Looking for a new phone to buy in the R$ 1200 range? There are several options on the market, but two that stand out are Motorola One Macro and Samsung Galaxy A50. Which is the best between these two? This is what you will find in this comparison from Their design is similar, at least from the front; Both One Macro and Galaxy A50 adopt the conventional drop-shaped notch that has taken over the mid-range mobile phone market. They are the same size, but Motorola’s is thicker and heavier. Both have the same build quality, with the body made of plastic. The Galaxy has the advantage of bringing Gorilla Glass screen protection, which reduces the chance of scratching The edges of the A50 are thinner so the device can deliver a larger screen. without beating the rival in size. Both feature a USB-C connection and a standard headphone jack. In the Galaxy, there is biometrics on the screen, while in Motorola’s is in the back. If you choose your mobile phone for beauty, you will enjoy One Macro’s gradient paint while the Galaxy has a more discreet iridescent effect. Here we will give a point to the Galaxy A50 for being thinner and lighter, as well as having better protection against scratches. On one side we have IPS LCD screen and on the other side Super AMOLED – as expected Motorola’s technology has more opaque colors while Samsung’s exaggerates saturation to make everything more vivid – the preference here is personal. The biggest difference is in brightness: using the Galaxy A50 away from home is more comfortable not only because the higher brightness help visibility but the high contrast make The different shades of color most noticeable against the light. The viewing angle is also higher on the AMOLED screen, and finally, the Galaxy takes advantage of the larger screen and higher resolution. The sound part is reversed – here Motorola takes advantage of delivering more powerful sound. Both have mono audio, but the One Macro will be a better choice if you use your phone a lot in loud open places. Motorola’s earphones that comes with the handset have better quality than the “basic” ones offered by Samsung. The sound quality and power are also superior in the One Macro. Here is a draw: the Galaxy A50 has better screen and the One Macro wins on sound. What about features? Here we have that old-fashioned fight: On one side is the cleaner Android, with little extras from Motorola. Samsung, on the other hand, is betting on more radical changes, filling its system with features you may never use. Which one is the best? Being less modified, One Macro’s Android suffers less lag. The OneUI suffers from this problem even the most expensive mobile phones. Many don’t even bother with that but if you are looking for superior fluidity, the One Macro is the choice. Both are currently on Android Pie – Samsung promises to upgrade to version 10 of the system just on April 2020. Motorola has not yet announced when we will see the updated One Macro – but it may come sooner. Here we have a draw, as each one has its advantages. Not only does Motorola have a more fluid system, but it was also faster on our speed test thanks to MediaTek’s Helio P70 platform, which outperforms the Exynos 9610 not just in opening apps as well as getting larger numbers in benchmarks. Keep in mind that the difference is not big, and the two end up delivering a close experience. But if you want to have the fastest, you already know which one to choose. But in games, which one is better? Both have the same graphics chip, the Mal-G72, and here the One Macro has an advantage because of itslower resolution screen It runs games with better fluidity. Heavier titles like Call of Duty don’t hold 60 fps all the time, but overall performance is better than Samsung’s rival. The victory then goes to One Macro for the best performance. Both have exactly the same battery size, so we could expect the same autonomy, right? Not quite! One Macro’s lower-resolution display helps it reduce power consumption, and although the MediaTek chip has older manufacture technology, it is better optimized than Samsung’s The result is that you can use the One Macro for 24 hours on a single charge. With longer breaks the battery lasts two days quietly – the Galaxy A50 will last no more than the next morning, which is also good. Recharging times is where Samsung takes the lead – if you don’t have the patience to wait more than two hours to have your phone charged, You will probably prefer the Galaxy A50, but the truth is that even if you don’t fully charge the One Macro, Its battery will still last a lot – and that’s what we get from the Motorola model. We arrived at cameras, which is the big focus of the One Macro. Both have a triple set on the back, the difference being that Motorola has a dedicated camera to shoot close-ups from objects. and Samsung’s device brings a wide-angle to capture more scenario at once. What do you prefer? Motorola promises that the the macro camera can get up to five times closer to the subject without losing focus, and it really delivers what it promises – here the Galaxy A50 will struggle the most. However, in the overall quality of the photos, the Samsung model is better. The One Macro takes good pictures, but when the light still suffers from overexposure, leaving the sky all white. Textures, details, and colors are acceptable – except at night. This is where the device really struggles and takes worse pictures than the entry-level devices. Both have depth sensing to aid in the portrait effect – The Galaxy A50 does the best job with a better separation for the subject from the background. If you don’t mind the macro camera, pick the Galaxy A50; so here the Samsung model takes one more point. Both have only one front facing camera and the Galaxy has a much higher resolution and a wider lens. The overall quality is better on the A50, whether it is outdoors, indoors or even in darker environments. Selfies come out sharper, with more detail and a balanced color. One Macro’s selfies have good color representation, but lack sharpness and skin details are sacrificed. Using portrait mode somewhat mitigates the problem. But even the blur effect is better at the Samsung rival. For selfies, the Galaxy A50 also gets the better. In videos who shoots with better quality? Both recorded at full resolution Full HD; One Macro’s advantage is that it can slow motion The bad thing is that the overall quality of the shoot should owe a lot to the Korean rival. Videos come out darker, blur, and display colors change abruptly, especially with the front facing camera. And the audio capture is bad. The only advantage is being able to shoot the macro very closely without suffering from focus. The Galaxy A50 also gets the better of video then. Like every Samsung phone, the launch price is quite high. The Galaxy A50 arrived for absurd R$ 2000, but currently costs almost half of it. Long live the devaluation, isn’t it? One Macro is newer and has come for R$ 1,400 its price has devalued far less than Samsung’s, but both cost the same today. Which one to choose? Because they are the same value, we give one point for each. One Macro had everything to be a real hit; he has powerful hardware, Its battery lasts a long time, but it does a lot on camera. It’s only highlight is the macro camera, which many should not even use. If you want a better phone overall, you will prefer the Galaxy A50. It is thinner and lighter, delivers good performance, the battery lasts well, The cameras shoot good photos and it even has a biometric reader on the screen and digital tv as extras. The One Macro would only make sense if it costed less than Samsung’s device, As it is a newer release, its price should fall soon. In the meantime, we recommend The Galaxy A50 for a better buy. And to find the best price for both phones just click on the links below in the description. Have you made your choice? Are you going from Samsung or Motorola? Tell us there in the comments the reasons that led you to decide for one or the other. I’ll stick around, a big hug and see you soon.

37 Replies to “GALAXY A50 vs ONE MACRO: CÂMERA é o FATOR DECISIVO | Comparativo

  1. O que desanima na UI da Motorola é a falta de um modo de jogo, semelhante ao da Samsung e Xiaomi, com modo de otimização, GPU Turbo e gravador de tela nativo. A Motorola lança snap com controle para a linha Z, mas esquece o modo dedicado a jogos, vergonhoso isso!

  2. Paguei R$1199 no A50 e ainda recebi R$240 de cashback no AME, saindo a praticamente R$960 na blackfriday. Acho que fiz um bom negócio. Comprei no Submarino…

  3. Faz comparativo da a50 e G8 plus. Tou em dúvida entre os dois.

    Sobre esse vídeo vou de a50, Motorola tá errando muito, é parese que não ver dos anos que acontece os erros

  4. Boa noite alguém poderia me informar se o A 50 tem gravador de tela? Penso em pegar um xiomi mais por esse motivo. Mas se o A 50 tiver, não penso duas vezes em decidir pelo A 50.

  5. Um MEDIATECK superar um EXYNOS meu deus o a50 tem o 9610 que roda pubg/cod/free fire liso e o P70 nao
    Eu to entre os seguintes aparelhos
    IPHONE 11
    MI 10
    MI 10T PRO
    os ultimos 4 aparelhos serao lançados ano quem
    Alguem pode me dizer quanto custa o IPHONE XR/11 custam importando to querendo um dos 2

  6. Tenho um A50 há quatro meses e é um celular ótimo, sem contar que o azul xama mais atenção prq é muito bonito.

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