwatch e I have had for over 2 years and has all the same features and lasts more than a day and I use it every day. I wish the screen was higher ppi but it's still great.

  41. I have yet to meet a smartwatch I like. I prefer a watch that I can depend on forever. I have a citizen ecodrive. I haven't touched it in 6 years.

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