FOUND SILVER KNIFE! EBAY ADS FROM CELL PHONE! I bought an abandoned storage locker

ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of
all ages it is I your captain speaking it is Saturday morning and we are on the
way to the flea market for one maybe two specific reasons first one we got to go
see if we could find anybody out there selling stuff that was robbed from my
truck and trailer this week and second we are gonna look for some things to
flip on eBay we’re probably gonna make an eBay vlog
at the end of this video show you guys how I make
Biba ads how you can run an eBay business from your cell phone and all
you need to get your hustle Bryner wine on is a cell phone a few dollars and
little bit of motivation I don’t know I think it happened to over a period of 48
hours I busted the criminal coming back to my trailer and truck at nine o’clock
in the morning he was not there at 8:30 it happened the night before and I
believe potentially tonight before that but they were it was a series of events
so they just kept coming back to my truck and trailer all right let’s see if
we can find some more stuff here look ladies and gentlemen it is Michael hi
Michael what are you doing annoyed I don’t want to talk to him don’t trust me
trust me thank you I don’t miss you I’m very upset with you I’m disappointed me
this last couple of weeks you disappointed me these last couple weeks
cuz because I gave you like this nice little test to make us a bunch of money
and yeah I just wandered it yeah and you gave a bunch of my stuff to the wrong
person and now I’m losing money like crooked you have too much faith in
the look all this military stuff Harold still has he can’t let go of those
coffee cups they’ve been sitting around forever or this or this or this or this
yes I know where these came from see how you hold on to this garbage a lot longer
than the good stuff I gave you yeah you’ve squandered my good stuff and you
hold on to $2 coffee cups is this the scooter everybody’s raving
about yesterday that I missed because you paid too much for a unit and then
you’re not gonna make money not yet oh nice
will there be money to be made okay he got himself a sir mix-a-lot autograph
who it is ladies and gentlemen another storage buyer the HOS are almost me I’m
downsizing my sunglass collection look at this stainless china use we sell stuff not
the s worth look at all this great stuff what is
that oh yeah what are you gonna sell that for you tell me what I’m gonna sell
for what you’re gonna try to get I’d sell it for 10 bucks I’d probably do 5
or 10 that’s actually a good price these never sell no matter how brand-new they
are have the worst look Murder She Wrote hangman I reminds me of my story that
we’re putting out today whoo what do we got here did he bring some Legos for me
oh the girls love Legos oh he had this last week all right
just want to find this person I want to shake the hands what is it I’ll see I
can’t say if they’re real and this looks real and I don’t know if they’re value
though I’ll give you that for them change for any change right well I have
exactly 89 these are so something she would buy I’m not sure though you’re gonna get her a plant because she
loves plants that’s a buck you said $1.00 right that’s a dollar thank you
have a good day look at that let’s see if that makes her
smile the most priceless thing I’ve ever seen in my life is this woman’s smile
nothing how much 40 which on the paddle
ten dollars how much is this yeah yeah you see how much what does it call the
Rancho knife we’ll just go with that hmm I don’t see nothing would you be
willing to go fifty for it huh I know $60 all right the one I saw
the picture yeah I remember I remember your voice you find some of the boxes
and you put money safe yeah I have one where I found 26,000 yeah yeah yeah but
these right here most the time they don’t have high value
unless you find something that somebody like a maker on it or something usually
when I get these like that to me will be like 200 bucks probably yeah
an interpreter and that’s not like I take it out and sell it for 200 but
they’re nice seem like here this market maybe somebody give you 200 if you took
that to Alameda the one that’s first Sunday of every month that’s right oh I
don’t know let me look at it a little better I can try to tell you me what’s
important is if there’s a sign see these are kind of hollow what I’m looking for
is like a signature that says an artist made in see these are like this is
actually if you look right here this is one of the problems you see that it’s
painted so this isn’t copper or bronze it is like a pot metal and they painted
it to look just about for you you know oh yeah man when I was a Scott when
Scott and I first started as we were dumb we were just sell stuff we don’t
know what its value people made a lot of money off us but that’s how you learn
once you make that mistake and you don’t do it again
so yeah nice meeting you all right I’m gonna go try to sell this
right now to Harold here’s what I noticed right away if you
look on there it says eight hundred silver that right there tells me
something because this whole handle and this is eight hundred silver it’s a
little less than nine to five that automatically makes this valuable let’s
go see what Harold says morning Rick first order business what are these two
pieces worth the beauty for this is this we have to show up in the back though we
can’t we can’t you know we can’t still can’t show that okay yeah in your German
collectors market what is this worthy okay what are you gonna give me for
those two I don’t why not I know but I bought the Minnesota you make me I’ll
keep on these two pieces return box okay go to left right and center my friend
I’m tired of it I paid more than ten they just give me thirty foot no all
right now it’s for the real money what are you willing to give me for this yeah
come here sir he likes it what’s the first thing you notice when you see this
that it’s probably for mixing no stop again pay more attention towards the
first thing you notice when you look at this what’s the first thing you always
look at at something the name right or the marks what does that say right there
it says 800 silver it’s not might be it’s stamped eight
honors silver there’s no clear markings let’s see if we could take they handle
apart but do what are we looking at this a hundred silver that and this this
right here – this right here – it’s irrelevant it’s silver
yeah but not I’m not we’re not gonna discuss that I want to know what you
think it’s worth and what you’re willing to pay me for and don’t try to to screw
me cuz that will stab you with it no we both know the look at it’s got the
little part here for the the one you want to cut bones and get really into it
I don’t know all I know is there’s a I got both from you in the past actually
without the gold which was still and it’s got gold on – we forgot about that
oh that is like probably six carat rose gold or some it’s a nice knife held
right here I said then what I did is irrelevant what’s important is what you
want to pay for patina no smell it this is what this is the art of
negotiation this is where you try to talk things down it’s where you try to
pretend things aren’t any better value right now today right now today it’s
like oh the patina this tomorrow when he’s trying to sell to his buyer just
like this is 1600s this belonged to Christopher Columbus from I want to say
England I think it’s from Mexico sir do you like nice give me a little bit of
about your evaluation on a silver knife here yeah it is huh cuz Harold’s trying
to tell me it’s not worth much you can obviously see it stamped 800 silver here
which makes the handle on this potential of what six or ten care possible gold guess am no more that hope he’s not by
key standing ready said here this is what the box I got it from the guy and I
don’t know if this is real these are these are not part of it
Argentina is what this says but I don’t that look like a box of this knife comes
in no exactly you wanna saw that really cheap I’ll buy
right away and I don’t give you ten bucks from no no I feel a little bit
more how much you paid I can’t tell you show me oh we gotta have a floor to talk
and everything the dollar sign everywhere and I see a bed before we
even see this one right here is not 800 silver in orders they’re the gold on it
this one is up for $200 actually I can see this peel of C said I need his
pirate love and I can’t say what the C is but yeah I’m gonna take this cuz this
actually fits perfect for everything you know exactly how much I paid a hundred
okay what do you want to give me I turn it off and on you’re willing to the this
silver there alone don’t you think that silver between this and this is a pretty
much gonna cover the hundred dollars maybe scull it on the dog they’re not
the whole thing is give me 125 won’t be excited not the whole thing you see but
the cobbler okay you have loops loops free loops try to
say it’s silver-plated I don’t think ever is it marked this it would say ESP
it would say little crowns and little things it would not be marked the
glasses so many no I just like right there were you can rub it off that is
you know that off is coming dead you can rub off the wear of that brown color
because it’s silver if it was silver would wear the paint off if it was
plated aware the paint off it’s just dirt stains that come off like right
here look that’s not silver plated you see some arrow the Handy handle where
you going that’s different in this they created around that little metal thin
piece he put his magnet to it he tells me that yeah this guy collects knives
and silver somebody make that somebody make that one silver hey you said that
that new piece wise me that right because you’re the metal is inside you
don’t think the metal because the inside is still you don’t think a magnets gonna
stick right here to MIT steel inside of there no you could this guy’s basic
concept is science is all off now I can’t I can’t talk to you anymore backwards he’s got me would you like to
be on a video oh no I said I showed this ID I’m not gonna say why because the
world does not know these secrets but this fits perfect for everything
I was irrelevant you put it on to YouTube I’m sure you have to watch my
video and you’ll see what I don’t watch your video what do you think I paid for it
I got a $1,500 phone but I’ll tell you what I’ll tell you what right now 144
all this you’re gonna sell them for 60 and 40 like you just said stop I’m
throwing a man with this 140 negotiate know if you can’t pay me right now we
can’t do the deal the money is in your sock right here and gentlemen it’s right
there yeah but a hundred bucks for you we’ll take six months for me to pay me
that’s the problem right since I have to wait and you don’t have any the money
right now 110 no I said it’s a package deal
hundred and ten all right 110 $10 credit hallows the credit $10
ladies and gentlemen Harold is on my videos we never watched him you guys
can’t below his pirate found anything good lately
Harold brought up an interesting point ladies and gentlemen and we need
information and he just said everybody puts their most prized possessions in a
safety deposit box and if we could find defaults and safety deposit boxes we can
go to an auction and buy them let us know right now where can we find or do
they even auction off safety deposit boxes well I could promise you that some
subscriber out there is going to know the answer this and they’re gonna wait
what did you just say what you actually every one of my five bedrooms is for
Harold just told me that if something happened to me him he would want me to
raise his five children or at least step in because some of them are adults they
don’t need raising look at that’s one of the nicest things anybody’s ever said to
me and now it’s time to leave we did all right we made thirty two dollars off of
Harold we got a very great piece here and we got a cactus priceless hey I’m at
my stores you can see and I’m sitting in my truck waiting cuz jack has a premiere
right now and I’m gonna watch his and then after that I have the big premiere
of the getting robbed this is YouTube it is a constant life it is really a way of
life we spend a lot of time just doing all we can to be part of this I don’t
feel like working today and I’m I’m just gonna do some something else sitting in
my storage outside I’m gonna make some iPads so we’re gonna look up some things
here and right off the bat one first thing I’m seeing first off this isn’t
have a barcode scan so then I think to myself maybe this is actually bootleg
and I probably can’t sell it cuz I don’t see Disney symbol everywhere and it’s
not popping up let’s see if we can try something new hello oh you’re I’m
filming you say hello to the whole world no they can’t but I was making a bad as
you called and I got the camera going on the chest cam trying to make eBags I’m
doing some well I’m sitting here and you call it
yeah Dan I’m seeing anything in Japanese let’s try Chinese I’m thinking I can’t
even sell this no I don’t see anything that even matches this no alright give
up on that let’s try this now $7.99 that’s not really worth a seeming sold
nice price 425 okay we’re not gonna eat a this try Beauty and the Beast in
Spanish I think the Spanish um comes up but I don’t see this isn’t black
diamonds oh yes it is but it’s in Spanish though no this is it all right
let’s see here don’t you look at our sold maybe it’s Italian I don’t know
loafs classical’s 18 spanish tabbed i you know what let’s just do this because
we want to see something that sells so one like this okay 92 dubbed everything
should be filled in category amp always go with actor was required at what
unknown beast the beast let’s try that no it’s
not giving that what the heck let’s try a Disney now let us put an actor Disney
so we’re gonna roll with that okay with men as many details additional details
well there’s a lot all let’s hit done I don’t really do too many details
description is good and it’s look yeah it looks good untested think my camera
wasn’t on so I had to turn it back on but I took my photos as you can see I
don’t take very I’m like not professional I don’t need a whole
backdrop and everything I’m kind of simple and bold and how I do everything
I don’t have a number of a tote I have it in home like an A or 1 or whatever it
is it show me what I so it’s easy to find always do that and I number it
simple description $14.99 best offer good till cancelled one pound Media Mail
first class out of this country local pick up your ad is ready boom
there you go I mean you could sit and eBay things for $2 a piece or you can
even for $2,000 a piece either way you can get to your goal I always say this
McDonald’s is not where they are cuz they sell $10 cheeseburgers they sell
like a dollar 29 now whatever is this gone up in value but nonetheless there’s
mass production so on eBay you can go as far as you’re willing to go most people
in my opinion set their high goes to higher they think it’s not enough but if
let’s say every day you listed five items are sold for ten dollars they’ll
sell in the course of the month that’s $50 you listed in those 10 items that
could be fifty an hour so don’t limit yourself and when you do it just go
all-in you can actually sell a wide variety of things on eBay and you can
see it’s this simple all you need is a cell phone right you can have items in a
backpack you go down to the post office you get Priority Mail Boxes for free you
can get a printer with Wi-Fi printing or even a label printer and it comes right
off your phone – international which you just go to
Safari and do the same thing and screenshot or whatever and print it from
your phone for international shipping labels but nonetheless it works that
simple let’s do something else simple we’re gonna go with this Dooney purse
I’m sure I’m just gonna list for like 40 bucks or best stuff without
even looking at it Sidhu nee it’s legit if you guys haven’t seen the pur sort I
got one this when they got there there was some really beautiful Gucci’s and a
Chanel I mean they were Lilly Vuitton and Chanel’s and I got Gucci watches you
have to go check that video I’ll let you look real quick I’m right selling go
right here to list an item right here Dooney burke handbags go start your own
listing pre-owned here we go looks like black leather with like a
beige color let’s just start off with that with the photos so we make sure the
cameras going we’re gonna go simple photos right here got the dark
there so we’re gonna change that that’s how simple we are simple simple simple
sorry if I’m getting the camera off there we come in here and we get it
inside let’s see if we can see inside the purse we’ll turn the light on on nice nice condition done that’s all we
need let’s delete this one because I don’t like the darkness in the top right
corner Dooney burke handbag purse long strap no
I’m not like all fancy on the names that know what kind of purse it is if it’s
over the shoulder whatever it is we’ll just go simple item details UPC does not
apply description good shape really clean
black leather and beige-ish pattern I don’t know if pages is a word but I’m
using it anyway Thank You autocorrect autocorrect his life starting bid
auction off I’m gonna go 39.99 we’re gonna go good to a cancelled you can
pick up parts like this at a garage sale or flea market five bucks very often cuz
people don’t want to take the time to do this stuff it doesn’t have to be from a
storage unit go to pounds Priority Mail shipper national always turn off then
always turn back on to make sure global shipping is off it’s under four pounds
so that is Thank You Jackson my video is performing well ship internationally
local pickup so is mine shout out to Locker nuts if you guys could see a chat
in there so very simple under four pounds is
always international first class over four pounds priority add is done we have
made an ad and what under a minute uncle Michael’s on his way down here and we
are going to discuss whether we’re gonna sell tomorrow and conquer it and try to
make us some extra money because we’ve been set behind and then load up for
Monday with the new seven hundred dollar unit or if we are going to just do that
tomorrow I don’t know we have that much room and we have a lot of furniture in
the stores and we could probably get rid of to actually make some money tomorrow
plus the good stuff in front

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